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Saints Row 2 User Reviews


Saints Row 2

- PS3

I've always heard from certain Xbox 360 owners that Saints Row was equal to the GTA franchise, of course with bold statements like those I could have only imagined what they meant. After playing Grand Theft Auto 4 and Saints Row 2 I may have understood what those Xbox 360 owners meant when they got a taste of the 360 exclusive Saints Row. Saints Row 2 has you play as a notorious gang leade...



Saints Row 2

- Xbox 360

Saints Row 2 is a fairly bi-polar affair, it's never sure whether it wants to be an action movie, or a comedy. The characters are sterotypes lifted wholesale from American ghetto gangster culture fantasies. Everything is over the top and sometimes played completely for laughs. The story starts with the hero, known only as Playa, waking up in a prison hospital after being put in a coma at t...

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Saints Row 2

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