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Saints Row 2 Review (Goozernation)

1987d ago - Saints Row 2 was called the GTA IV killer. What GTA IV lacks this game has, from customization of... | PC

Just Cause 2 Review: Could There be a Better Sandbox Game? (Goozernation)

2046d ago - Just Cause 2 is a great sandbox game, and it scratches the itch that games like GTA IV and Saints... | 1,2,12

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Fragland: Saint's Row 2 (PC) Review

2417d ago - Fragland: "You also need to activate the game through Steam (even if you don't buy it online... | 12

NextGN: Saints Row 2 Review

2427d ago - NextGN writes: "Saints Row 2 brings a lot of good improvements since the first game - checkp... | 1,2,12

WW: Saints Row 2 Review

2453d ago - WW: "If you ever get the chance to go to South America, remember to visit the reclusiv... | 2,12

Sphinx's Sanitarium: Saints Row 2 Review

2456d ago - Sphinx's Sanitarium writes: "Now THIS is how you make a game, people. Saints Row 2 (SR2) con... | 12

Console Obsession: Saints Row 2 Review

2461d ago - Console Obsession: "Saints Row 2 is explosive, juvenile fun, with a sizable city that b... | 1,2

Gamepyre: Saints Row 2 PC Review

2474d ago - Purchasing this game is entirely up to you. If all you play is GTA style games then you might as... | 12

MyPS3: Saints Row 2 Review

2479d ago - MyPS3: "So, how do you sum up Saints Row 2? On its own, it's a deeply enjoyable, actio... | 1

GameArena: Saints Row 2 Review

2481d ago - GameArena: "At the end of the day, Saints Row 2 is a stellar game. It's held back by a... | 2

3D Juegos: Saint's Row 2 PC Review

2482d ago - 3D Juegos writes: "Several months after its launch in Saint's Row 2 consoles runaway bad mil... | 12

AATG: Saints Row 2 Review

2482d ago - AATG: "I had many memorable moments with Saints Row 2, and it's arguably the most fun... | 2,12

Vandal Online: Saints Row 2 PC Review

2482d ago - In short, Saint's Row 2 is a very good action game ... at least on consoles. However, the PC vers... | 12

Orange: Saint's Row 2 Review

2483d ago - Orange: "With improved missions and excellent side-quests, the diversity keeps things... | 1,2

GiantBomb: Saints Row 2 Review

2488d ago - GiantBomb: "There's no question that GTA IV is a better game than Saints Row 2, but in... | 1,2

MeriStation: Saints Row 2 PC Review

2488d ago - Everything that gamers enjoyed a few months ago is here. The cooperative modes, sense of humor, a... | 12

Games2C: Saints Row 2 Review

2489d ago - Games2C: "Can we honestly say the PC version plays any better than the console origina... | 12

Thunderbolt Games Review Saints Row 2

2491d ago - Mike Ackerman, Thunderbolt Games: "With Saints Row 2, however, Volition have stepped out of... | 1,2,12

Random Gamer's Review of Saint's Row 2

2491d ago - Jimmy the Greek writes, "I played and loved the first Saint's Row. It wasn't perfect but it... | 2

Eurogamer: Saints Row 2 PC Review

2494d ago - Eurogamer writes: "Should reviews try to discern between quality and amusement? I'm try... | 12

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Videogamer: Saints Row 2 PC Review

2495d ago - Videogamer writes: "We really hope Volition and THQ are fully aware of the game they've crea... | 12

Games32: Saints Row 2 PC Review

2497d ago - Games32 writes: "A couple of weeks later, after the GTA IV review for PC, I had a request in... | 12

Gas Bandit Gaming: Saints Row 2 PC Review

2499d ago - GBG writes: "Good ports of console games to PC are the exception rather than the rule. Recen... | 12

GameSpot: Saints Row 2 (PC) Video Review

2500d ago - GameSpot writes: "Tom Mc Shea heads back to Stilwater in this Saints Row 2 video review for... | 12

AtomicGamer: Saints Row 2 PC Review

2501d ago - The game engine used simply does not belong on the PC, and while the game itself has a kind of lo... | 12

Saints Row 2

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