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Finally, The Final Fantasy! Are Square Enix Capable?

525d ago ... Would news of a truly final, final fantasy, be something to be happy about or something to feel sadness towards. Throughout its history, final fantasy has given us not only some of the greatest rpg's of all time, from fan favourites such as final fantasy VII to cult classics like final fantasy tactics, and of course what some say is the greatest of them all, final fantasy VI! It has also given...

3 Reasons Why I Prefer PS3 over Xbox.

1005d ago ... With the current gen currently preparing itself to bow out and welcome there more powerful brothers, I can't help but feel an air of sadness, with the current gen offering top quality gaming/services, making friends (and enemies also) from all corners of the globe has never been easier, new content for beloved games is easily accessible and quick to access. And as the curtain closes, I can't...

By the Way... Sex, Guns, and Videogames

1092d ago ... "Xenophobia is a dislike or fear of people from other countries or of that which is perceived to be foreign or strange. Some definitions suggest xenophobia as arising from irrationality or unreason." -Wikipedia the greatest (and might I add, the most accurate and unbiased) source there is. Over the past 20 or so years, there has been an increase in mass shootings and school violence among y...
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