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Sacred Citadel All Stories  

Sacred Citadel (PlayStation Network) Review - Push Square

742d ago - Push Square: "Sacred Citadel mixes large dollops of admiration towards classic retro hack-and-sla... | PS3

Sacred Citadel Review | Splitkick

759d ago - Splitkick: Sacred Citadel ends up being a short footnote in the 2013 gaming landscape. It offers... | PC

The Official We Happy Few Wiki!

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Review: Sacred Citadel [Save/Continue]

763d ago - The Sacred series has been a haven for folks who like top down, action RPG lootfests. Vast worlds... | PC

Sacred Citadel Review - PixlBit

766d ago - PixlBit | "I've made it no secret on this website that I’m waiting for some forward-thinking deve... | PC

Sacred Citadel Review | GamerNode

769d ago - If you’re a big fan of the genre you could find some good times here; but if you’re looking to h... | PC

Sacred Citadel Review - GOS

774d ago - GOS: "Sacred Citadel takes place in the world of Sacred and is a prequel to the upcoming action R... | PC

Sacred Citadel Overview I Expansive

775d ago - The Sacred series deviates from its action RPG roots into the realm of the side-scrolling beat-em... | Xbox 360

In-depth Review: Sacred Citadel - Electronic Theatre

777d ago - The Sacred franchise may not be the biggest name in the videogames industry, but it’s developed e... | PC

Sacred Citadel Review | GameDynamo

778d ago - GameDynamo - "Sacred Citadel is the perfect example of a spin-off, taking place in the Sacred ser... | PC

Sacred Citadel Review: Arcade Brawling at Its Okay-est - eXophase

778d ago - eXophase: "There’s no shortage of beat ‘em ups currently available across digital download platfo... | PS3

Review: Sacred Citadel | Metro Gaming

779d ago - On the surface Sacred Citadel does not appear to be a smart videogame. Its parent series, the pop... | PC

Sacred Citadel Review | gamrReview

780d ago - gamrReview: "With its repetitive and glitchy combat, small level cap, patchy narrative, lack of d... | PC

Sacred Citadel Review | PixelPerfectGaming

783d ago - Sacred Citadel is a hack ‘n slasher that pays homage to classics like Golden Axe, while paving it... | PS3

Sacred Citadel Review - New Game Network

785d ago - Classic mindless beat 'em up action | PS3

PSN Stores - Sacred Citadel Review

787d ago - PSN Stores - Sacred Citadel is a side-scrolling beat-em-up set in the same world as Sacred. If yo... | PS3

intheGame - Sacred Citadel

789d ago - Sacred Citadel is a side-scrolling arcade brawler.. | Xbox 360

onPause Review: Sacred Citadel

790d ago - The side scrolling brawler genre of games has not been very prominent this console generation. Br... | PC

Sacred Citadel Review | El33tonline

793d ago - Bryan Johnston at El33tonline writes: "At face value Sacred Citadel looks like a dream fantasy... | PC

Sacred Citadel - PC Review [Player Attack]

793d ago - Mythor writes for Player Attack: Sacred Citadel is a side-scrolling beat 'em up at its core, with... | PC

Review: Sacred Citadel | Digitally Downloaded

793d ago - Digitally Downloaded writes: "I am disappointed with this game. It doesn’t really fulfil what I’m... | Xbox 360

Indie Game Month Contest Details

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Rocket Jump Podcast 096 - Two Pigs Slapping Bellies on a Can

794d ago - Rocket Jump: We’re pretty weirded out by Nintendo not having a press conference at E3. Or…ARE WE?... | Culture

Diehard GameFAN: Sacred Citadel Review

794d ago - DHGF: It’s sad to write that, because Sacred Citadel, by all accounts, is a very solid, well made... | Xbox 360

Neocrisis: Sacred Citadel Review

796d ago - Neocrisis: Action hack'n slashers, they have been doing their rounds since the dawn of time (well... | PC

Sacred Citadel Review (PSU)

796d ago - Old-school meets new-school in this beat'em up, but does it have the awesomesauce of a Streets of... | PS3

Sacred Citadel Review: You seem mighty familiar [TheBitBag]

797d ago - Sacred Citadel is developed by SouthEnd Interactive as a downloadable title for the PS3, Xbox 360... | PC
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Sacred Citadel

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