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Rovio Previews Stella & Angry Birds Transformers

29d ago - Rovio Group Creative Director Mikko Polla explains how the Finnish company partnered with Hasbro... | iPhone

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Goes Free-to-Play

68d ago - Rovio announces that Angry Birds Star Wars 2 has been changed to free and has been updated. | iPhone

On why I will never review a free-to-play title again

92d ago - Backlog Adventure's Will Harrison: The game is apparent with titles such as Candy Crush Saga and... | iPhone

Mandatory Update - Goodbye Star Wars

137d ago - You won't believe what this popular sci-fi franchise did to its extended universe. Plus, Disney I... | Industry

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Angry Birds Epic Preview: It’s an Angry Birds RPG | App Saga

181d ago - Angry Birds franchise has been around the App Store for a long time. We already have numerous ite... | iPhone

‘Angry Birds Epic’ First Look Gameplay

184d ago - Rovio's latest Angry Birds installment titled, 'Angry Birds Epic', is currently available in the... | iPhone

Angry Birds Maker Denies Knowingly Sending User Data to Spy Agencies

232d ago - Maximum PC: Several news agencies on Monday reported that the National Security Agency and its U.... | Culture

Angry Birds is not a fad, dev says

238d ago - Rovio exec Peter Vesterbacka says focus on branding outside of gaming has allowed the franchise t... | Mobile

Top 5 Star Wars Games on iPhone

295d ago - Quality Index uses the Force to determine the best Star Wars games on iPhone. | iPhone

Angry Birds Go-Kart Racing Game out on December 11

330d ago - Angry birds have come out a long way from the first time they were released and pitted against aw... | PC

Riccitiello: Adding a Star Wars brand is not an innovation

335d ago - Rovio has been the subject of a stern warning from former Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello, a... | Industry

Angry Birds Go! Revealed To Be a Kart Racing Game

386d ago - Earlier this summer Rovio, king of Angry Birds, dropped some hints about a game called Angry Bird... | iPhone

Angry Birds Star Wars II Telepods Preview With Hasbro

404d ago - Hasbro demonstrator Clayton B Hodges previews the new Angry Birds Star Wars II Telepods technolog... | iPhone

Tiny Thief Steals The Spotlight | GameWoof

419d ago - Patrick Garde of GameWoof reviews the latest Android game developed by 5 Ants and published by Ro... | Android

Rovio teases new Angry Birds Star Wars game

432d ago - Rovio have today posted that some “BIG news” is coming this Monday. Although they haven’t explici... | PC

Review: Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage | iEverythingTech

452d ago - As the name suggests, it’s an icebreaking game involving the Scandinavian seafaring pirates who h... | iPhone

Why I ditched DICE for Rovio, and what that says about the future of mobile game development

481d ago - Patrick Liu: "Last year, when I found out about the opportunity to start a new studio in Stockhol... | Mobile

Rovio Launches Rovio Stars, To Publish Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage and Tiny Thief

492d ago - iOS.AppsGoer writes:"Rovio Entertainment announced the launch of its new mobile game publishing i... | iPhone

Studio Profile: Rovio

549d ago - EDGE: "Thanks to Angry Birds’ popularity and a keen eye for brand placement, Rovio has grown to a... | Industry

iTunes Free App of the Week: Angry Birds & Angry Birds HD

560d ago - GIZORAMA - Let me get this straight, you're an iOS user but haven't yet experienced the bird flin... | iPhone

Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Bigger than Star Wars: What’s next for Angry Birds developer Rovio

638d ago - EDGE - The world’s biggest videogame series met one of the planet’s most recognised universes in... | Industry

Angry Birds movie is in the works; Rovio taps John Cohen to produce

646d ago - GameDynamo - "Rovio has announced that the 3D computer-animated feature film version of their pop... | Culture

Rovio exec: Kickstarter turns devs into circus animals

714d ago - Jim Sterling writes, "Rovio Stockholm boss Oskar Burman has called out Kickstarter, claiming that... | Industry

Is 'Bad Piggies' Good For Business?

718d ago - Is Rovio playing it safe with their Angry Birds spin-off Bad Piggies, or is it the kind of risk t... | iPhone

Rovio's Bad-Piggies arriving next week

729d ago - Announcement about Rovio's spin-off of Angry Birds titled Bad-Piggies. This time the pigs try an... | PC
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