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The Search for Game Journalism’s Roger Ebert

505d ago - oprainfall writes: "Unlike the idea of searching for gaming’s Citizen Kane, the question of findi... | Culture

The Ebert of Videogames

513d ago - The Escapist: "A couple of weeks ago Warren Spector asked the question, 'Where's Gaming's Roger E... | Culture

Criticizing game criticism’s critics: Why gaming doesn’t need an Ebert

532d ago - Digital Trends: "Warren Spector believes that video game criticism needs a celebrity on the level... | Culture

Warren Spector: Where's Gaming's Roger Ebert?

534d ago - In his latest column, Spector argues that the industry will be legitimized if mainstream publicat... | Culture

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Remembering Roger Ebert

612d ago - Remembering the great impact that Roger Ebert has had on hour culture, including video games. | Culture

Finding The Roger Ebert of Video Game Criticism

619d ago - Roger Ebert is widely considered a master of movie criticism. The game industry is still looking... | Culture

Roger Ebert’s gift to gaming

626d ago - VB - In tribute to the late Roger Ebert: an alternative take on his legacy. | Culture

PS Nation Podcast-Ep314-Spirit Chickens

626d ago - New Releases Interview with Chris and Graham from Drinkbox Studios for Guacamelee News Lucasar... | PSP

Reconsidering What Ebert’s Words Meant

626d ago - Regardless of his views on video games, Roger Ebert impacted the gaming industry more than you ma... | Culture

Gaming as Artistic Medium

720d ago - An opinion piece from on the status of videogaming as a medium for artistic expr... | Culture

Games on a Pedestal: 20 Ways That Video Games Transcend

736d ago - Do you think that video games can ever be art? Does it even matter? Whatever they are now, games... | GameCube

Roger Ebert Doesn't Play Video Games, So Why Should We Care?

916d ago - Forbes- Film critic Roger Ebert says that games like Naughty Dog’s ‘The Last of Us’ leave nothing... | PS3

The Artist: A Conversation with Cart Life's Richard Hofmeier

1007d ago - Richard Hofmeier - creator of Cart Life, Red Volition, and The Waffle Game - talks about the uniq... | PC

Ebert Was Right: Games Aren't Art

1348d ago - VGW: One year ago, Roger Ebert wrote a Chicago Sun Times article about how video games “are not a... | PC

PS3Vault: Will games evolve to works of “true art”?

1593d ago - Are games art? The video game media has struggled to adequately answer this question, often stuff... | Culture

Represent! Calling out the popular media

1595d ago - Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is being hailed as a centerpiece of geek culture, and the reviews are... | Culture
10° Editorial - Why Games are Repressed as an Art Form

1619d ago - I'm not here to debate if games are art. My questions is why does the debate exist at all? Art... | Culture

How Gamers Changed Roger Ebert's Mind

1638d ago - Roger, you were not a fool for mentioning games in the first place, you were a fool for underesti... | Culture

Okay, kids, play on my lawn

1639d ago - Roger Ebert writes: "I was a fool for mentioning video games in the first place. I would never ex... | Culture

Why Ebert is right and video games are not art…yet

1691d ago - A look at why Roger Ebert's recent rant about video games not being art is correct, depending on... | Industry

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