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Rock Band Blitz Preview | CheatCC

1122d ago - Rock Band Blitz does not feel like a traditional Rock Band game. While a sense of rhythm does pla... | Xbox 360

Rock Band Blitz Preview | FruityGamers

1134d ago - No Instruments Required! It’s still baffling to know that we have witnessed the rise and fall... | Xbox 360

Top 5 Games To Play - August 2015

Now - Let's see if August can keep the summer video game heat going... Here's Your Top 5 Games To Play In August 2015... | Promoted post

Atomic Gamer - Rock Band Blitz Preview

1142d ago - Atomic Gamer - Are you sick of seeing all of those plastic music controllers piling up in your li... | Xbox 360

[TGV] Things you may have missed at E3 2012

1168d ago - From the article: "There are so many games that were at E3 that are getting proper, in depth writ... | Xbox 360

E3 Preview: Rock Band Blitz | Escapist

1172d ago - Sarah Lebeouf: "Rock Band is amazing. It's a game that brought people together like no other, usi... | Xbox 360

Rock on with Rock Band Blitz | gamrReview

1176d ago - gamrReview: "While the music fad has died down a bit, and Rock Band has faded from a cultural mil... | Xbox 360

E3 2012: Rock Band Blitz Lets Everyone Feel Like A Pro | LoudMouthedGamers

1176d ago - Loud Mouthed Gamers: "We just got our hands on Rock Band Blitz and even with a limited song selec... | Xbox 360

Preview: Rock Band Blitz trades peripherals for pandemonium (GamesBeat)

1186d ago - Rock Band Blitz, releasing this summer for Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network, doesn't... | Xbox 360

Rock Band Blitz Preview | GameDynamo

1203d ago - GameDynamo - "While Rock Band Blitz may seem like the next step in the Rock Band franchise, it ac... | Xbox 360

NowGamer - Rock Band Blitz Preview

1223d ago - NowGamer - It’s saddening to think that many gamers think of Harmonix purely as ‘those guys that... | Xbox 360

Hands On with Rock Band Blitz at PAX East 2012 (GiR)

1228d ago - Harmonix is returning to their roots with their latest entry in the Rock Band series, Rock Band B... | Xbox 360

Hands-on Preview: Rock Band Blitz | VGW

1228d ago - With the announcement of Rock Band Blitz, however, Harmonix is hoping to take the successes of th... | Xbox 360

Gamesradar- Rock Band Blitz Preview - Be the band, sans instruments

1233d ago - Gamesradar- Rock Band Blitz is the first console-based series entry to shrug off instrument contr... | Xbox 360

360Sync: The Game the Music Genre Needs – Rock Band Blitz Preview

1234d ago - Less than two years ago, the rhythm/music genre fell upon hard times. The market that had been s... | Xbox 360

Hands-on with Rock Band Blitz, and how it mixes old and new (SideQuesting)

1235d ago - Ryan Gan of writes: "If you’re a closet Amplitude or Frequency-head like I am, y... | Xbox 360

PAX East 2012: Rock Band Blitz Hands On - Platform Nation

1236d ago - Tym Kaywork from Platform Nation got a little hands-on time with Rock Band Blitz and had this to... | Xbox 360

G4TV- Rock Band Blitz Hands-on Preview -- Arcade Rocking in the Downloadable World

1241d ago - G4TV- Harmonix’s Rock Band franchise has been laying low since the release of Rock Band 3, with y... | Xbox 360
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