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Rochard Review: BuzzFocus – A Franchise Character

1569d ago - Recoil Games’ Rochard is a simple blend of gravity based puzzles and action-adventure game. While... | PS3

Rochard Review |

1571d ago - Rochard is a side-scrolling platformer packed with action, gravity-bending puzzles, space bandits... | PS3

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Review: Rochard (SideQuesting)

1572d ago - - With Rochard, little victories add up to a tremendous satisfaction. Excellent... | PS3

ZTGD | Rochard Review

1576d ago - Donald Houf writes: I want to be a space miner. That may not be something you see at the opening... | PS3

PSNow! - Rochard Review

1577d ago - PSNow! :"A recommended game for its quality and its price. Rochard does not require much skill, b... | PS3

PixelPerfectGaming: Rochard - Review

1577d ago - PixelPerfectGaming writes: After uncovering an ancient structure, the mining outfit named Skyrig... | PS3

[GAMINGtruth] Rochard PSN Review

1577d ago - GAMINGtruth's own Coyle Permetter delivers the truth behind the action-packed side-scroller Rocha... | PS3

Avault: Rochard PSN review

1577d ago - One of these days, someone really ought to release a game called “Metroidvania” and retire on the... | PS3

PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

1578d ago - PlayStation Blog: You know we’re in the throes of the holiday release season when most of the lin... | PS3

SBG Review | Rochard: Assessing the gravity of the situation

1579d ago - Brought to us by the folks over at Recoil Games, Rochard is an interesting physics-based puzzle-p... | PS3

PixlBit Rochard Review

1579d ago - Not even gravity can keep John Rochard down. | PS3

TLR: Rochard Review

1579d ago - Vex of TLR writes "This game has a stylish cartoon like style that looks well polished. For ten d... | PS3

PSNStores: Review: Rochard

1580d ago - Eric writes: "Rochard is a sidescrolling platformer with a depth that makes it look like a 3-dime... | PS3

Gaming Nexus: Rochard Review

1580d ago - Quote from article: "It isn’t very often that the gaming world gets an original space-based adven... | PS3

Gaming Age: Rochard Review

1580d ago - Mike Palermo writes: As the game says, 'Rock is hard, but Rochard is harder'. Something made very... | PS3

PS3Blog. net Reviews Rochard

1581d ago - In Rochard, you play as John Rochard, a Space-cowboy like astro-miner that works for the company... | PS3

Rochard Review - The Digital Fix

1581d ago - From the minute you fire up Rochard its influences are clear to see. | PS3

blipREVIEW: Rochard (PS3/PSN)

1581d ago - Gamesblip writes: When we first saw that name, we pronounced it ‘rosh-ard’. Then we thought, “Nah... | PS3

Rochard on PlayStation 3 Review - PushSquare

1581d ago - PushSquare: "Rochard is an engaging puzzle platformer consisting of some quality mechanics and co... | PS3

Rochard Review (PS Lifestyle)

1581d ago - Paulmichael Contreras writes: The PlayStation Network is no stranger to unique, innovative titles... | PS3

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TheParanoidGamer Review: Rochard

1582d ago - TheParanoidGamer writes: "Sometimes the unlikeliest of heroes make for the most interesting games.: | PS3

Barrel Roll Podcast #137 – “Now With Bears”

1583d ago - writes, "A regular Barrel Roll podcast is no longer enough. But what could we poss... | Nintendo DS

Rochard Review (C&G Monthly)

1583d ago - Thanks to the efforts of Xbox Live and the Playstation Network, gamers aren’t completely reliant... | PS3

NoobFeed: Rochard Review

1583d ago - "A fun puzzle platformer, even if it doesn’t hit all the right notes." -David Gabriel, NoobFeed. | PS3

RipTen - Rochard Review

1583d ago - Aaron Alexander writes: All in all, if you’re up for some quirky, sometimes hilarious platforming... | PS3


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