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Ridge Racer 3D is destroying my hands

1693d ago - Bitmob writes "You read that title right. Ridge Racer 3D isn’t hurting my eyes, but it’s killing... | 3DS

TQcast: Ridge Racer 3D Review

1694d ago - TQcast Author writes: Ridge Racer has debuted on console launch days ever since I can remember. S... | 3DS

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Review: Ridge Racer 3D (3DS) | Nintendo Gal

1694d ago - Although it tends to be the butt of a played out joke from Sony’s 2006 E3 press conference, the R... | 3DS

3DS Launch Games: Nintendo's Second Best Portable Lineup (Modojo)

1695d ago - The 3DS launch was harshly criticized by fans disappointed with the absence of big franchise star... | Nintendo DS

CSM - Ridge Racer 3D Review

1695d ago - CSM - Ridge Racer 3D is a great, solid title for any racing fan. The series has a long history da... | 3DS

Aussie Nintendo - Ridge Racer 3D Review

1695d ago - Aussie Nintendo - Sweat is pooling within the crumpled, focused remains of your forehead; hands f... | 3DS
10° Ridge Racer 3D review

1696d ago - Editor writes:"Ridge Racer turns out to be a good game, but hardly more than that. It's what we e... | 3DS

GameShark - Ridge Racer 3D Review

1696d ago - GameShark - There are two racing games amongst the launch lineup vying for your 3DS software doll... | 3DS

The Next Level: Ridge Racer 3D Review

1696d ago - The Next Level: Whenever a new piece of hardware hits the streets, a selection of racing games is... | 3DS

The Link Between Ridge Racer 3D And Mario Kart

1697d ago - Siliconera: A feature in Ridge Racer 3D was inspired by the Mario Kart series. No, not mushroom f... | 3DS

Was Kevin Butler wrong about MLB11: The Show? - The Good, Bad, and Fugly - Ep. 7

1698d ago - "April is here and it's off with huge explosion in gaming! The new episode of GB... | PS2

Shacknews: Ridge Racer 3D Review

1699d ago - The game serves to sell the 3D effect, and it's a solid series entry in its own right. If you enj... | 3DS

( Ridge Racer 3D Review

1700d ago - TheDCD: Time to bring out the ol’ Kaz Hirai joke for the 3DS launch. “It’s Ridge Racer! Riiiidg... | PSP

Review: Ridge Racer 3D - Game-Smack Ireland

1700d ago - Ridge Racer has been around for nearly two decades now and each iteration has never seen huge ove... | 3DS

Ridge Racer 3D review | Digital Chumps

1700d ago - Another system, another Ridge Racer... If you’ve just recently acquired your 3DS and are searc... | 3DS

GameSpot: Ridge Racer 3D Review

1701d ago - Ultimately, there's little in Ridge Racer 3D that fans won't have seen before, and while the 3D i... | 3DS

Ridge Racer 3D Review | RandomProdInc

1701d ago - We played through the latest instalment of Ridge Racer on the 3DS and gave it 7.8/10. Find out wh... | 3DS

Review: Ridge Racer 3D | Game World ME

1701d ago - While some features make Ridge Racer 3D feel like it was produced on auto-pilot, they don’t stop... | 3DS

Destructoid: Ridge Racer 3D Review

1702d ago - Ridge Racer 3D is a damn good game, and well worth considering if you're finding the current rang... | 3DS

Diehard GameFAN: Ridge Racer 3D Review

1702d ago - DHGF: Like its predecessors, Ridge Racer 3D is focused on arcade racing action over anything else... | 3DS

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Crave Online: Ridge Racer 3D Review

1702d ago - Crave Online: Of the two racing titles that launched with the 3DS, Ridge Racer 3D is an exception... | 3DS

Review: Ridge Racer 3D | VGW

1702d ago - VGW: "There’s just something cathartic about playing Ridge Racer 3D. When the excruciating realis... | Nintendo DS

Review - 'Ridge Racer 3D' | Worthplaying

1702d ago - The Ridge Racer series is returning to set the racing world on fire with high-speed drifting, red... | 3DS

Ridge Racer 3D Review | 411mania

1702d ago - Another new console, another new Ridge Racer. Is Ridge Racer a must have for the new Nintendo 3DS? | 3DS

Review: Ridge Racer 3D | Aussie-Gamer

1702d ago - A hardware launch just wouldn’t be the same without the historic “Ridge Racer” franchise showing... | 3DS

Ridge Racer 3D

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