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Review: Reus | OnlySP

820d ago - Ryan from OnlySP writes: "I [Ryan], like many of you, have yearned for another age in which th... | PC

Corsual Let's Play: Reus

821d ago - Corsual's EXP writes: "I've always had a fondness for games that give you the power over a world... | PC

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Armless Octopus Video Review: Reus

822d ago - Who doesn't love a good God Game? Commies, that's who! Now, do your freedom loving duty and watch... | PC

IndieGameMag Let's Try- Reus

822d ago - In Reus, players control powerful giants that help you shape the planet to your will. You can cre... | PC

Reus Review [NoobFeed]

822d ago - Constantin from NoobFeed takes a look at Reus, a god game developed by Abbey Games. Reus takes... | PC

Dr. David's Indie Spotlight: Talking gods and civilizations with dev Abbey Games

822d ago - GameZone: " Developer Abbey Games just recently released its debut project, a god game titled Reu... | PC

Reus Review: The Simply Complex Game | Leviathyn

824d ago - At first glance Reus looks like any other simple god game. But it doesn't take long to realize th... | PC

Reus Review | Quarter to Three

824d ago - Quarter to Three: "Reus understands that a god game isn’t just about shoving stuff around and the... | PC

Reus Review: God of Crabs [TheBitbag Review]

825d ago - Reus is an indie take by Abbey Games on one of the best genres ever, god games. Oh, and it’s also... | PC

Reus Impressions [Horrible Night]

827d ago - Ethan Moses: "It is not the sort of title that is going to replace the other strategy/sims games... | PC

IGN- Reus Review

827d ago - IGN:Reus is a gorgeous-looking, imaginative game which suffers from over-baked mechanics, but tho... | PC

Edge- Reus Review

827d ago - Edge:Reus is a god game, but not one that makes you feel particularly omnipotent. That’s partly b... | PC

Geek Citadel Mini-Reviews: Metro: Last Light, Reus, and Deadly Premonition

827d ago - Kevin Jones writes: "Deadly Premonition can only be labeled as the re-imagining of the TV ser... | PC

Gods Above: It’s Reus

828d ago - Reus looks interesting to say the least. You take the role of four giants, each with a separate a... | PC

Destructoid- Review: Reus

830d ago - DT:Reus is a game of logical, organic systems presented as simply as possible. It's a delight to... | PC

Reus Review | Bag Of Games

831d ago - "Beautiful to behold, simple at heart yet a very complex strategy game once you get into it."... | PC

DSOGaming - Reus - First 45 Minutes Walkthrough

832d ago - DSOGaming writes: "Abbey Games has provided us with a review code of its latest God game, Reus, a... | PC

Abbey Games’ Reus is Available Now For PC

833d ago - Abbey Games has released the strategy “god” game Reus yesterday for PC across multiple vendors. T... | PC

Reus Review | Hardcore Gamer

834d ago - Reus is a game of giants walking the earth, and an epic contraption whose pleasantly rewarding ou... | PC

New Games [May 13-19 2013]: Metro: Last Light, Dust 514

835d ago - To shoot or not to shoot, that is the question. This week sees the release of Metro: Last Light,... | PC


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Just The Tip: Reus - Pixels for Breakfast

836d ago - Pixels for Breakfast writes: If life is like a box of chocolates, then Reus is the chocolate fact... | PC

BeefJack Show & Tell: Reus

840d ago - Sean introduces us to the four elemental gods in Abbey Games' Reus. | PC

God Game 'Reus' Gets A Release Date

863d ago - DSOGaming writes: "Manuel Kerssemakers of Abbey Games has informed us about the release date of i... | PC

God Game 'Reus' Gets A New Gameplay Video

898d ago - DSOGaming writes: "Abbey Games has informed us about a new gameplay video of its upcoming God gam... | PC

Indiegamer #24 []

949d ago - This week: Moments of Silence, Cello Fortress and Reus | PC


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