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Street Fighter II Champion Edition, Hyper Fighting, for Virtual Boy Spotted in Wild

11h ago - Carl Williams writes, "That is a convoluted title, for sure, but it is true. A port of Street Fi... | Retro

Major Rocks – A Classic Arcade Style Space Shooter Hits Kickstarter

1d 1h ago - Ex Konami developers 'SuperGoodPixel' are making a classic arcade style space shooter and have la... | PC

Create Your Own Retrogaming Hand Held Device

1d 10h ago - Carl Williams writes, "Who reading this has ever wanted to create their very own, personalized, g... | Retro

Justice Beaver Meets Goal on IndieGoGo with Time to Spare, Plus New Screenshots

1d 11h ago - Carl Williams writes, "Collectorvision have just reached their $20,000 goal on IndieGoGo, with ab... | Retro

Do You Suffer From Open World Fatigue?

Now - The open-world format has become prevalent, is it too much? | Promoted post

Man Plays Super Mario World with His Nose

2d ago - NicoNico user Wakou does this by using a program called Audio Pad, which allows him to control Ma... | Culture

Dragon Quest V Ported To Android

2d ago - Square Enix ports Dragon Quest V to the Play Store for the Android community. | Android

3DS Web Browser Exploit Allows Game Boy Color ROMS to be Emulated on the System

2d ago - NL: "While Nintendo's efforts at locking down exploits on the 3DS have been stronger than in pas... | Retro

Rest.less Games: tales from the indie game industry and ‘Wait: Extended’ (Gearburn)

2d ago - Gearburn writer, Wiehahn Diederichs, interviews rest.less games, about their upcoming title, Wait... | PC

Uwol Quest for Money Coming to Colecovision, Cartridge Inbound

2d ago - Carl Williams writes, "Uwol the Quest for Money has hit most of the major retrogaming platforms f... | Retro

Shadow of the Colossus for Atari 2600 Work in Progress

2d ago - Carl Williams writes, "We have covered wild works in progress and the like for various consoles s... | Retro

Hetfield90 Beats Mega Man X World Record With Brand New Glitch

2d ago - The Mega Man X speedrun world record has been beaten - with a combination of fantastic gameplay a... | Retro

New SEGA Pluto ‘model’ lands on eBay

3d ago - More than a year after two SEGA Plutos were found, an eBay seller claims her husband, a former SE... | Retro

The Original Legend of Zelda Beaten In 30 Minutes, A New World Record

3d ago - Kotaku: "According to How Long To Beat, a typical Zelda run takes about ten hours to beat. This... | Culture

Viz Media reprinting 'The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past' graphic novel

3d ago - Anime and manga distributor Viz Media announced Monday it will reprint "The Legend of Zelda: A Li... | Culture

Last Ninja 2 for the Konix Multisystem Found, Preservation Status Poor

4d ago - Carl Williams writes, "The Konix Multisystem was quite a beast, had it been released, that could... | Retro

WWE reveal retro video game ideas… sort of

4d ago - Before one of their most popular annual events in the Royal Rumble takes place tonight, World Wre... | Retro

Type in Program- Flappy Bird for ZX Spectrum Available in Old School Method

5d ago - Carl Williams writes, "The old days of gaming on computers was all about typing in programs out o... | Retro

Snake Comes to the Sony PocketStation

5d ago - Carl Williams writes, "Ah, the PocketStation from Sony, a device that never came to North America... | Retro

HYPERION to Bring Metroid Style Gaming to the Commodore 64

5d ago - Carl Williams writes, "There is no doubt that Metroid has been a success story for Nintendo over... | Retro

Rose Colored Gaming to Release New Hand Held

6d ago - Carl Williams writes, "Rose Colored Gaming apparently never sleep, if they are not releasing cust... | Retro

The New Nintendo 3DS XL Is Here

Now - Is the system worth your hard earned money? | Promoted post

Super Mario World Beaten Within 5 Minutes

6d ago - Speedrunner SethBling has just set a new world record for beating Super Mario World on the SNES c... | Wii U

MS. Pac-Man Ported to Intellivision

6d ago - Carl WIlliams writes, "Pac-Man had to go solo, single, on the Mattel Intellivision since his wife... | Retro

Fans of Banjo-Kazooie Should Look Out for Next Month's Edge

6d ago - It's been a long time since the last Banjo-Kazooie game, and an even longer time since fans were... | Retro

Rent-A-Hero Fan Translation Released

7d ago - Rent-A-Hero was a Japan-only Mega Drive RPG in the early ’90s that was remade on the Dreamcast as... | Retro

Star Wars Games Hit GoG LucasArts Library Today

7d ago - The second wave of Star Wars titles has hit Good Old Games. Up for some Rogue Squadron? | PC
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