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Player tweaks Black Ops 3 to look like a PS1 game

15h ago | News | TheCircuitChaser had some serious issues getting the Black Ops 3 beta to run smoothly on his PC. But, he was not disheartened. Instead of throwing a sulk, smashing his keyboard to pieces and dumpin...

Evolution of an Old-School Gamer

3h ago | Article | A comparison from the eyes of a gamer in his thirties slating the differences in older games like Super Mario Brothers versus newer ones like Shove...

The original Twitch Plays Pokémon was very special to me

3h ago | Opinion piece | Twitch Plays Pokemon may have been a social experiment, but to Tony Nguyen at G4@Syfygames, it's...

Why Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 2 Is a Masterpiece

13h ago | Opinion piece | Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader is one of the best flight simulators ever made. In fact, it's a masterpiece.

Games that should have had sequels (Part 3)

4h ago | Opinion piece | Chalgyr's Game Room writes: Over the last couple of days, we have had a couple of the members...

15 Mini-Games More Addictive Than The Main Story

16h ago | Opinion piece | The release of The Witcher 3 has seen many wayward players seduced by card game Gwent, and the be...

TDS Special: Our fondest memories of the Metal Gear Solid series

8h ago | Opinion piece | The herd recall their stand-out moments from th...

Watch Kirk Play Final Fantasy VI For The Second Time

18h ago | Videocast | Kotaky: "Last night, Kotaku features editor Kir...

Psy Reviews It - Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters

12h ago | Video | This week we take to the skies in our first Game Boy review with the forgotten Kid Icarus sequel:...

Games That Changed Our Lives: Donkey Kong Country

12h ago | Article | Steven at GameSpew writes: "Remember when we were innocent? Think about it. Take a break from plo...

Let's Talk: Batman Games

23h ago | Opinion piece | Take Max's personal trip down memory lane and revisits some of the best Batman games ever.

Top Nintendo Missteps & Blunders

23h ago | Opinion piece | Nintendo fans, love Nintendo but hate their strange decision making? Check out the Top Nintendo Missteps & Blunders.

Looking Back: Fatal Labyrinth Review

20h ago | Opinion piece | James Pettigrow looks back at an early Genesis classic RPG.

Hexen Retro Review

23h ago | Opinion piece | Hexen is a first person shooter Metroidvania made before Metroidvania was even a term. It ma...
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