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Dreamcast 2 Team Shares Their Story and Why the World Needs a New SEGA Console

3h ago | Interview | Project Dream team members Bertie Wiseman and Joanne Freeman recently met with Twinfinite, and made their end-game quite clear.

Five Big Games To Play Instead Of Watching The Big Game

5h ago | Opinion piece | These games within video games are hugely important in the context of the worlds in which they ex...

Bring Back Another Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Square Enix

13h ago | Opinion piece | Brandon from Gamer Professionals takes a look at Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and about what ma...

Is Atari 2600 Collecting Dead?

8h ago | Opinion piece | Is Atari 2600 Collecting Dead?

A Timeless Classic: Street Fighter II Turns 25 Today

2d ago | News | Capcom’s arcade fighter turns a quarter century old today, leaving a legacy that is down, right +...

10 Games That Need A Sequel

1d 21h ago | Opinion piece | Ranting About Games: "Sometimes games aren't that successful and other times developers just move on from a franchise. It's sad that certain games...

Top 10 Most Divisive Games

2d ago | Opinion piece | GT: Every countdown leaves us divided, but these are the games we argue about more than any other, straight from the mouths of those who love and...

The Everdrive 3.0 for Nintendo 64

1d 20h ago | Opinion piece | Krikzz has done great work with making multiple backup flash carts for many platforms. His e...

Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 Review | NLife

2d ago | Review | NL: This game is essentially the definitive Ma...

The Graphical Evolution of The Legend of Zelda, from 1986 to 2016

3d ago | Article | Twinfinite takes a look back at the graphic evolution that The Legend of Zelda has gone through o...

GameStop is selling Fake Retro Games – ClayFighter Sculptor’s Cut N64!

3d ago | Opinion piece | GameStop is known for some shady practices, but this one might take the cake.

8 Games So Unexpectedly Terrifying We Can Never Trust Again

3d ago | Opinion piece | OX writes: When we play horror games, we know...

25 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Street Fighter 2

5d ago | Article | This weekend marks the 25th anniversary of Stre...

Illusion of Gaia Review

6d ago | Opinion piece | For its time, Illusion of Gaia offered gamers an awesome escape from reality in a world that...

On the magic of pre-rendered backgrounds

4d ago | Opinion piece | Though they're somewhat old-fashioned now, pre-rendered backgrounds once dominated the gamin...

How far has Mortal Kombat come

6d ago | Opinion piece | John from TVG writes " How far has the Mortal Kombat stable come? From being first released...

Violent games that don't force you to kill

4d ago | Opinion piece | GR: There are hundreds of games that ask you to eviscerate, gun down, and blow up every lif...

A Man Named Alucard

5d ago | Opinion piece | Character analysis of Castlevania's AAlucard, Count Dracula's dhampir son.

Why XCOM Is The Greatest Strategy Series Going

6d ago | Opinion piece | Soldiers will fall, supporters will defect, keyboards will be smashed. But before you descen...
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