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Qix, the Game Where You Are Defenseless Hits the Game Boy

13m ago | Opinion piece | Carl Williams writes, "Tell a modern gamer that you want them to play a game where they are compl...

Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven was the apex of a lost ninja franchise

3h ago | Opinion piece | Eurogamer: We're fast approaching the endgame of ITV's knockabout Saturday night gameshow Ninja...

Best 48 PlayStation Games Ranked by Japanese Gamers: Final Fantasy VII Is on Top

18h ago | News | The first PlayStation took Japan by storm in 1994, and since then the PlayStation brand has remained in the heart of many Japanese gamers. But what are the games that got them hooked? A poll hel...

Dynamite Headdy Retrospective Review

4h ago | Opinion piece | In 1994 Treasure released a 16-bit platformer for the Sega Mega Drive called Dynamite Headdy abou...

Cheat: Classic Pac-Man 101 | G4@Syfygames

6h ago | Article | Patrick Scott Patterson of G4@Syfygames writes: "In celebration of Pac-Man's 35th Birthday, we'll...

The Biggest Nintendo Games that We Haven’t Played

5h ago | Opinion piece | Gamnesia: Every gamer has a few big-name games missing from their encyclopedia of video game experiences, and we at Gamnesia are no different. That's why we thought it'd be fun to go over some of...

Possible Method of New Game Releases for Retro Video Game System Revealed

5h ago | News | Carl Williams writes, "Check out our other article, here, if you are interested in the latest upd...

Pac-Man Fever: Musician Jerry Buckner looks back as 'Pac-Man' turns 35

10h ago | Interview | Patrick Scott Patterson of G4@Syfygames writes:"As the yellow and black Pac-Man arcade cabinet li...

The Full Story Behind Star Fox 2, Nintendo's Most Famous Cancellation

22h ago | Article | NLife: This year will see the launch of another entry in Nintendo's long-running space battle se...
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