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See how BioShock would look on PS One

35m ago | News | NeoGAF user recreates BioShock and other games as if they were released for Sony's first console.

9 Most Iconic Costumes In Video Game History

10h ago | Opinion piece | Gaming is home to some of the niftiest get-up around - its classic heroes synonymous with a range...

Avengers: United Battle Continues Development

10h ago | News | Carl Williams writes, "The Avengers are one of the Marvel teams that has kind of gotten the short...

Sony Bringing Donkey Kong, Pac-Man to New Movie ‘Pixels’

23h ago | News | Sony Pictures is developing a brand new movie called Pixels, that brings together a whole host of iconic video game characters for the first time ever.

10 Reasons To Drop Everything And Play Earthbound

6h ago | Opinion piece | WC writes: It’s been slightly over a year now since Earthbound finally found its way to European...

Burning Rubber – Our First Racing Games

17h ago | Opinion piece | Twinfinite writes "Sometimes we like to look back and reminisce on the games we played during our...

Windy Valley Put Back into Sonic Adventure DX Where it Belongs

12h ago | News | Carl Williams writes, "What if I told you that there is another level, an inaccessible one before...

Legena: Union Tides To Bring 16-Bit Style RPG's Back

13h ago | News | Carl Williams writes, "Everyone is probably familiar with the old “Boogeyman” story that parents...

Turn Your Android Smart Watch Into A James Bond Gadget

18h ago | News | Make your Android Wear device look like the watch from Goldeneye on the N64 using this free app!
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