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Revenge of the License - The Ring: Terror's Realm

1d 14h ago - Michael Crisman writes, "OK, seriously, I have started writing this entry half a dozen times. It... | PC

Let's Replay: Project X-2

1d 17h ago - Adam Lloyd writes: "Back in 1996, British developers Team 17 were still riding high off of the su... | Retro

Natsume's Forgotten Classic

1d 18h ago - Natsume has become one of the top dogs for releasing simulation role playing games over the years... | Retro

Top 10 most disappointing gaming moments

1d 18h ago - Continue Play's Oliver Zimmerman thinks back to all those disappointing moments in gaming's bumpy... | PC

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Top Ten Game Boy Advance Games

1d 18h ago - The votes are in, what are the top ten games for the Game Boy Advance? | Retro

SNES A Day 142: Push-Over

1d 23h ago - The puzzles in Push-Over are simple in concept yet pretty novel. | Retro

Revenge of the License - Alien 3

2d ago - Michael Crisman writes, "Continuing with our theme of Halloween Horror, this week’s column focuse... | Arcade

Do It Yourself Portable Nintendo 64 Looking for Crowdfunding Support

2d ago - Carl Williams writes, "Over the years we have seen just about every console released receive a po... | Retro

Retro Gaming Halloween Style, Part One: Echo Night

2d ago - Michael Crisman writes, "Yeah, yeah, everybody makes their lists about scary, creepy, or flat-out... | Retro

33 Years Later, New Donkey Kong Secrets Are Being Found

2d ago - Kotaku: " Despite the fact the game was first released in arcades in 1981, has been ported to he... | Retro

Game Rekon | Aladdin: How Do You Like Them Apples?!

2d ago - Aladdin is a platform game developed and published by Capcom for the Super Nintendo and designed... | Retro

Retro Gaming Halloween Style, Part Two: Nocturne

2d ago - Michael Crisman writes, "Yeah, yeah, everybody makes their lists about scary, creepy, or flat-out... | PC

31 Days of Horror Games: Silent Hill 4

2d ago - Silent Hill 4: The Room is a claustrophobic adventure that delivered psychological scares like th... | PS2

13 important moral lessons as taught to us by games

2d ago - GR: Video games aren't usually the first port of call when it comes to learning a new life skill.... | PS2

SNES A Day 141: Pro Quarterback

3d ago - Cory Woodrum writes: "I'm struggling to find any positive qualities in Pro Quarterback." | Retro

Five hidden secrets you may have missed in Zelda: Majora's Mask

3d ago - Kotaku: "Call me crazy, but I always thought Majora's Mask was a pretty dark game. Maybe it's th... | Retro

7 classic games made ruthlessly difficult by hardcore fans

3d ago - GR: Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: You’re 80 hours into your favorite role-playing game... | PC

Record of Agarest War Zero Released on Android

3d ago - Carl Williams writes, "Hyperdevbox are no stranger to the world of Android (just check out their... | Android

To the moon. Gaming's weirdest, coolest moments on the lunar surface

3d ago - GR: The moon has always been an object of fascination for me. Probably because it's a giant rock... | PC

The Big Book of Controversies - Chapter I

3d ago - Taking a look at the myriad controversies that have plagued the video game industry almost since... | Culture

PS4 Game Release Dates

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Vandal Hearts II Review (Video Chums)

3d ago - Review for Vandal Hearts II on PlayStation. A unique turn-based strategy RPG. Vandal Hearts II is... | Retro

SNES A Day 140: NHLPA Hockey '93

3d ago - Turn down the volume when playing NHLPA Hockey ’93. | Retro

Five Enemies That Refuse To Leave You Alone

3d ago - GI writes: "With Alien: Isolation on our minds, a game where a xenomorph chases you throughout th... | PC

10 Popular Video Game Series' That Completely Forgot Who They Were

4d ago - WC: All of the following franchises changed in some way, shape or form, forgetting the games that... | PS2

Pocket Power: Street Fighter Alpha (GBC)

4d ago - Though today you can stuff stereoscopic 3D and console-quality graphics into your backpack, that... | Retro