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Top Five GTA Characters Of All-Time

2d ago - Playfire: "With everyone going GTA mad this week, we thought it'd be a nice idea to take a little... | PS2

Top Ten Boss Fights Of All Time

2d ago - Jirard from The Completionist gives his top ten favorite fights from the people (and monster... | PC

See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

Aging Gamer: Backward Compatibility

3d ago - The Aging Gamer takes a look at what was, and what may never be again. | GameCube

Super Mario 64: Memorable moments and cool Miiverse posts

3d ago - GameCrate looks back at some of the best moments from Super Mario 64, as well as the Miiverse com... | Wii

Mega May to return with Mega Man titles in North America

3d ago - Capcom has announced that four Mega Man titles on the Game Boy Advance will be released as part o... | Wii U

Sega Genesis: First Hip Hop Console? (Part 1)

3d ago - Tashaun Brown of Ourcade Games writes about Sonic's affect on the "hip-hop generation" as youths.... | Retro

Mario Mario: Here We Go!

3d ago - Part 1 of an ongoing project to dissect the VERY FABRIC of our beloved Mario's history, going bey... | Industry

The Totally Radical History of Game Marketing in the '90s

3d ago - GamesRadar - Remember the '90s? Bill Clinton was president, internet was accessed through a phone... | Culture

Our Top Five Star Wars Games

3d ago - Stu at Sushimonster85 writes 'Earlier this week EA set the gaming world talking, when they reveal... | GameCube

GameStop to Offer Classic Consoles and Games

3d ago - Dust off your Nintendo 64. Once again it, and other retro consoles, will be accepted at GameStop.... | Culture

PlayStation: From A to Z – The Letter “D”

4d ago - Ken McKown writes: The From A to Z series lets our editors go back and take a look at games from... | Retro

10 interesting facts about Mortal Kombat (Lazygamer)

4d ago - "The intriguing realm of Mortal Kombat is one that has always been steeped in mystery and absurdi... | PS2

Retro Fight Club: ClayFighter

4d ago - Remember the California Raisins? Wouldn't it be awesome if you could get them to beat the shit ou... | Culture

This Week in Gaming History: Breakout breaks down walls beyond the arcade

4d ago - Patrick Scott Patterson of G4@Syfygames writes: "To list every hit video game throughout gamin... | Retro

'90s Video Game Ads Were All That And A Bag Of Chips

4d ago - Kotaku - From fish-eye lenses to Big Dog-style one-liners, 1990s video game ads had it all. And b... | Culture

One Man Has Reverse-Engineered the Original WipEout to Work in Your Browser

4d ago - What a time to be alive! Dominic Szablewski, a very talented programmer and indie developer, has... | Culture

Wildfire Introduces Stealthy Firebending - Greenlight Games

4d ago - Wildfire is a stealth platformer that gives you control over fire. It is currently on Kickstarter... | PC

Toejam and Earl Back in the Groove Success on Kickstarter

4d ago - Ali Halabi writes, "To Keep everyone upto date with the ToeJam and Earl back in the groove projec... | PC

The Greatest Game Ever…of the Week: Super Mario 64

4d ago - GameCrate: "For as influential as it may have been in the ’90s, though, it’s the fact that Super... | Wii U

Nordic Games acquires Men of Valor from 2015 Games

4d ago - Nordic Games announced today that it has closed an asset purchase agreement with 2015 Games, LLC... | PC

N4G Radio

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What the NX can learn from Nintendo’s past, from the NES to the Wii U

4d ago - Nintendo can help make the NX successful by heeding lessons from its past consoles. | GameCube

Revisiting the Classics EP 1 - The Legend of Zelda

5d ago - OnlySP: The first video series we’re working on is called, Revisiting the Classics. In these vide... | Retro

Ep 8: Our Link to the Past

5d ago - The ESA & EFF battle over the legality of video game preservation. One of the best-selling SNES t... | PC

Revenge of the License: Deathtrap Dungeon

5d ago - Michael Crisman writes, "Quick show of hands: how many growing up in the 1980s recall Fighting Fa... | PC

Vaporware SNES Music Creation Tool Sound Fantasy Released Publicly

5d ago - The creator of Electroplankton also made a music composition tool for the SNES that was never rel... | Retro