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So a guy walks into my shop with an Infinium Phantom console

5h ago - Ars Technica: Photos of what may well be a one-of-a-kind vaporware prototype. Late last w... | Tech

Niche Gamer-cast Episode 47 – Video Game Character Sexual Orientation Bingo

9h ago - A weekly podcast that covers niche games across all platforms, but sometimes also delves into gam... | PC

At a Glance: Psyonix

Now - Psyonix is an independent developer that has also worked closely with some of the biggest publishers and developers on a wide array of titles. Toda... | Promoted post

For Those About To Rock: 7 Games That Star Wu-Tang, Aerosmith, And More

9h ago - Musicians take on other media all the time. Madonna was in A League Of Their Own. Ice-T is in Law... | Wii

This Week in Gaming History: How 'Donkey Kong' saved Nintendo of America

9h ago - Donkey Kong's birthday is this Thursday. Take a look back at how the game literally saved Ninten... | Culture

Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure Retrospective - Old Games With Grandpa Heath: The Musical

9h ago - "I laughed and I cried. I did both for reasons similar and opposite. I went full range on this on... | Nintendo DS

Sony's Shuhei Yoshida reacts to the 'Nintendo PlayStation'

9h ago - Not long after our last intimate chat with Shuhei Yoshida, the President of Sony Computer Enterta... | Retro

After the prototype PlayStation: six more obscure games consoles

17h ago - The Guardian: A late-1980s SNES-CD console ditched by Sony and Nintendo was discovered last mo... | Retro

Donkey Kong Was Originally Going to Wear a Mining Helmet in Donkey Kong Country

18h ago - Some of the best levels in Donkey Kong Country were easily those that took place underground in c... | Retro

Japanese Rocker GACKT Finishes His Year Of Gaming...By Screwing Up His Mega Man 3 Playthrough

19h ago - Nestlé (yes, the food and beverage company) have released their final "Game Center" video of the... | GameCube

Rare PS1-SNES Hybrid Set to Sell For a Small Fortune

21h ago - Believe it or not, before the PlayStation was launched back in 1994 there was in fact a time when... | Culture

Top 5 Dudes with the Most Beautiful Hair (in games)

22h ago - You've got to respect a man who can maintain a standard of hair care that exquisite in a video ga... | PC

Retro Review: 'Tenchu: Stealth Assassins' sneaks into your heart

1d 9h ago - A look back at a PlayStation classic | Culture

Golden Axe 2 Epic Fan Art

1d 10h ago - Golden Axe, the Fantasy Beat'em Up series by Sega might be an almost forgotten game series now bu... | Culture

10 Games You Need to Play to Celebrate Gay Pride

1d 11h ago - If you're still feeling a strong attachment to rainbows, well, who can blame you? Here are 10 tit... | PS2

Top 50 Underappreciated Atari ST Games

1d 11h ago - Den of Geek looks back at the Atari ST games that deserve more love than they got first time arou... | Culture

15 Game Characters You Wouldn't Want To Meet In Real Life

1d 11h ago - Here are 15 game characters that you wouldn't want to meet in real life and with good reason. | PC

Why The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is still my favorite game

1d 11h ago - Ocarina of Time offers not only great mechanics and dungeon design, but emotion and powerful li... | Retro

Too Many Games 2015: Game Sack Interview

1d 13h ago - Aaron sits down with Joe and Dave, of Game Sack, at Too Many Games 2015 to chew the fat about you... | Tech

The Strange History of Terminator Games

1d 14h ago - In honor of Terminator Genisys, Den of Geek takes a look back at the best and worst Terminator ga... | GameCube

Factory Sealed Podcast - Episode 56: We Play Battletoads

1d 14h ago - We pretend to love the entirety of Battletoads, when in fact we only made it as far as we did bec... | Retro

Visit CGMagazine: The Culture of Games

Now - CGM is for the mature audience of comics and games that wants more out of their media than just a review score. | Promoted post

Maldita Castilla is Coming to Sega Genesis and Mega Drive

1d 15h ago - Carl Williams writes, "Ah, Ghouls n Ghosts sits alone in that style of game for the Sega Genesis,... | Retro

Why Japanese games tell you the character’s blood type

1d 16h ago - Back in the good old days of game manuals we used to get a run down of the characters involved in... | Culture

Top 10 LGBT Characters in Video Games

1d 16h ago - WatchMojo: "We are looking at the best gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender charters in video ga... | PC

We Really Need Game Manuals To Make A Comeback

1d 16h ago - Mark Butler: "I still have fond and vivid memories of the fun, informative game manual that came... | Culture

Games You Never Heard Of: Heart of the Alien

1d 23h ago - This week on Games You Never Heard Of, we check out a sequel to a popular, cinematic game. A sequ... | Culture
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