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Retro City Rampage Reviews  

Retro City Rampage Review | TGH

1123d ago - TGH writes: "With more references to the yester-year than your Grandad’s war-time cabinet, Ret... | PC

Retro City Rampage Review [Capsule Computers]

1123d ago - Jamie Laike Tsui of Capsule Computers writes: "Retro City Rampage started out 11 years ago as... | PC

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Retro City Rampage Review - D Pad D Bags

1125d ago - D Pad D Bags Writes "Retro City Rampage (“RCR”) is fucking fantastic. Imagine a cross between the... | Xbox 360

Retro City Rampage Review | EDGE

1125d ago - EDGE: "It’s a game that tries to be everything, in other words, yet through the sheer all-encompa... | Xbox 360

[Mansbros] Retro City Rampage - XBLA Review

1126d ago - Brian Provinciano and Vblank Entertainment teleports us back to the good ol’ days of retro gaming... | Xbox 360

Review: Retro City Rampage brings its incredible vintage-flavored gameplay to XBLA | GameZone

1127d ago - GameZone writes: "Retro City Rampage has been wreaking havoc across a number of platforms for... | Xbox 360

Retro City Rampage review – back to old school | Metro

1127d ago - Metro writes: "We thought we liked video games but we’re going to have to admit that Brian Pro... | PC

Original Gamer Review - Retro City Rampage

1128d ago - "In pixelated 4:3 ratio, Retro City Rampage is a game that adult gamers would... | Xbox 360

Retro City Rampage – Brings the Retro (

1129d ago - writes: "Every now and then there comes a game that takes players into a time war... | PC

Retro City Rampage XBLA Review |

1131d ago - GAMINGtruth's own Associate Editor-in-Chief Cameron Woolsey delivers the verdict on the newly rel... | Xbox 360

Retro City Rampage Review «

1146d ago - Take a bit of Grand Theft Auto and mix in some 8-Bit graphics, then sprinkle in some 80′s and ear... | PS3

Retro City Rampage Review | Thunderbolt

1152d ago - Thunderbolt writes: "Retro City Rampage wastes little time attempting to dictate its manic pac... | PS3

MTB - Retro City Rampage Review

1155d ago - MTB - Given how long it’s been in development, the news that Retro City Rampage was going to be a... | PC

TB: Retro City Rampage Review – NES Reference: The Game

1158d ago - TB: References are always nice when they pop up in any form of entertainment. They are a cheap ga... | PC

Retro City Rampage Review (Empty Lifebar)

1166d ago - Retro City Rampage has been a long time coming. Originally starting as Grand Theftendo, a demake... | PC

Retro City Rampage Review - Gaming Nexus

1168d ago - From the review: "Retro City Rampage works as an always funny parody of Grand Theft Auto and clas... | PS3

Retro City Rampage Review | FTG

1175d ago - FTG Writes: Retro City Rampage is everything that a gamer from the eight-bit era could want. Crea... | PC

Review | Retro City Rampage [Default Prime]

1179d ago - Default Prime says, "Anyone who’s a couple decades old can remember the pixelated days of Mario a... | PC

Retro City Rampage Review -

1182d ago - Andrew W. of - "Retro City Rampage is a game full of references in an 8-bit style.... | PC

TG - Retro City Rampage Review

1187d ago - TG - Passionate about 8-bit games? Then Retro City Rampage is for you. It offers an open world to... | PC

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Nfamous - Retro City Rampage Review

1187d ago - Arcee "Without putting the game down, Retro City Rampage is exactly what I expected it to be and... | PC

Retro City Rampage Review | Paste

1190d ago - Paste: "Between the stabs at the game industry and the 'Pen Club 15'-caliber jokes, it’s hard not... | PC

Retro City Rampage Review | PixelPerfectGaming

1193d ago - PixelPerfectGaming writes: Imagine Grand Theft Auto on the 8-bit NES and you’ll have an immediate... | PC

Piki Geek: Retro City Rampage Review: An Open World Video Game Museum

1193d ago - Piki Geek: Nostalgia is a hell of a drug. It’s a substance gamers are constantly exposed to. If i... | PC

Retro City Rampage Review - Destructoid

1193d ago - "[Full Disclosure: Not only do current and former Destructoid staff appear as unlockable characte... | PC

Retro City Rampage

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us November 11, 2014 15 Months Ago
uk November 12, 2014 15 Months Ago
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