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Resonance of Fate Reviews  

Resonance Of Fate Review - Zero1gaming

360d ago - Gaming these days seems to be almost exclusively dictated by AAA games. From trends in mechanics... | Xbox 360

Resonance Of Fate Review - Faulty Pixel

366d ago - Gaming these days seems to be almost exclusively dictated by AAA games. From trends in mechanics... | Xbox 360

PS3Vault: Resonance of Fate Review

1439d ago - The once bold Japanese role-playing genre is in a terrible decline, with many wondering if this g... | Xbox 360

PixelPerfectGaming: Resonance of Fate (Review) Xbox 360

1487d ago - In Resonance of Fate, your adventure takes place in a dark, gritty cyberpunk world where survival... | Xbox 360

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Realm of Gaming: Resonance of Fate Review

1490d ago - Realm of Gaming states, "Guns. Banned in the UK, stylized in Hollywood movies and generally prett... | PS3

Resonance of Fate - RPGamer Review

1502d ago - From's Ken Staples - "Resonance of Fate probably isn't for everyone. The battle syste... | PS3

Game Critics: Resonance of Fate Review

1511d ago - Game Critics: A number of my friends wondered why Sega chose to release Resonance of Fate so clos... | Xbox 360

Classic Game Room: Resonance of Fate Review

1513d ago - "Tri-Ace is no stranger to taking new approaches to the role playing genre, having pretty much bu... | Xbox 360

Ripten Review: Resonance of Fate

1516d ago - Ripten writes: "I decided I’d take up the task of playing and telling you fine folks about the ga... | Xbox 360

MondoXbox Review: Resonance of Fate

1518d ago - MondoXbox: In a difficult and dangerous world, where life is marked by a huge car-shaped tower th... | Xbox 360

Gamus Review: Resonance of Fate

1518d ago - Gamus: A girl approaches a platform step before step, until you reach a window. The city below, i... | Xbox 360

Gamer Limit Review: Resonance of Fate

1522d ago - The far future of Resonance of Fate is not a cheerful one. Violent weather and poisonous gases s... | Xbox 360

OXM UK Review: Resonance of Fate

1523d ago - OXM UK writes: "Been too long since you got your butt kicked? Boy, have we got a game for you. Ov... | Xbox 360
10° Review: Resonance of Fate

1525d ago - Welcome to Basel, a city-ship to become the home of forced choice every living thi... | Xbox 360

RPGFan: Resonance of Fate Soundtrack Review

1525d ago - End of Eternity, known as Resonance of Fate in North America, is tri-Ace's mammoth sci-fi RPG pub... | Xbox 360
10° Review: Resonance of Fate

1526d ago -"Resonance of Fate" demonstrate visionary on the HD screen, which strives to meet mis... | Xbox 360

GamingBolt: Resonance of Fate Reviewed

1527d ago - GamingBolt writes: "The dungeons. I had a love-hate relationship with these: I spent equal amount... | Xbox 360

OXCGN's Resonance Of Fate Review: Has Final Fantasy sealed its fate?

1535d ago - OXCGN: "Japanese development company Tri-Ace haven't really hit their stride yet with t... | 1,2

TSA Review: Resonance of Fate

1537d ago - TSA: Just as with White Knight Chronicles, I feel that this game is under-rated in the media and... | 1

PSFocus: Resonance of Fate Review

1540d ago - PSFocus writes: "The RPG fans had no time to sit still, for the last few weeks came from top... | 1,2

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Tech-Gaming: Resonance of Fate Review

1541d ago - Tech-Gaming writes: "Recently, a friend expressed a sentiment that I hear with worrisome fre... | 1,2

PSX Extreme: Resonance of Fate Review

1543d ago - PSX Extreme writes: "When I first heard about the concepts behind Resonance of Fate, I was e... | 1

Destructoid: Resonance of Fate Review

1543d ago - On the face of it, Resonance of Fate appears to be a JRPG thoroughly invested in the unconvention... | 1,2

Orange: Resonance of Fate Review

1543d ago - It's said that one of the reasons RPGs don't appeal to the masses is that they're stuck in their... | 1,2

SquareGo: Resonance of Fate Review

1543d ago - SquareGo writes: "If Final Fantasy XIII can be criticised for it's slow start, Resonan... | 1,2
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Resonance of Fate

Average Score 7.6 Reviews(111)
Release Dates
PS3 Release Dates
JP 28 January 2010
US 16 March 2010
EU 26 March 2010
AU 26 March 2010
Xbox 360 Release Dates
JP 28 January 2010
EU 26 March 2010
US 16 March 2010
AU 26 March 2010