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Resonance Of Fate Review - Zero1gaming

779d ago - Gaming these days seems to be almost exclusively dictated by AAA games. From trends in mechanics... | Xbox 360

Resonance Of Fate Review - Faulty Pixel

784d ago - Gaming these days seems to be almost exclusively dictated by AAA games. From trends in mechanics... | Xbox 360

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PS3Vault: Resonance of Fate Review

1858d ago - The once bold Japanese role-playing genre is in a terrible decline, with many wondering if this g... | Xbox 360

PixelPerfectGaming: Resonance of Fate (Review) Xbox 360

1906d ago - In Resonance of Fate, your adventure takes place in a dark, gritty cyberpunk world where survival... | Xbox 360

Realm of Gaming: Resonance of Fate Review

1909d ago - Realm of Gaming states, "Guns. Banned in the UK, stylized in Hollywood movies and generally prett... | PS3

Resonance of Fate - RPGamer Review

1920d ago - From's Ken Staples - "Resonance of Fate probably isn't for everyone. The battle syste... | PS3

Game Critics: Resonance of Fate Review

1929d ago - Game Critics: A number of my friends wondered why Sega chose to release Resonance of Fate so clos... | Xbox 360

Classic Game Room: Resonance of Fate Review

1931d ago - "Tri-Ace is no stranger to taking new approaches to the role playing genre, having pretty much bu... | Xbox 360

Ripten Review: Resonance of Fate

1935d ago - Ripten writes: "I decided I’d take up the task of playing and telling you fine folks about the ga... | Xbox 360

MondoXbox Review: Resonance of Fate

1936d ago - MondoXbox: In a difficult and dangerous world, where life is marked by a huge car-shaped tower th... | Xbox 360

Gamus Review: Resonance of Fate

1936d ago - Gamus: A girl approaches a platform step before step, until you reach a window. The city below, i... | Xbox 360

Gamer Limit Review: Resonance of Fate

1940d ago - The far future of Resonance of Fate is not a cheerful one. Violent weather and poisonous gases s... | Xbox 360

OXM UK Review: Resonance of Fate

1941d ago - OXM UK writes: "Been too long since you got your butt kicked? Boy, have we got a game for you. Ov... | Xbox 360
10° Review: Resonance of Fate

1943d ago - Welcome to Basel, a city-ship to become the home of forced choice every living thi... | Xbox 360

RPGFan: Resonance of Fate Soundtrack Review

1944d ago - End of Eternity, known as Resonance of Fate in North America, is tri-Ace's mammoth sci-fi RPG pub... | Xbox 360
10° Review: Resonance of Fate

1944d ago -"Resonance of Fate" demonstrate visionary on the HD screen, which strives to meet mis... | Xbox 360

GamingBolt: Resonance of Fate Reviewed

1945d ago - GamingBolt writes: "The dungeons. I had a love-hate relationship with these: I spent equal amount... | Xbox 360

OXCGN's Resonance Of Fate Review: Has Final Fantasy sealed its fate?

1953d ago - OXCGN: "Japanese development company Tri-Ace haven't really hit their stride yet with t... | 1,2

TSA Review: Resonance of Fate

1955d ago - TSA: Just as with White Knight Chronicles, I feel that this game is under-rated in the media and... | 1

PSFocus: Resonance of Fate Review

1958d ago - PSFocus writes: "The RPG fans had no time to sit still, for the last few weeks came from top... | 1,2


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Tech-Gaming: Resonance of Fate Review

1959d ago - Tech-Gaming writes: "Recently, a friend expressed a sentiment that I hear with worrisome fre... | 1,2

PSX Extreme: Resonance of Fate Review

1961d ago - PSX Extreme writes: "When I first heard about the concepts behind Resonance of Fate, I was e... | 1

Destructoid: Resonance of Fate Review

1961d ago - On the face of it, Resonance of Fate appears to be a JRPG thoroughly invested in the unconvention... | 1,2

Orange: Resonance of Fate Review

1962d ago - It's said that one of the reasons RPGs don't appeal to the masses is that they're stuck in their... | 1,2

SquareGo: Resonance of Fate Review

1962d ago - SquareGo writes: "If Final Fantasy XIII can be criticised for it's slow start, Resonan... | 1,2
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Resonance of Fate

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