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User Review : Resistance: Fall of Man

Must own game for all PS3 owners. Will be the defining franchise for this platform!

Resistance Fall of Man was a great launch title for the PS3. For those of us that purchased a PS3 at launch, we had a game that lasted us all over 9 months without complaint. Graphics at the time were top notch but with the release of CoD4 we all can see that the PS3 is capable of so much more. Single player mode was exciting and challenging. I liked the way Insomniac incorporated offline story achievments with online prestige rewards. Multiplayer was in my mind one of the crown jewels of Resistance. Tie in together great community support, continuing updates and patches and add in a fast paced run and gun gameplay and youve got a great game with high replay value. Had it not been for Resistance, Sonys PS3 launch would have been a complete flop. The story while set in a WWII setting might not be a truly original setting was spiced up by combing an alien/infection for an alternate history instead of Nazi domination. One great thing this leaves for Insomniac is a wide open door for what appears to be a least a trilogy if not more for a great PS3 exclusive franchise.

Fast run and gun with a mix of tactics here and there both online and offline.
At the time were excellent but as we have come to see, the PS3 is capable of so much more.
Unique and emotion evoking sounds and music.
Fun Factor
Replay value for this game is enormous both offline and online. Challenging AI, unique and fun settings, and a great story.
Online is superb. Unbeatable community support, continuing patches and updates to this day, over a year after launch. While in my mind the weapons need to be rebalanced, it still provides very fun run and gun gameplay.
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