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User Review : Resistance: Burning Skies

  • Graphics
  • Gameplay
  • Online
  • Minor sound Glitches

If you enjoy FPS and have a PSVITA, it is a must buy

This is my first review of a game, and I am doing it because of the harsh reviews the game is getting from some web sites.

The game is a bit different of what you might expect from a Resistance game, due to the change of developers (just like with Resistance: Retribution); but the game has new twists to the core formula of Resistance gameplay, maintaining it fresh and compelling, and, most importantly, fun.

Speaking about the FPS mechanics, they are your standard thing, you can crouch, run, and take cover behind objects. That may sound like a big meh, but the mechanics are done really good. You have a great diversity in weapons, and, like Resistance 3, you can upgrade your weapons, not by killing chimeras with them, but by acquiring grey tech (if you played previous Resistance you know what it is). Each of the 8 weapons you find through the game has 8 possible upgrades divided in 2 categories: attack and support. You can only have 1 upgrade of each type active at once, but you can change it on the fly depending on the situation. For example if you have the SWARM (the bazooka). When fighting a big boss, it would be helpful to select the "the faster targeting system" so you can unleash hell upon it; but if you are fighting a big mob of grims, you can select the enhanced explosion perk dealing more splash damage to the enemy. On the support section for example you can have faster reload or more bullets on the clip. You can select them based on your gaming preferences and situations.

Also you have melee combat with your axe which is really cool

The graphics are really good; specially on the weapons, and characters. The stages lack some detail. Some chimeras looks great while others may have some bland textures. THE LAST BOSS IS FREAKING AMAZING AND HUGE!!! It Looks FANTASTIC!!

The soundtrack is really good, when there is one that is. Some parts of the game wont have any music, it is just you and the sound of the wind lol. Which is a disappointment. There are some glitches, that make your guns to have no sound while firing, but it is very rare.

Online is really cool. Being able to experience an FPS online match on a portable device is quite unique. I was surprised by the experience.

The story is nothing superb, gets the job done nicely.

Overall the game is really good, I know that it is not a system seller, but it is a must buy for those who have a PSVITA and enjoy FPS.

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LiViNgLeGaCY1991d ago

Good review man. :D

Thinking about picking this up when I go get Gravity Rush today. Thanks!

TooTall191991d ago

I like this game overall. The single player is fun. The mp has balance issues, but still way better than anything else available on handhelds.

fatalis951990d ago

dam it i can't play this game online can't get my vita's NAT type to change from 3 -_- good review^^

LiViNgLeGaCY1990d ago

I had that problem also for the longest time with my PS3. You have to go into your router settings and mess with your port fowarding and stuff. They have youtube videos on how to change it, give it a look.

If done correctly, it should change your nat type 3 to a nat type 2. :)

TheBigShamona1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Try turning upnp ON under network settings

tigertron1989d ago

Nice review, I'll definately buy this when I get a Vita.

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