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User Review : Resistance 2

  • some of the best online
  • unique weapons
  • LOTS of re-playability
  • No strategy in some of the bosses
  • Annoying trial and error
  • Single player feels rushed

Can this sequel live up to the enormous boss fights? YES

This is my first review on this site so I thought I should do it for one thats been getting alot of talk lately, Resistance 2. Resistance 2 is based in a 1953 war torn united states. Its been up to debate lately that the developers at insomniac games went the halo route with the 2nd outing in the resistance franchise, i dont agree. Theres alot of things that Distinguish it self from being another generic FPS like the weapons for example. In this installment they add a good amount of new weapons such as the spider grenade and the revolver. At first sight the revolver may seem like an ordinary magnum but shoot some poor defenseless chimera and hit alt-fire. What do u see next? Nothing? Exactly, the alt-fire cause's the bullet to explode on its target. The spider grenade cause's what ever it touches to get burned. My personal favorite new weapon is the marksmen; what this weapon does shoo a three round burst, it also has a scope hence the name marksmen. The alt fire on this is and electrical burst that fly's through the air electrocuting enemies.
I know what most of you must be saying now, "well if its just the same thing with more weapons then why spend 30$ on it?" Well it doesn't just have new weapons it also has a completely new story new enemies like for example; grims, furies, leapers, spiners, and the almighty Leviathan! Thats not all new they completely reworked there multi-player to make it much more intuitive and easier to invite you friends to a party or join a clan! One of the best new things added is the 8 player co-op. You and 7 friends can get online or just you and a other friend can do split screen to fight hordes of chimerans or do special objectives that help flesh out the story.
One of my few gripes is no weapon wheel. This is a small gripe but can ruin it for some. I also miss the horror elements and dark atmosphere of the first game.
Overall this is a must have game who like'd the first one, is a fan of FPS's, or just owns a PS3! I can not praise this enough(well yah i can but that will take forever and i need to go to bed) Its that good! MUST BUY!

The graphics were good for its time but it aged alot in the past 2 years.
Amazing Music and good voice acting sits back stage to the Awesome sound effects
The gameplay is spot on! The only thing i have aginst it is no weapon wheel takes the strategy out of boss fights.
Fun Factor
What do say? Huge boss fights, unique weapons, 10 hour story, and multi-player that will keep you playing long after campaign!
The online is ENORMOUS! 60 player competitive and 8 player co-op equals one of the best multi-player experience's Ive had in recent history!
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JakemanPS319943030d ago

Im sry if theres any grammatical errors i did this in a hury! its also my first review so i would like to have some constructive criticism!

HeroXIV3030d ago

Do lots of people still play the online? I have R1 but not R2 so I'll probably pick it up sometime. :)

JakemanPS319943030d ago

yah lately ive been playing online i mean not as many people play it as uncharted or cod mw2 but a good amount of people still play it

raztad3030d ago

Love R2 coop. I think your score is way too high. IMO R2 is a 8. I enjoyed the SP campaign but, as you stated yourself, it felt rushed. Some design decisions made the game generic, loosing FoM personality. Quite a shame. Still a fun game, especially its coop.

JakemanPS319943029d ago

but the multi-player for me was so good that i just had to and i still love the single player just not as much as i loved fom's single player

PS3Freak3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Single Player was great, I beat it 3 times. To me, where Resistance 2 really shined was the co op. I got my spec ops character up to level 30 with over 20 hours of online play. It was just sooo fun and addictive. After that I never really got into the competitive multiplayer.

I agree that the horror element was mostly gone; save for the Chicago level with the grims, but I like the subbraction of the weapon wheel. I always found that switching weapons felt cumbersome, having to select from so many. Also, half of your guns never had ammo so there was no point in cloging up the wheel with ammoless guns. Having 2 weapons of choice in R2 made sense to me, as you could choose what you wanted, and would always have ammo for them.

I agree with most of your review, but I would give the game a 8.5 or so.

If you want tips, you should use better structure for your review, and also fill it out more with a bit more content.

Playerz83029d ago

Nobody is talking about Resistance 2 anymore. Come on.

PS3Freak3029d ago

Seems like you're talking about it right now.

pixelsword3028d ago

Logic man points out the logic error.


Holeran3027d ago

Great game, absolutely fantastic multiplayer, co-op or not the multiplayer is in my opinion 1 of the best.

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