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Top 10 Classic Survival Horror Games

170d ago - 1MC writes: In honor of the Halloween season, I decided to count down my top 10 favorite surviva... | PC

Resident Evil Series Retrospective

170d ago - The Illusive Man says:"Do you remember the first time you played Resident Evil? I do. My brother... | Culture

Top 10 Terrifying Levels in Horror Games

170d ago - RoH writes: After a certain point in the game, it feels like you’re leading James Sunderland, the... | PS2

Pixel-Fright-Us: Zombies and the walking undead

170d ago - (Editor’s note: In celebration of Halloween, the Pixelitis staff is outlining 31 of their favorit... | GameCube

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Heroine of the Week: Jill Valentine | The Resident Evil Series

170d ago - "Jill Valentine is one of the earliest images of a strong female video game heroine that I can re... | GameCube

Capcom releases updated Resident Evil series sales figure

171d ago - According to updated figures, Resident Evil 5 is now the best selling game by Capcom. | Industry

Halloween Special – 10 Games To Make Your Night Spooktacular

171d ago - Boss Dungeon's Julian Rittmayer lists off his top 10 favorite horror games. | Culture

Five Facts - Resident Evil

172d ago - Michael and Ray learn some fascinating facts about Resident Evil! | Culture

The Top 15 Horror Icons of Gaming

172d ago - Much like the world of horror films, gaming’s forays into the demonic have left it with a plethor... | Culture

8 Great Horror Games

173d ago - Survival horror and action horror games are near and dear to many gamer’s hearts. Fans of horror... | GameCube

Top 5 Horror Video Games

176d ago - FullSailBlog: Video game designers have been using horror themes to engage players since early At... | PS2

13 More Horror Themed Video Games To Play On Halloween

176d ago - WC writes: We previously released an article detailing thirteen video games that were perfect to... | PC

Why Do Gamers Love Zombies?

178d ago - As a part of GamrMag's Zombie Week, Christian Orkibi takes a look into the psychology of gamers w... | Culture

Most Beloved Protagonists From Zombie Games

178d ago - GamR Mag Writes: "Of course, in any good story, even a zombie one, you must have a protagonist. O... | Culture

Video Breakdown: Zombie Edition

178d ago - GamR Mag Writes: "In this episode of Video Breakdown, Eric Jackson discusses some of the most mem... | Culture

European PSN Will Get a 'Horror Sale' as Well

179d ago - 8CN: As previously announced for North America, Europe will also be getting Halloween-themed deal... | PS3

Retro Review: Resident Evil | GamR Mag

180d ago - GamR MAg Writes: "Resident Evil has been long regarded by many gamers and critics as the survival... | Retro

The Ten Best Zombie Games

180d ago - GamR Mag Writes: "We have seen nearly every possible scenario of zombies featured in games, from... | GameCube

Resident Evil and The History and Decline of Survival Horror

180d ago - Gamr Mag Writes: "In the early to mid 90′s, the survival horror genre was on the rise. Popular ga... | Culture

The death and resurrection of survival horror

184d ago - Examiner: While creepy films and literature have always been popular, horror video games have see... | PC

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Where Should Resident Evil Go Next? Part 2

184d ago - After thinking more about RE’s identity crisis, I feel there are a few more things that should be... | Xbox 360

All That’s Retro: A Look Back at the Best Survival Horror Games from PlayStation One

184d ago - AllThatsEpic: It’s that time of year, my favorite epic readers. It’s October, Halloween is around... | Retro

Why Do Video Game Movies Suck?

185d ago - They are making a lot of money, but none of them are ever considered good. Why do video game mov... | Culture

REmake Retrospective: Revisiting the Spencer Mansion

186d ago - This was true survival horror, pitting the player against an enemy that has (unfortunately) been... | GameCube

The top 10 best games on 3DS – from Pokémon X and Y to Resident Evil

191d ago - With both Pokémon X and Y and the new 2DS out tomorrow, GameCentral presents a rundown of the 10... | 3DS

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