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Resident Evil Revelations User Reviews


Resident Evil Revelations

- 3DS

Resident Evil Revelations is the newest entry in the long running survival horror franchise sarted on the psx. The game takes place between the events of 4 and 5 and tells the story of what happened at Terragrigia, a floating city in the Medditeranian Sea ravaged by an outbeak of the t-virus. You will jump between teams of two over many different environments such as an infected city, snowy mou...



Resident Evil Revelations

- Xbox 360

Resident Evil: Revelations HD is a great game, let me just start out by saying that. Capcom went into full damage control after the critical failure of Resident Evil 6; Revelations is a huge step in the right direction for getting the series back on track. I'm thrilled to see the company taking the appropriate steps to herd fans back into the world of survival horror. As most may know, over...

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Resident Evil Revelations

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