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The State of the 3DS, 2 years later‏.

556d ago ... The 3DS is approaching its 2 year anniversary on March 27. In anticipation, I felt that I should speak on the state of the hand held 2 years later. When the 3DS first started it showed promise of a hand held that can truly show off great games. After the launch time period 3DS had a huge hurdle, the high price and lack of compelling games created a perception that showed Nintendo was going...

Remember that Miiverse debug menu?

571d ago ... Shortly after the Wii U's release in November of 2012, a NeoGAF user by the name of Trike found a way to access some sort of debug menu for the Wii U. Listed on the debug menu were a bunch of games titles: Super Mario Bros. WiiU metroid Zombie Yoshi's Island Wii U Flipnote Studio Donkey Kong Wii Fit Soul Hackers resident evils metal gear solid Final Fantasy 3 Dragon Quest 10 Fa...

Resident Evil Revelations and Monster Hunter 4 and the "let's port this" complex

953d ago ... Lately with the approaching release of Resident Evil Revelations for 3DS I have heard this comment quite a few times: " When's the Vita port coming out?". This seems kind of annoying. Why are Vita gamers assuming that games like this are coming to the Vita at all? It's not that I don't like the Vita but the mentality has got to stop. In my internet travels I have only seen this rule apply to Ni...
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