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User Review : Resident Evil 6

  • Coop is solid
  • lots of content
  • pretty good controls
  • Control probems at times
  • extremely poor textures

Is it really bad?

I absolutely love the Resident Evil series so I've been looking forward to the next iteration in the series is it good or bad? lets find out.

Out of all the stories in the resident evil series this is perhaps the most confusing because they have 4 different story lines that take place at different times intervals with no real explanation of which comes first. Leon and Helena have the more horror oriented campaign with you trying to solve what happened to the president while fighting zombies, Chris and pierces follows them in a more call of duty like campaign with the story following Chris after a traumatic event. Their campaign is focused more on taking cover from shooting and shooting back. last but not least Jake's and sherry which seems to be a mixed of both horror and action. Theirs also a 4th unlock able campaign which for spoiler reasons I wont go into but it’s a single player only story with a focus on atmosphere and puzzles

The campaigns are pretty good content wise. Each one has 5 chapters, taking at least 1 hour to complete although that could be because me and my friend started out on professional and died a lot so it could be way shorter depending on your difficulty.

Since the series cross over into the 3rd person style the games have taken a more action oriented approach leaving behind the survival horror roots. the controls have changed to match this with the tank like controls being replaced with a open moving system. your character now constantly runs with sprinting similar to gears of war being done by holding down a button and The ability to dodge, use and hop over cover has been added

The health bar is now more similar to assassins creed where instead of one solid bar of health like in the previous iterations its divided into blocks that long has they aren’t empty will refill.

Below is a new stamina bar that is required to execute quick shots and used to smack around enemies with the new melee system it recharges too but if you completely drain it takes a while.

The ability to buy weapons or upgrade them is gone Instead once you find the gun its permanently in your inventory. This is where the new skill slots take place where you buy and upgrade the various skills except you‘re limited to 3 slots at once. Its not bad and they provide a lot to unlock.

The major change aside from everything else that will probably please the people who hated having to stand still and shoot is you can now walk while aiming which isn’t something new considering that it was introduced in resident evil outbreak file 2 and brought back in resident evil revelations.

Over all the game play is still solid. The cover system can be a little weird and its annoying when you are trying to sprint somewhere only to have your character against your will dive across a table or something but aside from those few things the new control system works pretty good.

Coop is of course present with nothing really different this time except they seemed to have focused a bit more on having you and your partner separated at parts. if you play split screen the game still uses the resident evil 5 way of having both screen at different spots and smaller so if that annoyed you about 5 it will annoy you in 6. one thing I haven’t seen done before. throughout the course of the game, the stories will cross at certain points allowing you to play with 2 other people through their part of the story. This is a really awesome addition that adds a interesting aspect to the coop which already is easily one of the strongest parts of the game right next to mercenaries that has been brought back.

The mercenaries is pretty much the same from 5 which If you aren’t familiar with it. You go around either alone or with a partner killing enemies to get the highest score possible in a attempt to unlock more characters and costumes. The skill system from the campaigns are also present adding a new layer to the mode with skills that have various effects. I can't really find anything wrong with mercenaries it’s a great way to quickly kill time and its just always fun to go around killing zombies.

The new mode, agent hunter is something completely new to the resident evil series, it's unlocked after a campaign is completed and in this you can join a random game online has one of the enemies and attempt to kill them. Similar to left 4 dead.

When I played agent hunt it lagged a lot, the enemies were clumsy and hard to control. because you are playing has the standard enemies you can’t take much damage so expect to die a lot. This new mode isn’t anything absolutely amazing but when you manage to kill the human players it feels great.

Being a Resident Evil fan I was a bit worried about the direction that Capcom is taking the game and still am. I feel they are straying a bit too far away from what made resident evil so great, which is the survival horror but has a game I cant deny that it’s a solid experience.

The story is definitely not its strongest point however I feel that the amount of content, great coop, excellent mercenaries, the good when it works agent hunter modes make up for it. The controls can be a hindrance at times but they work good and the new dodge feature is great and usually I don’t care about graphics but some of the textures are just terrible. If you aren’t sure about it or what you saw then I would suggest renting it. If you haven’t liked the resident evil games before then this might draw you in with the completely different control style.

I don't understand how some of these textures could be so horrible but at least the game played smooth.
Nothing was really great nor horrible.
I found the controls to work great and I didn't notice any frame rate drops.
Fun Factor
This game was a blast plaything through coop with a buddy.
both the coop and Mercenaries worked great. the new agent hunt mode could use better controls and the lag was horrible when I played but when it didn't lag it was pretty fun.
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moegooner882075d ago

I actually thought the graphics were very good, I admit though, textures were pretty bad, also do you have any tips regarding skill point farming, so far I found chapter 5 in Chris campaign, the room before you meet Sherry and Jake the best, 20,000 in around 10-15 mins, but gets kinda frustrating.

InsaneAzula2074d ago

I noticed just playing through mercenaries trying to farm the 1500 kills for the pistol I got a lot of skill points, I don't know if it's has effective as the way you're doing it though.

Rage_S902071d ago

"Is it really bad?"


Heavenly King2071d ago

Nice to see another user review scoring the game high! XD. I make my review for the PS3 version 8.5/10 :)

Heavenly King2071d ago

I concur about the lack of details in textures :(

ape0072071d ago (Edited 2071d ago )

it's a nice game, nowhere near resi 4 but nice