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User Review : Resident Evil 6

  • Great Story
  • Plenty of stuff to do
  • Great enemy design
  • Camera annoying at times
  • QTE unecessary at times
  • Not enough survival horror

"This just gets better and better."

As someone who played every single Resident Evil game, even the portable ones, I decided to write this review, to help others, who are hesitating whether to get the game, or not. Ever since its release, and Resident Evil 6 has been a subject of controversy among those who enjoyed it, and the faithful old school fans, who have been hoping that the game would be the survival horror comeback they have been eagerly waiting for. Same as Resident Evil 5, you get a partner, which can be controlled either, by computer if you enjoy playing offline, or by someone else if you wanna play online, however, unlike all previous entries Resident Evil 6 story is made up from 4 intersecting campaigns, where each campaign is made up from 5 chapters, and due to the apparent differences between the campaigns, I will be scoring each one individually.


Leon's campaign is definitely the most survival horror based one, and even so, the survival horror elements fail to impress as much as one would expect, as they are mostly based on "cheap scares ", where a zombie is thrown at you, or over you. It has the most variation in environments compared to the others, where you could end up visiting more than three, or four different locations within the same chapter, also, first aids are unnecessarily abundant, and easily accessible. Puzzles are limited and very easily solved, while stealth isn't incorporated, or encouraged at any point, quick times events are very heavily, and well integrated, apart from climbing the ropes, which can be tedious, and frustrating. Due to the location variety, and the well done story progression the campaign manages to be greatly fun, and keeps you interested at all times, the best one in the game.

SCORE: 9/10


Chris's campaign is definitely the most action based one, which works both well, and terrible at times, the first two chapters are solely based on taking orders, following directions, shooting, shooting, shooting, arriving to target location, then copy, paste, and so on, however starting from the third chapter, the game picks up, and starts throwing challenges at you, with some epic boss fights, and chases, leaving you thoroughly satisfied, while the ending is not for everyone, some will love it, while others will loathe it, it does however shed a light on what Capcom had in mind when they decided to include Piers, instead of Jill. Variety in this campaign is annoyingly low, as four of the five chapters take place in China, story also unfolds in a quite straight forward manner with no twists, but even so, when all is said and done, Chris's campaign inclusion is more than justified.

Score: 8.5/10


Adding a new character to a franchise as popular as Resident Evil is not an easy task, but Capcom pulled it off perfectly, as Jake is definitely one of the coolest, and most bad ass characters to be introduced this gen. This campaign is unique, and can't be classified exclusively under a single genre, it does involve survival horror, vehicle chases, fist fights, stealth, and many others, but what stood out for me was the Ustanak, a creature similar to, yet more bad ass than nemesis. Campaign had the best character development, while the story progression, and location variety were almost on par with Leon's, however, it could have used a better intro, or a prequel to shed light regarding Jake's, and Sherry's pasts.

SCORE: 9/10

ADA Campaign

Ada's role in Resident Evil 6 is integral, and it becomes obvious the more you play the other campaigns, and the more the story unfolds, that her campaign will connect ties, fill the missing pieces, and explain everything, something, which it did very well, but the way by which it did so, wasn't great. For starters, campaign felt more of a tacky " separate ways " add on, than a standalone one like the others, even with all the variety in the previous campaigns, they managed to work, but Ada's struggled with its identity, stealth was very very poorly integrated in a lame and unnecessary manner, while the puzzles were straight forward and ridiculous at times, even the most anticipated moment of the entire game, ended in one of the lamest boss fights in the game. There is some fun to be had here, and story wise, it is the most important one in the game; also, its addition is very generous from Capcom, as the other three would have been more than enough.

SCORE: 7/10

Like all previous entries, Resident Evil 6 offers other modes, such as the mercenaries, and the newly added agent hunt, where you can play online as one of the creatures to kill the good guys.

Against all odds, and harsh critic reviews, Resident Evil 6 is a very well done game, a thriller from beginning to end, Capcom tried something outrageous, and new, and I for once think it worked out great. Everyone must give this game a try before dismissing it, there is something for everyone in there.

Textures can be bad in some areas, and cutscenes though
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