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Heavenly King | 899d ago | User review
Reviewing: Resident Evil 6
Every RE fan must try it.
**Before hating, read it whole and / or play it for yourself**

A new Resident Evil game is here, and that means that fanatics of 16 years old gameplay are hating it .....again. As they say, haters gonna hate.

RE6 is here, almost 3 years after RE5, and a new Biological Hazard is at hand. You may be wondering who are the bad guys this time, (considering that almost every important bad guy in the mythos has been *defeated*) but all I can say is that it looks like they were the bad guys since the first Resident Evil game. That fact is the only thing I can say in order to intrigue you without spoiling the story :). The story in this game is really cool, and has a much bigger scope this time. When it all begins the main characters and yourself are going to be wondering wth is going on, but as story develops, you are in for nice surprises. The story is really well paced, and it does a really good job telling what is going on and why. Obviously not everything is answered here, because it is quite obvious that a sequel is in the plans.

The gameplay mechanics added are really good, because they have added more mobility to the characters, and now melee attacks can be performed without the need of making the opponents dizzy. But it comes with a price because you can not spam them because you have a stamina gauge below your life bar, that drains with each attack, so you have to plan your kicks and punches carefully. You can run, slide and do barrel rolls in order to avoid damage, and also you can now counter enemy attacks, which requires really good reflexes lol XD.

There is an skill points system that is similar to the money system of RE4-5; but instead of buying or upgrading weapons you buy or upgrade skills. For example, instead of buying a bulletproof vest, you buy an skill to take less damage; and Instead of upgrading a weapon in particular in order to do more damage, you buy an skill that allows you to do more damage. Most skills can be upgraded, but cost lots skill points to do so. You can only equip 3 skill points for each skill set. At first you have only one skill set, but afterwards when you complete 1 campaign you will get access to 8 sets. Each one of them can have 3 skills, and can be swapped on the fly during gameplay, so if you think that certain area or boss requires different skills, you can equip them without a problem. But remember that in order to access the 8 skills, you need to finish 1 campaign first.

If you are in need of SP, you can grind them by replaying a chapter in particular like in RE5; but this time you can not select between sub-chapters to make it easier/faster, because the whole chapter is one big level. You can also use the Mercenaries mode in order to farm SP, but is hard to do so, because if you dont complete the quota of zombies, or if you die, all the sp collected will go to waste.

The inventory system is intuitive and similar in function with the one RE5. With the D-pad, by pressing up/down you scroll throw health spray, and explosives, while by pressing left/right you change weapons like pistol, knife, shotgun, etc. In order to manage your whole inventory in case you can not pick up something, you can press triangle (PS3), or Y (360) in order see your inventory in real time and discard something if you don't want it.

During some events there are QTEs, which I think are quite unnecessary, but they last a small amount of time, so for me they did not bring down the gameplay. There are other kind of QTEs, like when a zombie grabs you, and you need kick him in the face so he stops biting you lol XD. I think those fit the gameplay well.

Oh, and in case you did not know; this game is hard XD.

You have at first 3 campaigns to choose from with their respective hero: Leon, Chris, and Jake. I think that is the biggest strength of the game, and also it is where most of the weak points are. The 3 campaigns are quite different from each other, which is not a bad thing; but it is kind of bad when they all have different gameplay focus. The gameplay mechanics seem to have been elaborated around Leon´s campaign, and that makes it look like that Leon story is the MAIN story while the other 2 are some kind of bonus....a lengthy bonus. Now this may sound really bad for the game, but that is not the case; I say this because Leon campaign is the best of the 3, it last between 7-8 hours to complete; so for me as a fan it justifies the $60. It is a mix of RE4 and old RE games.

I think that they should have made the Leon campaign longer, and make it THE MAIN CAMPAIGN of the game, and once you clear it, you are able to access Chris and Jake story. Kind of separate ways and desperate escape, but much bigger. And once the 3 are completed you could access Ada´s campaign.

Treat the game as if it only has at first the Leon´s campaign available. It begins slow the first half hour, but after that it picks up the pace, and it is really good. And if you play it in co-op it is a blast. One of the most enjoyable experiences I have had during a game.

I says this, because the gameplay mechanics dont fit really well Chris, and Jakes campaign. They are enjoyable once you get used to the gameplay focus of each campaign; but Leon campaign is simply the best. Ada´s campaign is also great.

I recommend you to play a campaign first and once you want to play other one do so, but dont jump back and forth between them because they are very different.

I think that if reviewers would have played the other 2 campaigns as a bonus, (after they completed Leon´s campaign) instead of playing them as the main thing offered in the game they would have rate it way better.

Also I think that the camera should be further. They have added gameplay mechanics that add more mobility, but due to the fact that the stages are bigger, zombies can attack from anywhere, so you still can not dodge them. It would be better to have the camera further away (like in Uncharted) in order to have a better look of the surroundings.

TIP: Change camera settings from 5 to 1.

The FX, and voice acting is really awesome. Just what you expect from a big budget game.

Character designs, and monster design is really awesome! The lighting effects are also fantastic. The main characters look superb. The only thing that bothers me is how the textures don't look as good as in RE5? I know that areas are bigger, and that now the levels are the whole act, instead of sub-chapters; but you would expect that a big budget game like this would get better graphics than the previous tittle. Textures lack lot of detail sometimes, NPCs look really bland. The "zombies" and stages in RE5 have more detail. Graphically looks unpolished in comparison, but still it is a good looking game.

There is lot of content offered in this game. In order to finish the 4 campaigns you will play the game around 30hrs. And also you have mercenaries mode, and agent hunt mode in case you want to screw other gamers while they play their story mode lol XD. There are also collectibles and unlockable costumes.

The game is really good, and way better than both demos released. If you are willing to give this game a chance it will surprise you in a really positive way. At least rent it; and if you like it, buy it. If you are a fan of RE4 you must play Leon´s campaign, it is worth it :)

Unnecessary QTEs
Disjointed gameplay experience
Graphics In some areas it feels unpolished. But the main characters looks fantastic and the monsters design is great.
Sound Terrific.
Gameplay Leon´s campaign is the best, play it first. Ada is awesome too. The gameplay experience feels a bit disjointed between the 3 main campaigns.
Fun factor The game is really enjoyable, and kind of addicting once you get used to it. And the fact that there is a lot of content available, makes it even more enjoyable.
Online Story mode and mercenaries mode in Co-op are a blast!
Overall (out of 10 / not an average)
lex-1020  +   898d ago
*hands you flame shield*
Here. You're going to need this.
cpayne93  +   898d ago
Nah he'll be fine...

*starts passing out the flamethrowers.*
Rebo00  +   898d ago
I think more reviewers of this game are complaining that it's not a horror survival game anymore but a 3rd person action game which is true but just because a game evolves into another genre doesn't mean it won't be good at whats it meant to be.
Good review guy, nice to see a review from someone who liked it
iChii  +   894d ago
So if Silent Hill turned into an Uncharted type of game, would you still like it? No man.. just no. Sure I wont mind a little of action in the game but Chris's campaign looks like Socom 4 man. I still haven't played Leon or Jake's campaign but I'm on Chapter 3 with Chris and I'm not enjoying this game that much.. :/ Its not as HORRIBLE as everyone says it is but its bad.
moegooner88  +   898d ago
I wholeheartedly agree with your review, finished Leon's, Chris's, and now in chapter 4 in Jake's campaign, as a old school RE fan, I really wanted to hate the game, but I ended up loving it, I still think Capcom has a debt to pay towards the survival horror fans, the ones who made the franchise this popular, RE2, or RE3 remake would be nice
Blues Cowboy  +   898d ago
Yep, I liked it. Occasionally, I even loved it, when the camera let me. Sure the lack of survival horror is annoying, but the story was surprisingly effective and well told (Piers is an utter legend, and Sherry/Jake's relationship kept me glued to that campaign). It's great in co-op and becomes an entirely different game, with players sometimes dropping in to grief in agent hunt. Loads of cool ways to work together.

It wasn't the Resi we wanted, but now we've got it, it's actually pretty damn fun and intense.

Good review, and clearly balanced. Obviously someone who played it in its entirety without jumping to conclusions... or on a bandwagon.

EDIT: Agree about making Leon's campaign longer - or making his levels much bigger and explorable like previous games.
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Heavenly King  +   897d ago
Nice to see other people also enjoyed the game :D
Mikefizzled  +   895d ago
At time I think the story tried to be deep and fell flat but overall I think its a solid 8 or 9
NoTheMama  +   894d ago
Its true about it being addictive. I hated it at first, but stuck with it, only completing a few chapters per day. Before I knew it, I was loving it & was hooked til the end!
TheDivine  +   893d ago
Awesome game. It has more problems than past games but thats because they were smaller, more focused, and as a result more polished. This is very huge, long, and ambitious. I think they did most as a result of fan feedback like more mobility and the return of zombies. They will gage fan reaction and adapt the good stuff from this to 7. I think its good because the fluid movement and sliding rocks. The long game length rocks. Most of it is good but it needs more open exploration, more keys and puzzles, more hidden weapons (and maybe attachments), and bring back weapon upgrades (but keep the skills also). The qte's were awesome in big setpieces but became too long and overused. Get rid of the stuff with enemy's grabbing you and add just one prompt square instead of wiggle sticks, the chase scenes/vehicles were cool but again too long. Make them a minute long then turn into a cutscene with qte's more like re4. We dont need to actually drive id rather man a turret. More stuff like Chris chapter 2/3, Leons chapter 1, Jakes chapter 2 exc. It hit the hieghts of RE4 but also hit the depths of the worst ones also. I just want more strategy like shooting legs to drop enemies, ladders to kick down, climbing and all that that was neccessary in 4/5. Also enemies have way too may weapons that should be saved for the end and too many transform. In 4 it was rare a enemy's head transformed and was scary and tough. It becomes too standard and takes away the strategy if every body part turns. Those are my minor gripes mainly dealing with the fact i want it to build momentum from slow, creepy, exploring, to more action exc. Mgs and Re4/5 do this perfectly. 6 felt like each campaign needed 2 more chapters near the beginning of that slow tense stuff we love so much.

My one big gripe is bosses. It had some awesome ones like the snake, the nemesis thingy, the chainsaw dude, the plane "thingy" and one or two more. Most were just timed fights or shoot unil you win. I want specific things like shoot each barrel, dmage it then perform a qte, or specific patterns. More like that and make rolling easier. 4 felt tight and skill based much like DS/DkS. This is more can you keep shooting/melee until theyre all dead. Fun but not the same imo. Its damn good 8.5-9 imo but lacks that polish, the build up, and all the innovative stuff like shooting limbs, barring doors/windows, kicking down ladders, turrets, and other "classic" stuff like hidden items/upgrades and more exporation. I usually emptied my clip instead of having to take careful shots and preserve ammo. Theres too many enemies to take your time.

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