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What survival horror means to me

927d ago ... A lot of fans hate RE6. I'm not one of them. I've played, beaten and love the game for the original ideas that it puts forward. Now, as a fan myself I can see where the hate stems from: Capcom going back on their promise to go back to survival horror. I don't quite remember whether or not Capcom stated RE6 would "go back to the series' roots", but if they did, they weren't lying; they just fail...

Series Consistency and Fan Expectations

965d ago ... This blog was brought about thanks to Resident Evil 6. I’m not going to talk about how bad or good the game is, but I’m going to talk about series consistency, fan expectations, and reactions from fans of a series. I’m a casual Resident Evil fan and I do agree with many RE fans that RE6 does not feel like a REAL RE game. A lot of people say that RE4 was where things started to go downhill. I d...

Hard Pressed to be Impressed

966d ago ... As we're nearing the beginning of a new year, I begin to wonder if 2013 will bear the sweet fruit of a mind-blowing video game. I often find myself thinking back to this year and considering the rather unimpressive displays I've experienced, my hope is nearly running dry. During my recollection of this year in gaming, I remember only a small handful of games that were able to whet my appetite,...

Resident Evil 6 The Mercenaries tips

995d ago ... Hello everyone just thought I would make a video to help people get high scores in mercenaries. I recently got the ability to record game play so I plan on making content for video games. I'm also working on a video review of Resident Evil 6 so I hope to have that out not too long from now. Here's a list of the tips #1 Learn the map time and combo multiplier placements When you start...

The Results Are In: 'Scientific' winner of E3 2012

1123d ago ... I've tallied up all the announcements, trailers and awkward silences to find out who was the 'scientific' winner of E3 this year. So here are the results... For the rules see... There's a TL;DR section at the bottom for the lazy people. (In chronological order) MICROSOFT Halo 4 Trailer with gameplay [3] Sales bragging [-1] Splinter C...

Jumping to Conclusions About Resident Evil 6 Co-Op

1261d ago ... Today a bit of news was revealed about Resident Evil 6. The website "Gamerzine" has a tidbit article about 6 player Co-op in Resident Evil 6. The news is currently on the front page. The article states, and I quote: "According to the listing, between 2-6 players can jump into the game's online co-op mode, with offline split-screen co-op restricted to two players. At this stage, it's unkn...

Resident Evil 6 Logo Tells Us More Than You Think

1261d ago ... I don't know if I'm the only one that has noticed a connection between the logos and games in Resident Evil since 4 came out. Resident Evil 4's logo had a hook at the end of it. If you can remember when it was Resident Evil 3.5 the enemy in the game was a ghost man that carried a metal hook on a chain that he would hit Leon with. Resident Evil 5's is a little more obvious as it was written in t...
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