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User Review : Resident Evil 4

  • I love the deep, enjoyable storyline and the well-written script.{Great controls and good camera angles{Great graphics and level design, with terror lurking around every corner
  • Game can become frustrating and difficult

Dead vs. The Un-Dead

For anyone who enjoys a good scare or likes to blow heads off of zombies and mutant creatures, you may be interested in Resident Evil 4.

Released for the Gamecube and PS2, the game now brought to the Wii with extra content, supurb controls, Advanced AI and eerie lighting and effects pulls ahead in the survival-horror genre. The whole gameplay revoles around you having your back against a broken down wall as swarms of zombies circle you with chainsaws and axes galor. But RE4 is not a run-and-gun game, you must stop in the middle of the action and take aim which makes the feeling of terror much worse.

If you have never played any of the Resident Evil games, you're in for a treat. The controls are simple and easy to pick up and play. The remote controls your gun's aim with the B button, and A fires. The analog stick controls Leon (the main character, even though you will be able to play as other characters). You can also swing the remote to slash your knife. The whole point-to-aim concept adds a feeling of control as you mow down enemies

RE4 has a fair amount of guns to choose from. From handguns to shotguns, TMPs to rocket lauchers, there is a great variety of guns to choose from and upgrade with pacas (money) throughout the game.

The Wii-exclusive bonus material will please any returning RE4 veterans. The most notable is five extra levels featuring Ada Wong, a mysterious agent whose motives and objective is still unclear. The levels are short and brief but still fun to play because it's a different experience. If you complete Ada's missions, you will unlock additional bonus material and costumes.

Overall, you may not find a better mature-aged gore-fest to pick up and play than RE4. In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better game, period.

Overall a really great game for anyone that enjoys a scary thrill ride with twists and turns and intense battle scenes. RE4 is an enjoyable survival-horror game.
RE4 has amazing lighting to add to the creepy levels, and the zombie and creature designs are disturbing and freaky at times.
Fun Factor
Amazingly fun and so cool to mow down the dead. You always have to find and retrive something, pass through a zombie-infested town, or just walk around. You will not be let down... most of the time.
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