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  Lumi Games Interview Part One: Starting Out and Building Up

Is that a bear or a game developer? Lumi Games, forged in the wilds of Norway, is an indie development studio in its nascent phase. With a couple t...

Resident Evil 4 Reviews  

Gamers@Play: Resident Evil 4 Retro Review

648d ago - Released to critical acclaim in the year 2005, and widely considered the best title in the long-r... | GameCube

Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition Review [Game Rumble]

753d ago - Game Rumble: Resident Evil 4 has been ported to several platforms already, but one that truly sta... | Wii

GameInformer Replay: Resident Evil 4

756d ago - GI writes: Resident Evil is one of the most well-known series in gaming history, and gamers are e... | PS2

Albatross Revue | Resident Evil 4 (HD) Review

892d ago - In anticipation for Resident Evil 6, Albatross Revue replays an old favorite with a fresh lick of... | PS2

Start Making Games for the PS4

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Resident Evil 4 HD Review | Trendy Gamers

909d ago - Trendy Gamers: To fully understand my rating for this game, a little history is needed. Resident... | Xbox 360

Resident Evil 4 HD Review - Gaming Nexus

983d ago - From review: "How can you possibly review Resident Evil 4 in this day and age? It’s widely and ri... | Xbox 360

Resident Evil 4 HD PS3 Review - Gaming Nexus

984d ago - From Review: "After three numbered sequels, two side stories, one remake and way too many gun sur... | PS3

Resident Evil 4 HD Review - The Digital Fix

984d ago - It was January 2005 when Capcom unleashed Resident Evil 4 into the world, delivering the stand-ou... | PS3

Resident Evil 4/HD Review - GeekManDem

984d ago - "It’s Halloween, a holiday I have no strong feeling about whatsoever, so when better than to writ... | Xbox 360

PEOWW - Resident Evil 4 HD (Xbox 360) review

1006d ago - UK gamebotherers @PEOWW return to [unnamed Spanish village] to revisit one of the all-time classi... | Xbox 360

RipTen Review: Resident Evil 4 HD

1007d ago - RipTen: When Resident Evil 4 hit shelves in 2005, it instantly redefined third person shooting. M... | Xbox 360

Resident Evil 4 HD Review [MonsterVine]

1010d ago - MV: "All in all, if you haven’t played RE4 before or want to relive some nostalgia then this seem... | Xbox 360

SG Review: Resident Evil 4 HD

1010d ago - SG - It’s no surprise that, as a fan of survival horror games, I might own each Resident Evil tit... | Xbox 360

Review: Resident Evil 4 HD (This Is My Joystick!)

1010d ago - The ripples of Resident Evil 4’s impact on the industry didn’t just stop at survival horror, eith... | Xbox 360

PSNow! - Resident Evil 4 HD Review

1010d ago - Few franchises can claim to have revolutionized the gaming world outlook, and fewer still have do... | Xbox 360

Digital Chumps - Resident Evil 4 HD Review

1011d ago - Digital Chumps - RE 4 is one of those games that could be re-released every five to ten years and... | Xbox 360

Resident Evil 4 HD Review | TheGameEffect

1011d ago - Resident Evil 4 redefined the Resident Evil franchise, and in a broader sense, the entire surviva... | Xbox 360

Egg Says Whut? Review: Resident Evil 4 HD

1011d ago - Resident Evil 4 was one of the most critically acclaimed releases of the previous console generat... | Xbox 360

Team Xbox - Resident Evil 4 HD Review

1012d ago - Team Xbox - Resident Evil 4 is one of the most celebrated entries in the franchise. It revolution... | Xbox 360

Diehard GameFAN: Resident Evil 4 HD Review

1013d ago - DHGF: Resident Evil 4 still holds up some six years later as a fantastic experience that’s well w... | Xbox 360

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PSTime Review - Resident Evil 4 HD

1013d ago - Resident Evil 4 HD Review for PS3. | PS3

DarkZero- Resident Evil 4 HD (Xbox 360)

1014d ago - A heartbreaking tale of a government agent, his haircut, a merchant and ballistics. | Xbox 360

Avault: Resident Evil 4 HD XBLA review

1015d ago - There is an episode of The Simpsons in which Marge finds a pink Chanel suit on sale at the outlet... | Xbox 360

Marooners' Rock Review: Resident Evil 4 HD (PSN)

1016d ago - Adam writes: "It’s no secret that gamers are ruled by nostalgia. Each time we pick up the control... | PS3

Resident Evil 4 HD Review (TheCrusader)

1016d ago - Terrence Smith writes: In celebration of the saga's fifteenth anniversary, Capcom has re-released... | Xbox 360
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