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User Review : Red Faction: Guerrilla

  • Veichles
  • Destructable Buildings
  • Great Combat System
  • Small Bugs Here And There

Red Faction: Guerrilla

Well this game has been out for a while now but I have just barley registered to this site and have desided to review it. Anyway, Red Faction: Guerrilla is a 3rd person shooter game that will last you for mounths to come and has great replay value. I bought this game when it had first came out and i still play it today for fun. Replay Value is everything in a game to me. And this game has plenty of it.

Lets go over some things that make Red Faction: Guerrilla a game worth buying- (On an unrelated side note, I wrote this article when there was the major PSN outage, and I would like to say this game has gotten me through most of it.) The music in this game is really cool. It fits the theme of the game well and I also like the transaction from a peaceful Sunday drive on mars to an epic battle in a refinery with explosions everywhere, and the music transitions nicely, I almost feel like it is just one long song that slowly gets faster and breaks out into a fast paced battle song. Did I mention the explosions? They add a nice beat to the battles.

And with explosions, comes destruction. And this is one of the best things about Red Faction- a totaly destructable enviorment. Who uses doors these days? Just bust one out of the wall with a sledgehammer. And building destruction? Remote charges should do the trick. Yup, thats right. In the world of Red faction, all buildings you encounter you can tear right down with anything explosive you have, or if you dont got that- you have a trusty sledgehammer to work with. And it will get the job done. this factor of destructable buildings is great for battles, because you know when the bottem floor of that building is swarming with your enemies, just blow a hole out the wall to jump out and into the getaway car. Yeah, there are cars/trucks in this game too, and driving itself is a blast, considering the gravaty on mars will make a dune buggy fly 50 feet off the ground, and a semi truck launch into the 2nd story of a building.

So overall Red Faction: Guerrilla is a great solo game, and it has some multiplayer features as well, but im not going to review those considering I never play multiplayer, but this game is a great solo game for the next time the PSN goes down for a mounth straight.

EDIT: Sorry guys for my bad spelling. I tired to fix it like one of the reports said but i just have bad grammer overall

Considering Everything Getting Blowen Up Around You Needs Good Graphics To Work With, The Graphics Arnt Bad.
Great Transitions Between Songs For Battles And Amazing Explosion SOunds
High Replay Value
Fun Factor
Whats Funner Then Blowing Stuff Up And Fighting A Big War Alongside With It?
From What I Have Played Online, It is Pretty Fun, But I Cant Tell You Everything About It.
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egidem2498d ago

This is a really nice review. It's ironic because just 1 day ago I finished playing Red Faction Guerilla!

kancerkid2498d ago

Love this game. MP is totally dead now though. Guess I will never get 100,000 XP. But single player is awesome.

Dat last mission...!

egidem2497d ago

It's like you read my mind. The last mission is ridiculous! Especially the last part that begins with you jumping into that dark tank then driving it downhill. Before you even go very far, you take a left turn only to immediately be met with vehicles and then the carnage begins!...

Blowing tanks up, cars, EDF, solider buildings, sniper towers, EDF tank road blocks, while trying to avoid taking any more damage at the same time trying to keep moving was over the top fantastic, hard, intense and absolutely full of shit blowing up everywhere!

You finally make it halfway up and you jump out, and take care of stuff on foot. Jesus Christ, in this section the EDF CLEARLY doesn't want you to go any further as they will do everything in their power to stop you. Thank god for those ammo cases that were around!

Multiplayer is sort of dead, that I agree. I tried it out today, spent 10 minutes without a single match. :(. It's a shame, since this game is underrated and people tent to make a pass on it. The single player campaign is brilliant, and it is full of things to do.

InLaLaLand2498d ago

Good review. I need to get this game, this game has been on my radar for a while. I love games with replay value especially sandbox genres.

Have you tried Just Cause 2? You might enjoy that.

Tip: If you are going to write any more reviews, do them in Word and copy and paste them on here. That's what I did for my Yakuza 3 review, you don't need to worry about spelling errors that much.

egidem2498d ago

Just Cause 2 is an awesome game. I think I should replay it very soon. I know one thing, this game is really the king of draw distance!

Yakuza has also been one of those games I REALLY want to get into, just don't have the time. I guess I'll put that in the pipeline as well.

YES, definitely, you should grab a copy of Red Faction Guerrilla. Fantastic sandbox game. There is quite a good variety of missions for you to take part in. The game however has a pretty huge map with tons, and I mean TONS of collectibles. You'll really have fun.

InLaLaLand2498d ago

You can read my review on here for Yakuza 3. It takes patience but the game is a rewarding experience.

Thanks for the heads up. Yeah I got Red Faction for my cousin for his 360 in 2009. Once I get a new PS3 there are games I want and Red Faction is one of them, it's pretty cheap at the moment.

awiseman2498d ago

Yea this game is highly underrated and unappreciated. I bought is brand new for $10 and was one of my best purchases ever.

schlanz2492d ago

Great game that barely gets any love. I just finished it a month or so ago, my only complaint was it got somewhat repetitive especially concerning the environments.. not sure just how varied the surface of mars can be, though.

Anyway I hope they can keep the ball rolling with Armageddon, hopefully the interior will have more variety and also hopefully its not just a bunch of tunnels.