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A Next Gen Wishlist: Games We Need On Next Gen Consoles

706d ago - | The arrival of new consoles promises a fresh new batch of IPs as well. And while... | Next-Gen

8 PlayStation sequels that can’t wait for PS4

749d ago - While we can’t wait for the PlayStation 4 we also can’t wait for certain sequels. Whether it’s fo... | PS3

The Next Red Dead Redemption: What we want to see

753d ago - ComputerAndVideoGames writes: "Red Dead Redemption was a marvel. It took a setting rarely used in... | Xbox 360

7 Things We Want to See in Red Dead Redemption 2

769d ago - WC writes: While a third journey into Rockstar’s acclaimed Western world was always anticipated,... | PC

Win a Titan One from N4G and ConsoleTuner!

Now - We're giving away three Titan Ones from ConsoleTuner (original inventors of the Cronus and CronusMAX)! The Titan One device makes modded controller... | Promoted post

Red Dead Redemption 2: 7 things we want from a killer cowboy sequel

840d ago - Red Dead Redemption is perhaps the best game on PS3, perfectly capturing a sense of time and plac... | PC

Max Payne 3 And GTA 5 Multiplayer Crews Coming To More Games - Rockstar

840d ago - NowGamer: Rockstar confirms that it has big plans for the multiplayer crew system beyond Max Payn... | PC

How Red Dead Redemption 2 Could Reinvent the Old West

860d ago - 1Up: In the most classical Cowboys and Indians-kind of ways, the American frontier has been us... | Next-Gen

Red Dead Developer Hiring For an “Open World” Title

948d ago - Red Dead Redemption was a smash hit when it released back in early 2010, topping the charts and b... | PC

10 Bold Gaming Predictions For 2012

965d ago -'s 10 bold predictions for the year ahead in gaming. | PC

Rockstar Still Has Other Projects, You Know

1019d ago - The recent unveiling of GTA V has seemingly cast a wet blanket over the industry with much of the... | Xbox 360

Seven things we want in Red Dead Redemption 2

1043d ago - OXM UK: "Cowboys, horses, and guns don't count." | PC

Multiplayer Heavy Weights

1413d ago - Game Podunker Darkshadowz57 writes, "Have you played the Bioshock multiplayer? Army of Two multip... | PC

Red Dead Redemption 2: What we want to see

1478d ago - CVG: 'The harsh and empty Wild West is an eerie place - and Rockstar has shown it can exploit thi... | PC
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