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PlayStation Network Currently Holding a Rayman Sale

404d ago - Although he isn’t as well known as some others, Rayman is one of the classic platforming characte... | PS3

Numerous PSN Games + DLC Mistakenly Listed as Free for PS Plus Members, Issue is Being Examined

873d ago - At around the time the PlayStation Store updated earlier today, many people reported seeing vario... | PS3

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FTG Review: Rayman 3 HD

1069d ago - Rayman has always been the under-appreciated platformer. Going from his debut on the PlayStation... | PS3

Review: Rayman 3 HD (New Gamer Nation)

1160d ago - Sometimes to know where you are going, you have to know where you’ve been. Rayman 3 HD was origin... | Xbox 360

Rayman 3 HD Review - StickTwiddlers

1169d ago - Ubisoft have re-released Rayman 3 in shiny HD on the PS3 and X360 but does the game shine like pr... | Xbox 360

gamrReview¦ Rayman 3 HD Review

1172d ago - Everyone wants to look prettier; it's a natural part of human character. This becomes more of a p... | Xbox 360

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc HD Review Explosion.com

1172d ago - “See you in Rayman 4!” jokes Murfy, your smiley green winged guide, blissfully unaware that it wo... | Xbox 360

Review: Rayman 3 HD (This Is My Joystick)

1175d ago - Rayman 3 HD revisits the Hoodlum Havoc game and sees our limbless hero battling an army of black... | Xbox 360

ToS Reviews Rayman 3 HD

1180d ago - Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc was one of Sam from ToS's top three games on the Gamecube.... but after s... | Xbox 360

The Game Jar - Rayman 3 HD Review

1181d ago - Paul Everitt @ TheGameJar.com - "Back in 2003, Ubisoft unleashed their latest instalment to the R... | Xbox 360

Rayman 3 HD Review | GameDynamo

1182d ago - GameDynamo - "Whereas Rayman Origins could be seen as reinventing the Rayman wheel, adopting cris... | Xbox 360

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc HD Review (Game Freaks 365)

1184d ago - Most of the HD remakes that have saturated PSN and Xbox Live in recent months have been underwhel... | Xbox 360

Rayman 3 HD Review - PushSquare

1185d ago - PushSquare: With his goofy haircut, non-existent limbs and a nose that threatens to eclipse th... | Xbox 360

TGL Review: Rayman 3 HD

1186d ago - TheGamingLiberty.com: "Rayman 3 HD looks the part, and largely plays the part too. While it mi... | Xbox 360

Rayman HD Review - Made2Game

1186d ago - "For all its limp ideas it's not a complete disaster, there's still some fun to be had here albei... | Xbox 360

Rayman 3 HD Review | Esperino

1188d ago - In Rayman 3 HD, Andre, an evil black lum, is hellbent on world domination by creating an army of... | Xbox 360

‘Rayman 3 HD’ Review [Game Rant]

1189d ago - Game Rant's Jeff Schille writes: "Nine years after it first released, ‘Rayman 3 HD’ arrives on PS... | Xbox 360

Rayman 3 HD Review | Cheatcc

1189d ago - We take a trip back to 2003 with the HD version of Rayman 3. Does it still scratch that 3D platfo... | Xbox 360

NZ Gamer - Rayman 3 HD Review

1189d ago - NZ Gamer - Here's some Rayman trivia for you: Rayman was first introduced in 1995, on the origina... | PS3

Review:- Rayman 3 HD (newbreview.com)

1193d ago - Kieran delivers our final verdict on this spruced up classic. | Xbox 360

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Rayman 3 HD Review (GodisaGeek)

1194d ago - GodisaGeek: "When Rayman 3 was first released back in 2003, it had some pretty big boots to fill.... | Xbox 360

Rayman 3 HD (PSN) Review By Canadian Online Gamers

1194d ago - Canadian Online Gamers - "I have noticed a trend lately with developers re-releasing games from t... | Xbox 360

Rayman 3 HD Review | MetalArcade.Net

1194d ago - Rayman 3 HD is a beautiful game. HD remakes are definitely the hot new thing, and gamers have sho... | Xbox 360

Rayman 3 HD Review (Invision Game Community)

1194d ago - Rayman 3 HD is a HD re-release of the game from the previous generation of consoles. It is Develo... | Xbox 360

PSN Review – Rayman 3 HD - PSLS

1196d ago - PSLS: The Rayman series has always been noted for its traditionally strong gameplay design. Fr... | Xbox 360
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Rayman 3 HD

Average Score 7.0 Reviews(36)
Release Dates
PS3 Release Dates
US 20 March 2012
AU 21 March 2012
EU 21 March 2012
Xbox 360 Release Dates
US 21 March 2012
EU 21 March 2012
AU 21 March 2012