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User Review : Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

  • Incredible visuals{A lot of variety{Ingenious weap
  • A little unchallenging for the hardcore{Nothing re

What I thought of R&C

It has been a rough year for the PS3 indeed, it has been mainly critisized for it lack of exclusive games. But many overlooked the fact that 2007 held host to some really great PS3 games- one of which turned out to be Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction.

First thing is first- this game looks incredible, Gametrailers weren't lying to you. It's incredibly colourful and detailed and very rarely suffers from a framerate stutter.

The R&C series is well known for having an ingenious and very enjoyable arsenal of crazy weapons- and the series doesn't fall short here. From the sixaxis-controlled Tornado Launcher to the powerful Judicator rocket launcher, every weapon is unique and a joy to use.

The game features two systems for upgrading your arsenal. One requires you to collect "raritanium" and spend it at vendors for upgrades and the other automatically increases your weapons damage when you use it for a long time.

The story sees an evil emperor called Tachyon trying to wipe out the Lombax race as revenge for the banishment of his own race- the cragmites. It's no Titanic, but it's very engaging and features many loveable characters (hell even Tachyon himself is hilarious).

It can feel a bit like a kids game at times, because of the low difficulty and pixar-style presentation- but the name of the game here is fun, and oh boy does R&C deliver. It's an incredibly enjoyable adventure with lots of variety and gunplay. The hardcore can test their skills at the arena- where there are many challenges to take on, such as fighting two bosses at once.

Be sure to give R&C a rent at the very least, but there is much to discover that you really should buy this game. After you finish there is still plenty to do like collecting all the gold bolts and completing all the challenges.

Can be a little too easy for the hardcore, but gunplay is very satisfying and pacing is excellent.
Stunning visuals and the most colourful game to date.
Whacky weapon sounds and a catchy soundtrack. Voice acting is nailed too.
Fun Factor
Definetly fun, a very enjoyable adventure.
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