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Rare’s Next Xbox One AAA Game Will have “Quadrupeds;” Unreal Engine 4 Confirmed and More

36d ago - It's known that Rare is working on at least a new game, that they recently pitched to Phil Spence... | Xbox One

Could Twisted Pixel and Rare be Working on a New Game?

42d ago - Following a tweet from Rare’s studio head Craig Duncan, it seems as though Twisted Pixel and Rare... | Industry

Rare Already “Deep in Development” of Next “Eye-Opening” AAA Game Possibly Using Unreal and Cloud

100d ago - There have been rumors and whispering voices about another game by Microsoft-owned Banjo-Kazooie... | Xbox One

Is Battletoads being revived?

498d ago - Battletoads is one of several Rare franchises that fans have been asking for years. Back in its h... | Culture

Visit CGMagazine: The Culture of Games

Now - CGM is for the mature audience of comics and games that wants more out of their media than just a review score. | Promoted post

New Xbox One RARE game could be Time Lord

615d ago - Could RARE's new historic game be one that involves time travel as seen in its game from the 1990s? | Xbox One

Rumor: First image of Rare's Xbox One game

617d ago - Lost in yesterday's conference is the news that Rare's first Xbox One game may have actually made... | Xbox One

Rumor: Microsoft is considering changing Rare’s name

837d ago - Rumor has it that, from an editor at N1ntendo in the Netherlands, that Microsoft is considering a... | Xbox

Rare Working on New Xbox 720 Game

890d ago - While at this years Gamescom, a source close to Rare told TheGamersHub that the first-party Micro... | Next-Gen

Job Vacancy suggests that Rare is working on next-generation game

930d ago - Rare has opened two jobs that imply that she is preparing a game to the next generation of consol... | Xbox 360

Rare working on big Kinect voice demo

1337d ago - 123KINECT writes: 'A source close to Rare tells 123KINECT that the creator of Kinect Sports is wo... | Xbox 360

Kinect Googly Eyes based on Kinect Sports DLC?

1347d ago - 123KINECT: The Australian rating board just released a game classification for a game titled: Kin... | Xbox 360

Rumor: Rare Looking Into 3DS Development

1373d ago - Nintendolife writes: "Supposedly, the company is in talks with Nintendo to develop games for the... | Nintendo DS

Rare Makes Staff Cutbacks

1443d ago - Sources confirm reports that studio has significantly cut back on its art department, replacing f... | Xbox 360

Rare Ltd On The Way Out? An Analysis of an Unforgotten Developer

1443d ago - Latest rumors says that Rare Ltd is on the way out. Videogameszone.de digged through the history... | GameCube

Rumour: Rare Ltd on the way out

1444d ago - What’s going on over at Rare these days? If a forum post is to be believed, developers are packin... | Industry
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