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Rainbow Six and the Commodity of Violence

226d ago - Gameranx: "A retrospective on the Rainbow Six series of games." | PC

Op-Ed: Tom Clancy's death was a loss for the video game community

594d ago - The death Tom Clancy on October 1 was a major loss for Pop Culture. A literary icon known for his... | PC

Filmwatch Contest Details

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Legacy of Gaming: Tom Clancy

594d ago - GamR Mag celebrates the life and work of a legend. The Legacy of Tom Clancy. "The death of a g... | Culture

Random Encounter - Rainbow Six

631d ago - GameSpot - Danny returns to the golden age of tactical shooters in this random encounter with Tom... | Retro

Rumor: Rainbow Six game coming to Vita

723d ago - Rainbow Six: Ubisoft could be working in the series for PS Vita. Rainbox Six Patriots would be th... | PS Vita

Ubisoft adds many "online" domains like FarCryonline.com, WatchDogsonline.com

1056d ago - Last year, Ubisoft revealed it would launch the free-to-play PC game Ghost Recon Online some time... | PC

Out of Continues Ep 14: Artificial Intelligence

1181d ago - On this episode, Sayed Stafa is joined with fellow Fug Community Admin, Black the Bloody. They t... | PC

They Don’t Make Em Like They Used To – Oversimplifying Modern Video Games

1213d ago - DJP's Chris writes: "It’s 1998 and I’m in a room with the only light being a 17 inch CRT monit... | PC

IGN: The History of Tom Clancy Games

1221d ago - For more than 15 years, Tom Clancy has presented the gritty, realistic counterpoint to most actio... | GameCube

The Lost Level Podcast - Episode 19

1299d ago - This week we will be discussing: inFamous 2: Festival of Blood, Persona 4: The Animation, Residen... | Xbox 360

Rainbow Six: Patriots Release May Include Morality Choices

1301d ago - Update: As several pundits confirmed Rainbow Six: Patriots might be the new name of the game, the... | PC

The Next Rainbow Six series leaked out!

1302d ago - The long awaited game Rainbow Six has been leaked out its next series by Ubisoft. | PC

Best Multiplayer You Never Played

1320d ago - From Call of Duty to Halo, there are tons of games out there, and most of them have some sort of... | Culture

Amy Brady Continues To Make Gaming History

1331d ago - Examiner: A ten year veteran in the industry, Amy Brady has built up a long resume in the video g... | PC

Brief History of the Rainbow Six Franchise

1395d ago - An article which goes through the most notable PC titles in the Rainbow Six series, highlighting... | PC

New Rainbow Six 'Nothing Like Ghost Recon' - Ubisoft

1408d ago - Rainbow Six is gearing up for a sequel, and Ubisoft has told NowGamer that it won't be anything l... | PC

Kotaku: New Rainbow 6 Might Be the Most Innovative Shooter in Years

1430d ago - Kotaku's Brian Crecente writes, "I love my shooters, but the notion of finally adding to them the... | PC

Far Cry 3 and New Rainbow Six title to be announced at E3

1449d ago - GM: A very reliable source has told Gamersmint that Ubisoft will be revealing a new Rainbow Six t... | PC

Don't Celebrate Mediocrity - FPS DEvolution Won't Stop Until WE Demand It

1456d ago - JI writes: "As great as a "run-of-the-mill" First Person Shooter (or Third-Person Shooter for tha... | PC

New Rainbow Six might well be a reboot

1479d ago - SystemLink: "Superannuation has kindly linked the internet to a LinkedIn profile talking about a... | PC

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1998 was the year of the PC

1601d ago - Sure 1998 had games like Metal Gear Solid, Gran Turismo, and Zelda: Ocarina of Time. But it was t... | PC

From Paper to Pixels: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six

1733d ago - Scrawl: "Countless iterations after its original novel-to-game translation, how much integrity ha... | PS2

Rainbow Six Hits GOG

2192d ago - Trying to get a digital copy of Rainbow Six without any meddlesome DRM? Such a mythical creature... | 12
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