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Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Patriots Preview | GameDynamo

968d ago - GameDynamo - "In the last iteration of Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6, the city of Las Vegas was a prime... | PC

Rainbow 6: Patriots Video with PS3 controller icon

1004d ago - Nixelpixel 'Sometime ago Ubisoft released a gameplay target trailer for their upcoming game Rainb... | PC

Ubisoft "cuts fat" from Rainbow 6 Patriots dev Team

1024d ago - According to some of GameInformer's sources, the development team of Rainbow 6 Patriots seems to... | PC

CVG - Rainbow 6: Patriots - Harsh choices and harsher consequences

1035d ago - CVG - As you'll have already seen, the Rainbow Six Patriots target footage - released last year -... | PC

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Electronic Theatre Preview: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6: Patriots

1053d ago - Ubisoft recently announced the latest Rainbow 6 title, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6: Patriots. Despite... | PC

Rainbow 6 Patriots: Using Augmented Reality In Game

1057d ago - When Rainbow 6 Patriots was announced the gaming community was excited for another Rainbow 6 inst... | PC

A couple new screenshots from Rainbow 6: Patriots

1077d ago - Ubisoft released two news screenshots for its tactical shooter Rainbow 6: Patriots, set to be rel... | PC

Rainbow 6 Patriots New Wallpaper

1084d ago - Check out the new wallpaper of Rainbow 6 Patriots now! | PC

As A Thank You, Rainbow 6 Patriots Releases A New Image

1084d ago - As a Thank You from Rainbow 6 Patriots for sharing the new wallpapers, they have just released a... | PC

Rainbow 6 Patriots Another New Wallpaper

1086d ago - Take a look at this new wallpaper of Rainbow 6 Patriots now! | PC

Rainbow 6 Patriots - 1 New Wallpaper

1087d ago - Check out the new wallpaper of Rainbow 6 Patriots now! | PC

Art Imitates Life: Video Games Reflecting the Times

1100d ago - From the PlanetXbox360.com feature article: "Art imitates life" is a classic phrase, because n... | PC

Rainbow 6 Patriots - 2 New Screenshots

1101d ago - Check out for the new screens of Rainbow 6 Patriots now! | PC

Rainbow 6: Patriots Going For Shock Factor?

1109d ago - There have been 2 Rainbow 6: Patriots trailers and both seem to be going for utter and complete s... | PC

Rainbow 6 Patriots VGA Trailer

1112d ago - Rainbow operatives are back in action against a threat unlike any they've faced before! Get your... | PC

First official Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Patriots Trailer to air at VGAs 2011

1112d ago - onPause writes: The initial 'target gameplay' Ubisoft released previously for Tom Clancy’s Rai... | PC

Rainbow 6: Patriots - VGA teaser image

1113d ago - Ubisoft released a new teaser image from the first trailer for Rainbow 6: Patriots. | PC

1UP - Rainbow 6 Patriots Unsettles by Having You Play as a Suicide Bomber

1121d ago - 1UP - Perspective shifts, domestic terrorism, and shades of Heavy Rain and PlayStation Home are a... | PC

Rainbow 6: Patriots - Six New Features Ubisoft Hopes Will Re-inginte The Franchise

1121d ago - Ubisoft has stripped almost every unnecessary component from Rainbow six, leaving only its core m... | PC

Rainbow 6 Patriots - 11 things you need to know

1121d ago - OXM UK: Perhaps the idea of a new Rainbow Six leaves you cold. Perhaps you're wondering whether t... | PC

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Eurogamer: Rainbow 6 Patriots Preview

1123d ago - Eurogamer: By now, you may well have seen the target footage of Rainbow 6 Patriots that Ubisoft r... | PC

G4TV: Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6: Patriots Preview

1123d ago - G4TV: There’s an unapologetic, almost raw vibe about the new Rainbow Six, Rainbow 6: Patriots, th... | PC

Rainbow 6 Patriots Preview - GotGame

1123d ago - Patriots has been unambiguously announced for the PS3 and Xbox 360. More convincingly (in case yo... | PC

Gamesradar: Rainbow 6 Patriots preview – the thinking man’s shooter is now the moral man’s shooter

1123d ago - A man watches helplessly as terrorists break into his home, beat his wife and threaten the life o... | PC

Rainbow 6 Patriots - Brandnew and exclusive Screenshots

1123d ago - Here are the first real screenshots for Rainbow 6 Patriots. The look marvelous. | PC

Rainbow 6 Patriots

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