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Rage Reviews  

ZTGD | RAGE: The Scorchers (DLC) Review

1132d ago - Ken McKown writes: This console generation has introduced a lot of new ideas and gaming staples.... | Xbox 360

Rage - The Scorchers DLC Review | Metal Arcade

1137d ago - Metal Arcade: Rage, the latest game from legendary game studio id Software, was released in O... | PC

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3djuegos-RAGE:The Scorchers Review

1146d ago - 3D:If you liked RAGE don't hesitate for a second. The scorches is the perfect excuse to delve bac... | PC

Rage: The Scorchers Review | OXM UK

1147d ago - OXM UK: "RAGE left such a bitter taste in the mouth with its ending, that it's too easy to forget... | Xbox 360

Rage Review | Gaming Capacity

1284d ago - Once known to be the king of First Person Shooter, id software released its new IP on October 6,... | PC

Rage - Recoil Review [Horrible Night]

1294d ago - Justin Gifford: "Rage may not break any new ground, but it’s as good of a pure FPS as you’ll find... | PC

Rage Now Under $20 on Amazon

1319d ago - The Publisher of GoozerNation writes, "Rage, developed by id Software and in association with Bet... | Xbox 360


1468d ago - XBIGY Games reviews RAGE. | Xbox 360

Meodia: Rage Review

1474d ago - Meodia reviews id Software's game, Rage; "Rage has an interesting history; it was originally... | Xbox 360

RAGE Reviewed

1495d ago - When you think of id, you think one of several things. Wolfenstein,DOOM,Quake or maybe even Comma... | PC

RAGE | Review [GXC]

1498d ago - GXC: "Bethesda Game Studios has been one of the critical darlings of the gaming industry, with la... | PC

Anandtech: ATi/AMD 7970 review - The John Carmack's Gpu for Rage

1510d ago - John Carmack’s id Software may not be the engine licensing powerhouse it was back in the Quake 3... | PC

Ginx: RAGE Review

1514d ago - Usually handheld games are ported from console games, not in this case though. Originally an iPho... | PC

rawDLC: Rage video review

1514d ago - Few titles have split the industry down the middle this year as much as id Software’s long awaite... | PC

Golden4games: Rage Review

1530d ago - Rage is a groundbreaking first-person shooter set in the not-too-distant future after an asteroid... | PC

PS3Home: Rage Review

1534d ago - PS3Home: "Rage is an extremely solid game on multiple fronts, not worthy of game of the year, but... | Xbox 360

Gamer's Intuition: RAGE review

1543d ago - From the review: "RAGE starts off with you waking up in an abandoned wasteland. Dilapidated build... | Xbox 360

Mana Pool: Rage Review

1545d ago - Mana Pool: This is an FPS from the people who invented the genre. It is of impeccable lineage. I... | PC

GK | Rage Review

1549d ago - Rage is a fast-paced and varied shooter from developer heavyweight id Software (Doom, Quake, Wolf... | PC

Rage Review - GameAspect.Com

1549d ago - Overall I was not impressed with Rage, the graphics are nice and the gameplay is entertaining but... | PC

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RAGE Review [Xbox360Cheats]

1549d ago - RAGE is ID Software’s latest offering within the first person shooter genre and it has a hell of... | Xbox 360

RAGE Review (El33tonline)

1549d ago - Oliver at El33tonline writes: "RAGE takes many hours to really hit its stride, and then when i... | Xbox 360

Real Gamer Reviews: RAGE

1551d ago - A review from a real gamer covering what is important to real gamers. Is this game worth the mone... | PS3

Push-Start: RAGE Review

1554d ago - Step into the beautiful and terrifying world of Rage where you must fight every second to survive... | PC

Rage - Review | Pixelated Monster

1555d ago - Pixelated Monster - Rage isn’t the deepest game but it plays really well and sure as hell looks g... | Xbox 360
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