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Prototype 2 Preview | OnlySP

1417d ago - "This time around, there are no similar games releasing nearby to steal its thunder, but more imp... | PC

A Radical 20 Years - Part IV: The Next 20 Years - The Armchair Empire

1420d ago - Part IV of a feature look at Radical Entertainment's 20-year history with some thoughts on the pr... | Culture

Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

Now - Start tracking GTS with's release date alert service and be notified when the GTS beta launches. | Promoted post

A Radical 20 Years - Part III: Trials & Tribulations - The Armchair Empire

1424d ago - Part III of this four-part look at Radical Entertainment's 20-year history takes a look at the mo... | Culture

A Radical 20 Years: The Middle Years - Features - The Armchair Empire

1425d ago - Part II of this look at Radical Entertainment's 20 year history focuses on the games the company... | Industry

Prototype 2: The Real Reason Radical Dropped Alex Mercer

1425d ago - 360 Magazine: Prototype 2′s design director, Matt Armstrong, explains why Alex Mercer had to go a... | Xbox 360

Prototype 2 digital comic book and webstore details

1426d ago - With the release of Activision's Prototype 2 happening in a few weeks, developers Radical Enterta... | Industry

A Radical 20 Years - Part I of a look at Radical Entertainment's first 20 years

1428d ago - Part I takes a look at Radical Entertainment's origins and recounts the early years when the comp... | Industry

Activision and Radical hope for 4mil+ sales for Prototype 2

1432d ago - April promises to be far less exciting than March in terms of new releases. That's why Activision... | PC

Prototype 2 Preview | Cheatcc

1460d ago - What do you get when you mix the open world superhero action of Infamous with the shapeshifting a... | Xbox 360

Prototype 2: everything you need to know

1488d ago - No idea what Prototype is all about? Come on in, MyGaming has all the information you need. | PC

What Prototype 2 taught its design director

1491d ago - Gamasutra: For Radical Entertainment's Matt Armstrong, the studio's currently in-development Prot... | PC

Prototype 2 developer interview: building a better sequel

1509d ago - Radical studio head Ken Rosman and Activision's MacLean Marshall talk about the upcoming monster... | PSP

Prototype 2's New iOS Puzzle Game

1555d ago - This is admittedly a strange sounding concept. Activision making a puzzle game for iOS that ties... | Xbox 360

Dead Island and Indiscriminate Violence

1573d ago - Violence in games is often set up as an attraction feature in "mature" games. Nightmare Mode take... | PC

Prototype 2 Shows a Lot of Promise

1574d ago - Scott Lipowitz of writes: The original Prototype was a game that I feel very con... | PC

Prototype 2 Developer Interview (GameZombie)

1658d ago - The upcoming Prototype 2 looks to be even more chaotic than the first entry in the series. Today,... | PC

Prototype 2 vs inFamous 2

1756d ago - While Prototype and inFamous came out on market in less then 20 days difference, inFamous 2 is go... | PC

Prototype 2 Preview - NowGamer

1776d ago - NowGamer: "We’ve got a bit of a soft spot for the original Prototype here at NowGamer. Granted, i... | PC

New Prototype 2 pre-alpha screenshot released

1785d ago - New screenshots of Prototype 2 have been released and they look pretty amazing! | PC

List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post

Prototype 2 - Quick Hits Video Interview

1802d ago - IGN: Welcome back to the violent world of Prototype. We caught up with Radical Entertainment Stud... | Xbox 360

Big Games of 2012: Radical Entertainment Offers New Details on Prototype 2 at GDC 2011

1802d ago - SAN FRANCISCO, California – Activision and Radical Entertainment used GDC 2011 to discuss the fir... | PC

What I Want From Prototype 2

1874d ago - Prototype was released in the steamy summer of 09’ and met with mixed opinions, but whatever was... | PC

Activision details Prototype 2, first preview next year

1883d ago - Activision’s formally announced Prototype 2, after its debut at Spike’s VGAs on Saturday night. | PC

Prototype Dev Working On New Project

2015d ago - NowGamer reports that Prototype developer Radical Entertainment is currently hiring for a new tri... | Xbox 360

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