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RACE Pro - Review - Gameplayer

2198d ago - Article intro: "On first sight of the packaging you'd be forgiven for thinking this racer... | 2

Dead Pixel Live: Race Pro Review

2200d ago - Excerpt: "While I was scrolling through Race Pro's spartan menus, my mind kept floating towa... | 2

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Eurogamer Portugal review : Race Pro

2202d ago - Editor Writes: "Race Pro has the jump from computers to consoles representing an experience... | 2

Gametactics Reviews Race Pro for the Xbox 360

2204d ago - Jeffrey Markiewicz reviews Race Pro for the Xbox 360. Race Pro is a hardcore racing simulator fr... | 2

Race Pro - Planned Fixes

2204d ago - SimBin sent a little update about their planned fixes for the recently released Xbox 360 title, R... | 2

Race Pro Review by Baixaqui (Brazil)

2205d ago - The reviewer writes: "The lack of extra content and visual presentation of the game are... | 2

MEGamers - Race Pro Review

2207d ago - MEGamers: "What the developers wanted to create here is an ultra realistic racing experience... | 2

BuzzFocus: Race Pro Review

2209d ago - The good news is that it starts at a $40 price point, making some of the compromises seems more j... | 2

GameZone: RACE Pro Review

2211d ago - GameZone writes: "The sound doesn't really fare too well either. The sound effects are servi... | 2

Virginmedia: Race Pro Review

2211d ago - VM writes: "As SimBin's first title on the platform, Race Pro can definitely be characterise... | 2

MSN Review: Race Pro

2211d ago - MSN: "Clearly, Race Pro isn't for everyone. Feeling like something from a bygone age, i... | 2

Ars: Race Pro Review: good intentions with limited execution

2211d ago - Ars writes: "After my last post I found that a full review of Race Pro needed someone with a... | 2

Dose.ca: RACE Pro review

2212d ago - Putting a little effort into giving RACE Pro more game rather than sim elements would have made i... | 2

Xboxist: Race Pro Review

2212d ago - XBoxist writes: "At first glance, the world of professional auto racing is an appealing sett... | 2

Game Focus: RACE Pro Review

2214d ago - Game Focus writes: "If you're a heavy console player, chances are that you never heard of Si... | 2

About: Race Pro Review

2216d ago - About writes: "Race Pro, found exclusively on the Xbox 360, is the first console title from... | 2

Bit-tech: Race Pro Review

2216d ago - Race Pro works best if you approach it as an uncompromising racing simulator. If you're not a big... | 2

GDN: RACE Pro Review

2217d ago - GDN writes: "SimBin is no stranger to racing simulation, but will this be enough to pull pla... | 2

GamerTM: RACE Pro Review

2217d ago - GamerTM writes: "As you'll all know by now, the 360 isn't short of decent racing games. When... | 2

Videogamer: Race Pro Review

2217d ago - Videogamer writes: "While so-called platform "exclusive" games often make the trip... | 2

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GameTrailers: RACE Pro Review

2218d ago - Does Race Pro have what it takes under the hood? | 2

Xbox Evolved: Race Pro Review

2219d ago - From XE: "Simbin famously known for the most realistic car simulator on the PC has made... | 2

Team Teabag: RACE Pro Review

2219d ago - Most of the championships in the game feel too short with the lions share of races only being 3 l... | 2

ZTGD Review: Race Pro

2219d ago - Zero Tolerance of ZTGD writes: Fans of simulation racing have been sorely ignored by developers t... | 2

RACE Pro - Formula Car Class Reveal

2220d ago - GamersDigest can reveal both of the 'Formula' car classes, Formula 3000 and Formula BMW for Atari... | 2


Average Score 7.4 Reviews(82)
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PC Release Dates
Xbox 360 Release Dates
US 17 February 2009
EU 20 February 2009
AU 05 March 2009