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Race On Update Released

1341d ago - Simbim has released a new update for Race 07 expansion RaceOn, available now to download for owne... | PC

Gamer: Race On Review

2014d ago - Gamer writes: "We have to wait here in the Netherlands, but a thick four months after Race O... | 12

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DGS-Online: Race On Review

2035d ago - DGS-Online writes: "A game like Forza Motorsport 3 Advergaming tends to fall. During the fre... | 12

3djuegos Review: Race On

2037d ago - 3djuegos: The developer SimBin seems to be ready to switch graphics engine, but has preferred to... | 12

Gamez: Race On Review

2039d ago - Gamez writes: "You men and women of SimBin credit for two things: they are able to fine raci... | 12

Square-Go: Race on Review

2092d ago - Square-Go writes: "Any PC driving game fan will know that SimBin have an excellent pedigree... | 12

RACE ON Patch Announced

2112d ago - SimBin has unofficially announced that a patch for RACE On is in the works to solve a number of p... | 12

Top 5 Racing Games of 2009

2115d ago - 2009 has been a very good year for the racing game industry, with a couple mega titles dropping d... | 1,2,12

Eurogamer.it Review: Race On

2139d ago - Eurogamer.it: The team was the same as ever, one that can provide the best car or just one more t... | 12

GamingHeaven: Race On Review

2140d ago - Simbin have released a new racing game entitled Race On however on closer inspection it is basica... | 12

Carthusiast: RACE On Review

2143d ago - Once again, SimBin has delivered a game that reaches out towards the true racing enthusiast. RACE... | 12

Eurogamer: RACE On Review

2146d ago - Eurogamer writes: "The latest offering from the safest hands in sim racing turns out to be a... | 12

Race On Q&A

2147d ago - Answered by: Jay Ekkel (Producer), of SimBin Development Team AB How many cars will Race On... | 12

Tropico 3 & RACE On Set to Arrive Friday

2155d ago - Kalypso Media have today announced that the highly anticipated and critically acclaimed Tropico 3... | 2,12

Out of Eight: RACE On Review

2158d ago - Out of Eight writes: "SimBin has manufactured themselves a comfortable little rut. Starting... | 12

GamesRadar Review: RACE On

2160d ago - GamesRadar: In our first race, we took the corner too fast. As we smacked into the crash barrier,... | 12

IncGamers: Race On Preview

2170d ago - IncGamers' Andy Alderson gets behind the wheel in SimBin's upcoming racing simulation sequel.... | 12

GameKult Review: Race On

2170d ago - GameKult: One year after the release of GTR Evolution and STCC, SimBin we repeated the blow with... | 12

GDN: Race ON Review

2179d ago - Within moments of installing Race On, it's easy to see what SimBin was hoping to accomplish with... | 12

RACE On now available on Steam

2180d ago - Viva Media's ultra realistic racing title RACE On has been listed on Steam and is now available f... | 12

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RACE On demo released

2188d ago - Viva Media and bitComposer have released a playable demo for their highly anticipated upcoming ra... | 12

RACE On coming October 22nd, plus more screens

2215d ago - SimBin has announced a RACE On released date and has added a few extra shots for us to enjoy. | 12

Kalypso Media Announce Latest SimBin Project: RACE ON

2215d ago - Kalypso media have today announced the release of RACE ON due out on PC on the 12th November, 200... | 12

RACE On US Muscle Artwork

2219d ago - SimBin has released three more art work shots from its upcoming racing title, RACE On. These shot... | 12

RACE On - 4 new screenshots on HookedGamers

2223d ago - Four new shots of RACE On are available at Hooked Gamers. | 12


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