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User Review : R.U.S.E.

  • Fantastic landscape graphics
  • Very strong requirement for strategy
  • Very flexible game
  • Hard to read numbers on chip counters of large groups
  • No North arrow (a lot of descriptions in single player use compass bearings)
  • A lot of irritating videos showing other aspects of the story flash up. Generally whilst you're in t

For Strategy Lovers

First of all, this will NOT appeal to a lot of RTS fans. The scale of the game is from a Generals perspective looking over a table in a war room. Mainly you will play this extremely zoomed out (unable to see much), where units and battlegroups appear as chip counters rather than rendered individuals. All units are fairly easy to destroy (with the right weapons), there is very little micromanagement, not the same focus on economy, and is more about capturing and holding territory in the form of a front than building a base and destroying theirs.

I am writing this review based on playing the campaign for several hours, but wanted to write it now hopefully before any negative reviews for what I think is a fantastic effort from Ubisoft. In my opinion, this is the best strategy game I have ever played (apart from chess).

Let's face it, in all other RT"Strategy" games, generally you build more units than an opponent, then overpower their base. This probably involves disrupting their economy so you DO have more units, but still that is generally the limit of strategy. Not a criticism, I loved SupCom1.

RUSE is different. Maps are huge, (think SupCom1) but there are few options for quickly moving troops across. Add to this a relatively small unit cap, and you will soon realise that the game is about picking where to fight, and when to pull back. Concentrated attacks on one front will leave you weak somewhere else on the map.

I lost several missions whilst still learning (and playing the game like another RTS) because a single tank managed to get behind my front line. It does have a steep learning curve.

Add to this the intelligence/counter intelligence aspect, which can disguise where and what you are attacking/defending with, and you have a VERY unique game. Ambushes are very easy to fall into, but also set.

PROPER 3D terrain. This includes line of sight and shell trajectory restrictions.

The controls were awkward at first on the 360, but after several hours have now got the hang of them. They are actually very good once you are used to them.

I admit to not having played this on Xbox live or skirmish yet, but already love this game.

Try the demo on Xbox live, but bear in mind that the controls take some getting used to, but are very intuitive once you do.


The sound of tanks blowing each other up is awesome and a nuclear bomb blowing a base to pieces
Awesome gameplay with very fun modes
Fun Factor
Very fun
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