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Motion Sickness: R.U.S.E.

1532d ago - Motion Sickness is a feature with the goal of sifting through the awful waggle games to find thos... | PS3

Game Chronicles | R.U.S.E. Playstation 3 review

1731d ago - R.U.S.E. is a game that takes place during World War II. Before you throw up your hands and start... | PS3

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RoboAwesome's: Ruse | Review (PC)

1733d ago - Developed by Eugen Systems, Ruse casts real-time strategy into a new echelon of coercion with the... | PC

El33tonline Review: RUSE

1744d ago - Oltman writes: "Wars are won by telling lies (now that I think about it, they are often starte... | PS3

R.U.S.E. Review - Midlife Gamer

1759d ago - Real Time Strategy games have kept strong over the past few generations of hardware, with Starcra... | Xbox 360

ME Gamers: R.U.S.E Review

1759d ago - ME Gamers writes: "When I first saw the promotional videos for R.U.S.E, I was a bit confused. It... | PC

M2G Review: R.U.S.E

1760d ago - M2G Writes: The added addition of Move makes things much easier, simply instructing you units... | Xbox 360

GameDynamo review - R.U.S.E.

1760d ago - GameDynamo says, "The idea behind R.U.S.E. is based on similar tactics used in WWII, everything f... | PC

SquareGo Review - R.U.S.E.

1762d ago - Picture the scene: It is 1944, you are in the midst of the campaign to storm through Italy all th... | PC

PlayDevil: R.U.S.E. Review

1763d ago - PlayDevil has posted a X360 review of Ubisofts hyped WW2 strategy game "R.U.S.E." Here's snipp... | Xbox 360


1765d ago - The latest attempt at offering an enjoyable and accessible console RTS experience in RUSE is sur... | Xbox 360

PS3 Review: R.U.S.E. (GamesAreEvil.com)

1765d ago - Lies, deception, espionage, misdirection. These are all concepts of war that have been employed s... | PS3

Extreme Gamer - R.U.S.E Review

1765d ago - Extreme Gamer - Like strategy games, but hate complex controls and resource management? Well, do... | PC

PSbeyond: RUSE Review

1766d ago - PlayStation Beyond takes a look at the RTS specially built for consoles. | PS3

GameFocus: R.U.S.E Review

1766d ago - GameFocus: Up close, RUSE doesn’t look like an interesting real-time strategy game. To make thing... | PC

Gaming Excellence - R.U.S.E Review

1767d ago - Gaming Excellence - R.U.S.E. is the kind of game a real-time strategist might enjoy and be bored... | PC

Loot Ninja Review: R.U.S.E.

1768d ago - Loot Ninja writes: "Taking a break from all the FPS action I have been engrossed in, I ventured i... | PC

Resolution: R.U.S.E review

1769d ago - Resolution's Greg Giddens writes: R.U.S.E adopts a refreshing change of pace to the more frantic... | PC

Gametactics Reviews R.U.S.E for the Xbox 360

1770d ago - Gametactics reviewer David Klein checks out R.U.S.E. for the Xbox 360. Games sure do go through... | Xbox 360

Movemodo review: R.U.S.E. (PS3 / Move)

1770d ago - Quoting Movemodo's Jamie O'Neill: "Considering that the PS3 has not been inundated with RTS ga... | PS3

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MyInsideGamer Review | R.U.S.E

1771d ago - The pure scope of R.U.S.E (referred to as Ruse from here on in) really exceeded expectations. The... | PC

R.U.S.E. Review | GameState

1772d ago - "R.US.E, The latest real-time strategy game to come out of Ubisoft, puts you back in WW II as you... | PC

All Age Gaming: R.U.S.E. Xbox 360 Review

1772d ago - All Age Gaming's John Elliott takes the latest console strategy game brought to us by Ubisoft, R.... | Xbox 360

Britxbox: R.U.S.E. Review

1773d ago - Dave Cartlidge writes: "Traditionally, the Real Time Strategy game has had a tough time on consol... | Xbox 360

IGN: R.U.S.E. PC Review

1775d ago - IGN writes: "Zoom all the way out from one of RUSE's World War II battlefields and you'll see the... | PC
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