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Quantum Conundrum Review: In and Out of Our Heart Dimension [ThriftyNerd]

1299d ago - Tim Lanning of said, "In order to be successful, Quantum Conundrum needed to achi... | PC

CD Podcast Episode 33

1299d ago - Console Domination writes: In this episode the team discuss the latest including rumors that Sony... | Wii

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GamingAge: Quantum Conundrum Review

1300d ago - GamingAge: Quantum Conundrum is a first person puzzle-platformer from the folks over at Airtight... | PC

SBG Review | Quantum Conundrum: A game with many dimensions

1300d ago - Justin Last: "It is every designer’s dream to create a breakout hit, and Kim Swift did exactly th... | PC

Pixelated Radio #36: Quantum Conundrum, DayZ, Rainbow Moon, Heroes of Ruin, & much more

1300d ago - In this episode the guys talk about Quantum Conundrum, DayZ, Rainbow Moon, Heroes of Ruin, SCHAR:... | PC

VG-Reloaded: Quantum Conundrum Review

1302d ago - VG-Reloaded: Quantum Conundrum follows the story of a young boy who visits his uncle’s mansion, o... | PC

Quantum Conundrum Review | A Critical Hit!

1303d ago - A Critical Hit!: " Launching a new IP can be a difficult prospect when the field is dominated by... | PC

Quantum Conundrum review | NDTV Gadgets

1304d ago - Quadwrangle, voiced by "Star Trek" veteran John de Lancie, is sarcastic but not quite as malevole... | PC

Review – Quantum Conundrum | TerminalGamer

1304d ago - TG writes: Professor Fitz Qwadrangle is in trouble and it's up to you to save your uncle from wha... | PC

The Overseas Connection Podcast #177

1304d ago - The Overseas Connection, the official Community weekly podcast discusses gaming news, co... | PC

Quantum Conundrum Review (Planet Xbox 360)

1304d ago - Buying this game shouldn't be a conundrum. | Xbox 360

AusGamer: Quantum Conundrum Review

1304d ago - AusGamer: Portal, Portal, Portal, Portal. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it’s not really... | PC

Console Domination: Quantum Conundrum Review

1304d ago - Console Domination writes: Quantum Conundrum is the latest title to have found itself up for grab... | PC

GameReactor - Quantum Conundrum Review

1304d ago - GameReactor - It's a similar kettle of fish to Valve's genre defining title, but it's not the sam... | PC

Quantum Conundrum Review | GameSpot

1304d ago - GameSpot: "Quantum Conundrum's nutty interdimensional experiments don't go off without a hitch, b... | PC

Quantum Conundrum Review | 411mania

1304d ago - Does this first person puzzle game manage to out-Portal, Portal? Or does it merely fall into the... | PC

Quantum Conundrum Review | FanCensus

1305d ago - FanCensus says: "After your first ten minutes with Quantum Conundrum chances are you’ll immediate... | PC

STN: Quantum Conundrum review

1306d ago - STN: First person games on consoles are predominantly used for shooters; so it comes as a refr... | PC

Strategy Informer - Quantum Conundrum Review

1307d ago - Strategy Informer - You’ve got to hand it to Kim Swift: she sticks to her principles. After guidi... | PC

Quantum Conundrum - Review | OnlySP

1307d ago - "Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A first-person puzzle game where you’re stuck within a... | PC

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Quantum Conundrum Review - New England Gamer

1307d ago - James wrties - "Quantum Conundrum is a colorful first-person puzzle game developed by Airtight Ga... | PC

AOTF: Quantum Conundrum Review

1307d ago - AOTF: Kim Swift is best known for her time spent at Valve, developing one of the most highly rega... | PC

Quantum Conundrum Review - Meodia

1308d ago - Much like the setting, Quantum Conundrum is fractured. Some great ideas only barely overcome clum... | PC

15 Minutes of Game – Quantum Conundrum (XBLA) | Preview [Better Gaming Bureau]

1309d ago - We put this new Lab Puzzler through our own tests in this week’s 15 Minutes of Game! | Xbox 360

STN 1st Play: Quantum Conundrum

1309d ago - STN: Quantum Conundrum was released on PSN and XBLA this week and since our review is currentl... | PC

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