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Hardcore Gaming 101's Castlevania Compendium Now Available

15d ago - Carl Williams writes, "The team over at Hardcore Gaming 101 have just released the 158 page compe... | PS2

Destiny PS4 Gets Near the Top but Super Smash Bros. Is King on Major Japanese Retailer’s Sales Chart

16d ago - Like every week, the major Japanese retailer Tsutaya published its chart to give you a glimpse on... | PSP

Rising Star Holding Discount Sale On PSN And Nintendo eShop

18d ago - In celebration of their upcoming 10th anniversary, Rising Star Games are holding a discount sale... | PSP

VGChartz: USA Weekly Chart, 30th August 2014

18d ago - Hardware : XOne 59,533 (+84%) PS4 54,515 (+17%) 3DS 22,191 (-3%) WiiU 17,325 (-5%) X360... | PSP

Need Cash? (US Only)

Now - How would it feel to have your money struggles solved by this time tomorrow? We give fast loans from $100-$10,000+, and repayment terms up to 60 mo... | Promoted post

Dramatic Create love ADV sale until September 30

18d ago - Today, Dramatic Create started their ADV Autumn Love sale for two PSP/Vita titles in Japan. | PSP

Toukiden Kiwami New Update Currently In The Works, To Be Detailed During TGS

20d ago - Koei Tecmo has confirmed that a new Toukiden Kiwami update is currently in the works. | PSP

Media Create software sales (9/1 - 9/7)

20d ago - Media Create's latest Japanese software sales include debuts for Xbox One games. | PSP

Grand Theft Auto PlayStation Store Sale Starts Today in North America

22d ago - Another Tuesday means another sale, and we see Rockstar getting most of the attention this week w... | PSP

Sony to cease PSN support for PSP on September 15

22d ago - Sony has today announced that it is to cease PSN support for the original PSP as of September 15. | PSP

Playstation Store: Top Sellers of August

23d ago - Today the Playstation Blog posted a list of the Playstation Stores Top Sellers of August. Remarka... | PSP

Not a Single Xbox One Game Makes the Top Twenty in Major Japanese Retailer’s Charts

23d ago - Like every week, the major Japanese retailer Tautaya published its charts to give a glimpse on wh... | PSP

Koei Tecmo’s TGS 2014 lineup

26d ago - Koei Tecmo’s lineup for dedicated gaming system consists of ten titles, with all major platforms... | PSP

PS4 Owned by 4.5% of the Japanese, 7.9% Wants to Buy One; 3.5% Wants an Xbox One According to Survey

27d ago - A new survey shows the distribution of all game consoles between the Japanese population, and the... | GameCube

Media Create software sales (8/25 - 8/31)

28d ago - Media Create's latest games software sales from Japan is now live. | PSP

EA & Rockstar PlayStation Store Sales Start Today in North America

29d ago - Because your money won’t be taken away in the coming months with all the big releases, EA and Roc... | PSP

UMD Passport Announced For Vita in Japan on September 17

30d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Sony's Japanese-centric press conference revealed a lot of PlayStation-centric ne... | PSP

PlayStation Store Sneak Peek: September 2nd 2014

32d ago - Big week of PS Vita releases with Dangan Ronpa 2 headlining. Velocity 2X keeps both of Sony's lat... | PSP

Toukiden Kiwami Update 1.01 Released In Japan

33d ago - Toukiden Kiwami has received its first patch in Japan today, only one day after the game's offici... | PSP

VGChartz: Global Weekly, 23th August 2014

33d ago - Hardware: PS4 159,285 (+9%) 3DS 109,581 (-13%) WiiU 54,254 (-18%) XOne 53,207 (+11%) PS... | PSP

Toukiden Kiwami released today in Japan

33d ago - Today, Tecmo Koei released the new Toukiden Kiwami on PS Vita and PSP in Japan. | PSP

Fairy Fencer F (PS3) Review

Now - Jae digs into Compile Heart’s latest RPG. | Promoted post

VGChartz: Global Weekly, 16th August 2014

34d ago - Hardware: PS4 145,972 (+6%) 3DS 125,420 (+12%) WiiU 64,260 (+12%) XOne 48,259 (-4%)... | PSP

Marina's new single will be the theme song of Hyperdimension Neptunia U

34d ago - This week, the new Hyperdimension Neptunia U game will be released in Japan. The official theme s... | PSP

Media Create hardware sales (8/18 - 8/24)

35d ago - Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan. | PSP

Jak 4 Project Currently in Development by Fans

36d ago - Junkie Monkeys: We’ve discovered something pretty cool for all of you Jak and Daxter addicts out... | PS2

Blizzard, PlayStation Network, and more under wide DDoS attack [Update: FBI now investigating]

37d ago - Several gaming servers have been at the receiving end of DDoS attacks over the past several hours... | PSP
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