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Toukiden Extreme Official Site Now Open, New Screenshots And Details

21d ago - The official site for Toukiden Extreme is now open. Some new screenshots and details have also em... | PSP

Wild Tomba! 2 Screenshots Released to Celebrate PSN Launch

64d ago - In celebration of Tomba! 2’s release, a fresh batch of screenshots have been released today, show... | PSP

God Eater 2 Adds Future Shinpachi’s Costume From Gintama

91d ago - Namco Bandai recently revealed that future Shinpachi’s costume from Gintama: The Movie: The Final... | PSP

God Eater 2 Adds Another Christmas Costume, Upgrades With 1.1 Update

142d ago - God Eater 2 won’t rest easy they said, and they’re making good on their word real quick with news... | PSP

Enter to Win a PS4 and More!

Now - We are buying one lucky N4Ger a PS4 just for commenting on any N4G story! | Promoted post

Long Before The Idolm@ster… There Was Heroine Dream

146d ago - PlayStation 3 and PSP have gotten two quirky PSOne Classics in Japan, with the first being a grea... | PSP

Toukiden Gets A Demonic Guest From Soul Sacrifice

170d ago - Previously Soul Sacrifice got a collaboration monster in Toukiden: Age of Demon’s monster Gouenma... | PSP

Imagine Romeo and Juliet, But With Vampires And Guns

242d ago - The main character of Romeo vs. Juliet is none other than Juliet Capulet. She’s part of the Capul... | PSP

Check Out God Eater 2′s Character Maker

256d ago - Before you set off to fight Aragami, you have to create a God Eater 2 character. You can create b... | PSP

God Eater 2 PS Vita vs PSP Screens

267d ago - New God Eater 2 screens have been released which compare the ps vita and the psp | PSP

Come Stare at Toukiden’s Sharp New Screens

302d ago - More screens have been released for Tecmo Koei’s PS Vita and PSP demon hunting game Toukiden. | PSP

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 - New E3 2013 Screenshots

314d ago - Konami has released a new set of E3 screenshots for its upcoming soccer title, Pro Evolution Socc... | PSP

Super Robot Taisen OE Strikes With More Gundam And Variable Fighters

327d ago - Namco Bandai’s episodic Super Robot Taisen game, Super Robot Taisen OE, has a mix of Mobile Suits... | PSP

Drink A Demon Elixir To Respec Your Summon Night 5 Characters

340d ago - Summon Night 5 also has a fortune telling system which shows you your relationship status with ot... | PSP

Introducing Fate/Extra CCC’s Delusional Nun And Her Servant Andersen

348d ago - Meet master Kiara Sesshouin and her Servant, Andersen. | PSP

Over 50 Screens of Japanese PSP RPG 7th Dragon 2020-II

356d ago - Sega’s 7th Dragon is a series of dungeon crawler RPGs similar to Etrian Odyssey and Class of Hero... | PSP

God Eater 2 Gives Players A Shotgun, Assault, Sniper Or A Rocket Launcher

362d ago - The God Eater series gives players a morphing weapon to fight monsters. It changes from a melee w... | PSP
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