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Lara Croft's Top 5 Moments in Tomb Raider History

3d ago | Opinion piece | COG writes - Lara Croft has had many adventures over the history of the Tomb Raider franchise and we collect our own top 5 moments.

Will Naughty Dog Ever Make A New 'Jak & Daxter'?

24d ago | Opinion piece | Shaz Mohsin writes: "Before the days of massive explosions, high octane action, incredible set-pi...

Little Busters! Review

10d ago | Opinion piece | RPGfan: It took me nearly 6 years to play Little Busters! after I purchased it in Japan during 2010 (right before starting with RPGFan, as it happ...

Today in Retro Gaming: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

11d ago | Opinion piece | Michael Crisman writes, "I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near the team tasked with designing the follow-up to Resident Evil 2. RE2 improved upon every facet of what made the original so memorable; t...
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