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Five things that still annoy me about Final Fantasy VIII

3d ago | Opinion piece | HD: "While people are going crazy over Destiny, I’ve been replaying Final Fantasy VIII, via a PSN download. The PSN port has all the failings of the original (which I still own, I just don’t want...

Could Tier Lists Be a Bad Thing?

4d ago | Opinion piece | As far back as GamersFTW can remember we’ve always been a gamer and even as a child we've felt most at home on fighting games. Still to this day we...

Ten Unsung Heroes of Final Fantasy

3d ago | Opinion piece | Arcade Sushi: We all know the typical rundown of Final Fantasy heroes: Cloud, Squall, Tidus, Yuna — the list goes on. They’re enormously popular wi...

Final Fantasy 8 review

3d ago | Opinion piece | Takuchat: "Another day, another Final Fantasy review. This time I’m reviewing the controversial Final Fantasy 8!"

That time my Grandmother accidentally turned me into a gamer

3d ago | Opinion piece | Hex Dimension: My Grandmother died this month. The funeral was last week and I read a eulogy abou...

Should PlayStation Plus subscribers expect better?

24d ago | Opinion piece | MMGN writes: If there’s anything to learn from the PlayStation Network’s outage overnight, it’s t...

Games That Made Us Cry

24d ago | Opinion piece | GodisaGeek: "We at Godisageek like to think we’re tough, that we can handle the odd emotional knock and keep on going. But the truth is, we’re all...

Danganronpa: The Anatomy of Ultimate Despair

10d ago | Opinion piece | Gaming Trend takes a deep dive into the world of the Danganronpa series, analyzing the series' pr...

Top 8 List of Shame Games

28d ago | Opinion piece | 411mania: "Welcome all to another edition of The 8 Ball. This week, the topic is about games I've tried to play, but just couldn't get into. These...

Nintendo Needs To Buy Capcom and Set Mega Man Free

19d ago | Opinion piece | MegaJon8 writes "It’s no secret, since the fallout between Capcom and Megaman’s creator Keiji Ina...
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Games That Made Us Cry

24d ago | Nintendo DS
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The best flying games ever

36d ago | Nintendo DS
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Types of Games

58d ago | PS2
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