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Five game prequels that did the original game justice

1h ago | Opinion piece | With Resident Evil Zero HD being announced it’s a reminder that prequels do have a place in video...

Why Monster Hunter Is The Best Hardcore Game Ever

2h ago | Opinion piece | Chris Locke from We Know Gamers gives us his reasons why Monster Hunter could be the best ha...

Castlevania: Symphony of The Night Retrospective Review

21h ago | Opinion piece | Lliam Ahearn at GameCloud Australia writes:...

E3 2015: Sony's best E3 moments

9h ago | Opinion piece | MMGN writes: When E3 kicks off in three weeks, Sony will be primed to show off the PS4 in all of its glory. Games like Uncharted 4 and No Man's Sky will undoubtedly set the scene for what should be...

Default Hero: Your Protagonist is Boring

11d ago | Opinion piece | It’s a long running joke that just hasn’t hit a lot of developers yet. In some focus group somewhere somebody decided that controlling the world around you isn’t enough immersion, we need to relate...

The 10 Best Vita Games to Play on the PSTV

14d ago | Opinion piece | The PSTV has had quite the rocky start, probably do to the lack of support from video streaming s...

5 Vehicular Combat Games Worthy of Any Mad Max Road Warrior

9d ago | Opinion piece | In celebration of Mad Max: Fury Road, this listicle discusses the best 5 adrenaline-pumping, fuel...

10 Huge Gaming Controversies That Rocked Sony PlayStation

9d ago | Opinion piece | It wouldn’t be worth looking into Sony's histor...

How to make a comeback: Megaman

20d ago | Opinion piece | Capcom could really do the Blue Bomber some justice...if only they wanted to make a Megaman game that was more than the average Megaman game.

Ron’s Retro Review #9 – Final Fantasy IX

6d ago | Opinion piece | TechnoBuffalo: When I did my Final Fantasy generation rankings a few months ago, I felt that...

15 PlayStation Metroidvania Games That You Need to Play

27d ago | Opinion piece | With the recent releases of two great games in Axiom Verge and Stealth Inc 2, the Metroidvania ge...

Ys Seven PSP Review

19d ago | Opinion piece | Hey guys, it's hackinformer with another retro review. This time it’s a PSP game called Ys Seven. Now this happens to be my introduction to the Ys...

The best bars in PlayStation history

10d ago | Opinion piece | Official Playstation Magazine: Who doesn't love a few cheeky drinks after a long day? Getting th...

4 RPG Moms You Have to Love

16d ago | Opinion piece | "Mother's Day is upon us, so let's be total pieces of s*** and honor digital representations of mothers before the actual women who brought us into...

The Many Twisted Faces of Twisted Metal

14d ago | Opinion piece | Few series have as many iconic characters as Twisted Metal, so PSLS took a look at some of t...

XSEED Deserves Your Support, And Here’s Why

25d ago | Opinion piece | Andreco Brooks of Gamer Attitude gives his reasons why you should support XSEED

Has Video Game Gore Gone Too Far?

25d ago | Opinion piece | From the days of Splatterhouse through to Mortal Kombat X - has violence and gore in video g...
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