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Not Enough Games on Vita? 50 Incredible Vita Games You Can Play Right Now

2d ago | Opinion piece | The PlayStation Vita is an under appreciated piece of hardware, many gamers are quick to write the Vita off, usually with the common phrase of "It Has No Games", which simply isn't true. From its e...

The Greatest Moments of ‘Final Fantasy’, Part 1

3d ago | Opinion piece | Vice: Because there's so much happening for FF fans this year, here's a run down of Final F...

Top 7 Must-Play Handheld Games

9d ago | Opinion piece | We have all heard of the ever-popular Pokemon series, but are there any other games that might warrant buying a DS, Vita or a PSP? Check out this l...

Revisiting the Star Wars Games: The Force Unleashed

8d ago | Opinion piece | Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was the beginnin...

What are the best and worst versions of Chrono Trigger?

6d ago | Opinion piece | Game Idealist ranks the the best and worst versions of Chrono Trigger.

The Exact Moment When I Realized Final Fantasy VII Was A Masterpiece

6d ago | Opinion piece | Io9 writes: Long before I became a professional nerd, I was an amateur nerd — reading comics, wat...

The Right Way to Play the Metal Gear Solid Series

8d ago | Opinion piece | People always ask what is this best way to play the Metal gear Solid franchise to catch up. This...

Final Fantasy: Ranking the Games

15d ago | Opinion piece | Final Fantasy XV is on the way, so Den of Geek decided to rank every main Final Fantasy game up to XIV!

LEGO™ Movie Tie In Games: Is Everything Awesome?

9d ago | Opinion piece | Since 10 years ago, we have been getting LEGO™ Games that tie-in with famous movie franchises. So...

The 5 Greatest Boss Fights in Metal Gear History

12d ago | Opinion piece | The 5 Greatest Boss Fights In Metal Gear History - A Pixelated View The Metal Gear franchise is...

FIFA 16 - Features and Improvements that need to Happen

10d ago | Opinion piece | PS4Home: "Let’s take a look at how EA could del...

Games from the Vault 'Persona 4 Golden' - How I Learned to Love my PS TV

23d ago | Opinion piece | COG writes - It's no secret the launch of Sony'...

Greatest Racing Games

26d ago | Opinion piece | Today we want to take a look at racing titles that delivered phenomenal gaming experiences at both the arcade and on gaming consoles. This list ra...

A grown-ass man replays Final Fantasy VII

30d ago | Opinion piece | KSD: "The unfortunate part about replaying Final Fantasy VII is realizing that it is terrible. I...

16 Best PlayStation Games Of The Decade (So Far)

26d ago | Opinion piece | It’s pretty staggering to think how far Sony have come in the last five years, especially if you...

10 Prolific Video Games Kids Today Will Never Play

26d ago | Opinion piece | Over these years many a legendary game has come and gone on some systems that are no longer readi...

Opinion: Sony's customer support is broken

19d ago | Opinion piece | A user by the name of kadjar started receiving emails notifying him of purchases being place...

From a Kingdom Hearts Fanatic: Thank You Leonard Nimoy

25d ago | Opinion piece | Leonard Nimoy sadly passed away last weekend, a...

The 5 Worst Minigames in Final Fantasy

21d ago | Opinion piece | Final Fantasy is famous for a number of reasons. Engrossing stories, epic summons, and beaut...

Final Fantasy VIII and awkwardness

30d ago | Opinion piece | Few games dare to be awkward, and none have done it on the same scale. FFVIII is a four-disc...

Roundtable: What are your favorite game mechanics?

12d ago | Opinion piece | The Nerd Swole guys discuss what their favorite...

Zero Limit Classics: Klonoa: Door to Phantomile

14d ago | Opinion piece | "ZL: Klonoa: Door To Phantomile is one of those games that makes me nostalgic. I don't know...

Late to the Party: Danganronpa

13d ago | Opinion piece | Nick Gillham: "To be honest, I have no idea why it took me so long to give DANGANRONPA a fai...

15 PSP Remakes We Want to See on the PS4 and Vita

14d ago | Opinion piece | With this week containing the release of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, it got us thinking at Play...
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Greatest Racing Games

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