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Not a Fan of PlayStation? Try These 5 Games First

3d ago | Opinion piece | Twinfinite: Some things in the world are just not worth fighting. People hating one particular console in favor of another is just one of those things. For some it involves love PlayStation and hat...

Final Fantasy VIII turns 15: A look back at Faye Wong's 'Eyes on Me'

8d ago | Article | Examiner: Playstation role-playing game "Final Fantasy VIII" was released in the U.S. 15 years ag...

428: Fuusa Sareta Shibuya De

3d ago | Opinion piece | Take photorealistic graphics on the PSP and collide them with 24-style action-drama and you...

Ten Unsung Heroes of Final Fantasy

7d ago | Opinion piece | Arcade Sushi: We all know the typical rundown of Final Fantasy heroes: Cloud, Squall, Tidus,...

Five things that still annoy me about Final Fantasy VIII

8d ago | Opinion piece | HD: "While people are going crazy over Destiny, I’ve been replaying Final Fantasy VIII, via a PSN download. The PSN port has all the failings of the original (which I still own, I just don’t want...

Final Fantasy 8 review

8d ago | Opinion piece | Takuchat: "Another day, another Final Fantasy review. This time I’m reviewing the controversial Final Fantasy 8!"

Could Tier Lists Be a Bad Thing?

8d ago | Opinion piece | As far back as GamersFTW can remember we’ve always been a gamer and even as a child we've felt most at home on fighting games. Still to this day we...

Should PlayStation Plus subscribers expect better?

29d ago | Opinion piece | MMGN writes: If there’s anything to learn from the PlayStation Network’s outage overnight, it’s t...

Understanding and Avoiding the Lag Monster in Games - PSLS

25d ago | Article | Learn about the factors that cause lag and how you can improve your online gaming experience.

Games That Made Us Cry

28d ago | Opinion piece | GodisaGeek: "We at Godisageek like to think we’re tough, that we can handle the odd emotional knock and keep on going. But the truth is, we’re all...

That time my Grandmother accidentally turned me into a gamer

8d ago | Opinion piece | Hex Dimension: My Grandmother died this month....

Danganronpa: The Anatomy of Ultimate Despair

14d ago | Opinion piece | Gaming Trend takes a deep dive into the world of the Danganronpa series, analyzing the serie...

Revenge of the License- Parasite Eve

15d ago | Article | Michael Crisman writes, "My normal philosophy with this column is to introduce readers to lesser-...

Madden: How the Franchise Became King of the Gaming Gridiron

24d ago | Article | EA's Madden franchise has sold more than 100 million units to date, but how did John Madden start...

Nintendo Needs To Buy Capcom and Set Mega Man Free

24d ago | Opinion piece | MegaJon8 writes "It’s no secret, since the fallout between Capcom and Megaman’s creator Keiji Ina...

Game Art for Gamers 102: The Elements of Art

27d ago | Article | It’s in important to know that these elements can be found in any game in some way. And are a ver...

Managing a Crowd-funded Budget

24d ago | Article | Today’s feature examines the costs that come into play when developing a game using a crowd-...

Investing in Video Games Part 1: Activision Blizzard is a Bad Bet

20d ago | Article | Hello fellow life forms... yes I was watching B...

The Best and Worst Final Fantasy Spinoffs

10d ago | Opinion piece | On the heels of Square Enix's announcement of Final Fantasy: World Wide Words, Stephen from...
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