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Metal Slug Brings Super Detailed Sprite Art to Arcades: Today in History- April 19th, 1996

3h ago | Article | Carl Williams writes, "No matter how powerful today’s consoles become the graphical power will never shine as bright as super detailed, hand drawn, sprite work. SNK knew going in with the Neo Geo t...

The Daily Five: Games We Want on PS4

2d ago | Opinion piece | "Looking around the video game landscape, we can’t help but wish that certain games were playable...

Rage Against The Exploding Barrel

6d ago | Opinion piece | In the year 1981 a decision was made which would forever alter the face of video games as we know them. A young gorilla named Donkey Kong was throw...

Fanboys are Chemically in Love With Their Consoles

3d ago | Article | If you've ever wondered why fanboys can behave like such unbelievable jerks, as surely anyone who's ever looked at an Internet comments thread has pondered, then this might come as a revealing insi...

Bad Levels in Gaming History - Volume Four

10d ago | Opinion piece | SuperPhillip Central writes, "Level design has always been a feature of games that we've marveled...

Put the gamers in charge of … everything

7d ago | Opinion piece | Now that Phil Spencer is running Xbox, it may be possible for gamers across all platforms to...

25 Groundbreaking Indie Games

18d ago | Opinion piece | From Bastion to Minecraft, games™ compiles a collection of the most game changing indie titles of the last generation.

Crash Bandicoot (PS1, PSN) Retro Review

21d ago | Opinion piece | Bean writes, "Way back before Naughty Dog was making cinematic-oriented games, they were a c...

13 Things You Didn't Know About Assassin's Creed

19d ago | Article | Trivia and easter eggs and secrets, oh my!

Top 5 Final Fantasy Games

27d ago | Opinion piece | With the huge anticipation surrounding the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, let’s take a look to the best Final Fantasies that have made this franchise t...

My Favorite Game of all Time

20d ago | Opinion piece | NoobFeed Editor Adam writes about his favorite game of all time. He has seen and played so many video games throughout the years, but none of them...

LeapTrade Wants to Give You More for Those Games You No Longer Want

29d ago | Article | is a fairly new service that offers better trade in values than it’s competition an...

Are you addicted to video games? (Quiz)

29d ago | Article | Addiction doesn't always have to be bad. But still, being addicted means being dependent on somet...

The Most Popular Final Fantasy Characters of All Time

20d ago | Opinion piece | IGN's Never-Ending Final Fantasy Character Face...

Let's Revive | Metal Gear Solid

15d ago | Opinion piece | With continuous talk over the years of Konami searching for another studio to revive the Ori...

Today in History: April 3rd, 1993- Final Fight Punches onto the Sega CD

15d ago | Article | Carl Williams writes, "Capcom was an earnest Ni...

Top 50 Greatest Fighting Moves in Video Game History

19d ago | Opinion piece | Robert Workman (Prima Games): Every fighting ga...

The Secret Behind Persona 4's Loving Characters

20d ago | Article | Learn how to use gameplay mechanics to portray character development and see how this applie...

Metal Gear: What's under the box?

18d ago | Article | To help those new to the series, Ryan Boyce recaps the events of the past Metal Gear and Met...

WTF is going on with Sony's first party studios?

23d ago | Opinion piece | GGG writes about why all the layoffs and high-profile employee departures at Sony's first pa...

Beautiful And Memorable Concept Art Of Last-Gen

23d ago | Opinion piece | Geimaku: "Before the development of a game even begins, artists create beautiful concept art...

Gekido: Urban Fighters Retro Review I Play Legit

23d ago | Opinion piece | "Not many side-scrollers from back in their 16-bit glory days featured different stages and...

The Daily Five: Crazy PlayStation Peripherals

30d ago | Opinion piece | "This nuttiness got us to thinking about other PlayStation accessories over the years, and S...
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