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What are the best and worst versions of Chrono Trigger?

4h ago | Opinion piece | Game Idealist ranks the the best and worst versions of Chrono Trigger.

The Right Way to Play the Metal Gear Solid Series

1d 19h ago | Opinion piece | People always ask what is this best way to play the Metal gear Solid franchise to catch up. This...

Top 7 Must-Play Handheld Games

3d ago | Opinion piece | We have all heard of the ever-popular Pokemon series, but are there any other games that might warrant buying a DS, Vita or a PSP? Check out this l...

The Exact Moment When I Realized Final Fantasy VII Was A Masterpiece

6h ago | Opinion piece | Io9 writes: Long before I became a professional nerd, I was an amateur nerd — reading comics, watching anime, playing videogames, etc. I assumed I'd grow out of these "childish" pursuits at some po...

Revisiting the Star Wars Games: The Force Unleashed

2d ago | Opinion piece | Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was the beginning of the end for LucasArts. But most importantly,...

LEGO™ Movie Tie In Games: Is Everything Awesome?

3d ago | Opinion piece | Since 10 years ago, we have been getting LEGO™ Games that tie-in with famous movie franchises. So...

The 5 Greatest Boss Fights in Metal Gear History

6d ago | Opinion piece | The 5 Greatest Boss Fights In Metal Gear History - A Pixelated View The Metal Gear franchise is...

FIFA 16 - Features and Improvements that need to Happen

4d ago | Opinion piece | PS4Home: "Let’s take a look at how EA could deliver their best soccer-sim yet with FIFA 16."

Roundtable: What are your favorite game mechanics?

6d ago | Opinion piece | The Nerd Swole guys discuss what their favorite game mechanics are, what they think would be cool...
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