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Why You Should Care About PS4 Console Exclusive République | Grab It

11h ago - Indie developer Camouflaj is bringing its dystopian episodic stealth series to the PlayStation 4... | PS4

Just Cause 3 - First Impressions | GameSpew

1d ago - GameSpew have got their hands on a retail copy of Just Cause 3, and are sharing their initial imp... | PC

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

TSA | Blizzard's Overwatch Feels Like A Superhero Shooter

1d 23h ago - TheSixthAxis previews Blizzard's upcoming online shooter, Overwatch, comparing its unique charact... | PC

King’s Quest Chapter Two Hands-on Preview | GodisaGeek

4d ago - Mike Stubbs: "Episode two’s story features Graham as a new king, and as things start out he isn’t... | PC

Uncharted 4: a hands-on first look at the five-on-five multiplayer | The Guardian

7d ago - The Guardian: Naughty Dog sticks with the basics of the multiplayer experience, but includes s... | PS4

Sandbox mayhem: Just Cause 3 preview | Vic B'Stard's State of Play

8d ago - Vic B'Stard writes: "In the week before PAX Australia I was invited to an exclusive look at Just... | PC

Sailing the Dangerous Interstellar Depths of Blacksea Odyssey | Hardcore Gamer

9d ago - One of the best things about video gaming is that it can take an act that’s truly terrible in rea... | PC

Star Wars Battlefront is lucky it’s called what it is - Review in progress - MMGN

11d ago - MMGN writes: Star Wars Battlefront is every Star Wars fan’s dream game, but that doesn’t necessar... | PC

Star Wars Battlefront feels like a return to the GoldenEye era | Eurogamer

12d ago - DICE's reboot is full of simple thrills, but can they last? The Battlefront name really does... | PC

Star Wars Battlefront: this is the game you’ve been looking for | Vic B'Stard's State of Play

12d ago - Vic B'Stard writes: "This week kicks of what is likely to be a whole season of Star Wars. With th... | PC

Star Wars: Battlefront pre-review – a day long remembered | Metro GameCentral

14d ago - With fans getting their own chance to play Battlefront via EA Access, GameCentral reports back fr... | PC

Star Wars Battlefront: Final PS4 Hands On | Playstation Blog

14d ago - Posted by Sid Shuman on Nov 13, 2015 // Senior Manager, Social Media After spending almost eig... | PS4

What it's like to play Star Wars Battlefront solo | Eurogamer

14d ago - Eurogamer: "Star Wars Battlefront is a multiplayer game, of course - it's always been billed t... | PC

Star Wars Battlefront Impressions – A Force of Hope (PS4) | PlayStation LifeStyle

14d ago - PlayStation LifeStyle's impressions of Star Wars Battlefront for PS4. | PS4

Star Wars Battlefront Impressions: Skimpy Singleplayer, Fun Multiplayer | Kotaku

15d ago - Kotaku: "What is Star Wars Battlefront actually made of? The heavily hyped multiplayer game fr... | PC

Dreams Eyes-On Preview | NZGamer

15d ago - NZGamer: “We don’t know what Dreams actually is.” Thoughts along this line have been the mind... | PS4

Song of Horror alpha demo hands-on impressions - The Gaming Ground

16d ago - Last night, I played Protocol Games survival horror game "Song of Horror" for over two hours. So... | PC

PAX AUS 2015 – Paladins Hands-On Preview | Resident Entertainment

16d ago - "Paladins is a class-based multiplayer fantasy first person shooter that sees two teams of champi... | PC

Arslan: The Warriors of Legend Preview | Rice Digital

17d ago - "I had the opportunity to play through a demo of Arslan: The Warriors of Legends at London MCM re... | PS3

Survival, Death, and More Death in The Flame in the Flood - Cliqist

17d ago - Zack Keosaian writes: "The Flame in the Flood begins with Aesop the dog bringing Scout a bag that... | PC

See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

Lazygamer at BlizzCon 2015: hands on with Overwatch’s D.Va, Genji, and Mei

17d ago - Last year at this time, Blizzard unveiled their brand new IP – Overwatch. Since then, the game’s... | PC

Dungeon Defenders 2 GamersFTW Preview

18d ago - Dungeon Defenders 2, the sequel to the sleeper-hit indie game, Dungeon Defenders, has recently ar... | PS4

Twenty Hours With Fallout 4 | Kotaku

18d ago - Kotaku: "I’m 20 hours into Fallout 4, and I still don’t know whether I like it. That’s a testa... | PC

Early Impressions: Fallout 4 | Backlog Adventures

18d ago - Remember Fallout 3 and New Vegas? The buggy, yet expansive, quirky, and dark Bethesda game from y... | PC

Performance Analysis: Fallout 4

19d ago - DF: Four years on from its predecessor, Bethesda emerges from the vault with the hugely anticip... | PC
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