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Throwdown Ep. 31 – “Microtransgressions”

6h ago - Tony Polanco from The Koalition writes: "Due to the recent… kontroversy over Mortal Kombat X‘s... | PC

The Inconvenient Truth About Modern Gaming, DLC and Microtransactions

22h ago - Boogie talks about the motivations and reasons that companies sell additional content. Why triple... | PC

Bloodborne (PS4) Review

Now - Ken steps into the world of Bloodborne, prepared to die. | Promoted post

Mortal Kombat X Review Discussion Part 2: The New Fighters

1d 1h ago - IGN - Our review discussion panel picks their favorite new fighters and new tricks. | PC

ADG Plays Mortal Kombat X For The First Time

2d ago - ADG Plays Mortal Kombat X "For The First Time" and showcases Single Fight and Story modes in two... | PS4

Video: Watch As We Recap March 2015's Best PS4, PS3, and Vita Games

3d ago - Push Square: "And now that Bloodborne's out of the way, it's back to your regularly scheduled sli... | PS3

Terrifying Tuesday: Let's Play Outlast... continued.

3d ago - Today we’ll be venturing back into the Mount Massive Asylum to continue our play through of Outla... | PS4

Let's Play - Mortal Kombat X - Tournament

3d ago - Geoff hosts the first "International Intercontinental Interplanetary Intergalactic Achievement Hu... | PC

Mortal Kombat X - Projectile Ping Pong

3d ago - IGN - Vince and Kyle turn Mortal Kombat X into tennis. Really. | PC

Spotlight Bastion

4d ago - Watch averagenobodys dig into Bastion on PS4. | PS4

Let's Quest: Hotline Miami 2 video playthrough

4d ago - Ryan Franklin plays a good first chunk of Hotline Miami 2 in his Let's Quest video. | PC

Throwdown Your Questions Ep. 30

4d ago - Tony Polanco from The Koalition writes: "Here are all of the video game related questions we a... | PC

PlayStation Underground: Mortal Kombat X

4d ago - Posted by Ryan Clements on Apr 13, 2015 // Social Media Specialist: Welcome back to PlayStation... | PS4

ADG Plays Never Alone (Kisima Innitchuna) For The First Time

5d ago - ADG Plays Never Alone "For The First Time" | PC

Batman Arkham Knight - New Details From Sefton Hill

6d ago - Hill talks a bit about the game's scope, with a small note about variable difficulty. | PC

Cutting Edge with Gamersledge Ep. 6, 04/10/15 - How Do You Sell 1 Million Games?

6d ago - How do you sell 1 million games? What is Team Ninja working on now that could come to the US? Wh... | PS4

Throwdown Ep. 30 – “Electronic Hero”

6d ago - Tony Polanco from The Koalition writes: "On tonight’s episode we welcome special guest Andrew... | PC

The Cutting Edge with Gamersledge Ep. 5 – 04/09/15 – Did Lego Just Win Everything?

7d ago - How large is Grand Theft Auto V? Daredevil and Game of Thrones make their return this weekend, an... | PC

ADG Plays “Dark Souls II: Scholar Of The First Sin” For The First Time

7d ago - ADG takes you on another first time adventure. This time it's Dark Souls II: Scholar Of The First... | PC

The Patch #99

7d ago - Alternate Reality Game Botched + Mankind Gets Divided | PC

Themeless Thursdays Bastion

8d ago - Watch as averagenobodys play Bastion and enjoy all it's beauty. | PS4

Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

Now - Start tracking Uncharted 4 at to get important updates about this game release. | Promoted post

CGM Plays: Dark Souls II – Scholar of the First Sin

8d ago - CGM plays Dark Souls II – Scholar of the First Sin. | PS4

Gamersledge Videocast Vol 3 Ep. 152 – Mortal Fantasy Bloodborne Record Kombat Keeper Final X

8d ago - A WILD and DEADLY Podcast Appears! Balth, Teud Munki, Burgs, AngelsCradle and Xera bring you t... | PS2

Imaginary Achievements: Hand Helsing

8d ago - Jeremy and Kdin are playing some Bloodborne. Can confirm. | PS4

Here’s How Bloodborne Captures Lovecraftian Horror Perfectly

8d ago - Many games have tried to draw from the Cthulu mythos and Lovecraftian horror. But as it turns out... | PS4

Deus Ex & Square Enix Are Looking Good - Video Reaction

9d ago - A look at Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Square Enix's big push on games with some very big titles... | PC
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