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Ep 36: One Platform To Rule Them All | Gamerscore Whores Podcast

22h ago - In this week’s episode why Sony now has to rely on exclusives to prevent Microsoft making a power... | PC

Chronicles – H1Z1

23h ago - GI: "We didn't have quite enough bows, hatchets, and mayhem during our H1Z1 Test Chamber, so we... | PC

Enter the Gungeon Gameplay - PAX South 2015

1d ago - IGN: An adorable dungeon crawler with guns, guts and explosions. | PC

PlanetSide 2 on PS4: New 1080p Screenshots Show How the Former PC Exclusive MMOFPS Looks on Console

1d 2h ago - Here are several 1080p screenshots of the Planetside 2 beta on #PS4, showing how the formerly PC... | PS4

Front-end Developers Wanted

Now - Want to help us build the new N4G platform? | Promoted post

Open World Games News: Borderlands 3 Teased, Just Cause 3 Trailer Soon & Dying Light's EU Release

1d 4h ago - Here's the latest happenings around open world games in the past week. | PC

A look at the packaging of Bloodborne Nightmare Edition

1d 4h ago - The packaging has been revealed for Bloodborne Nightmare Edition. | PS4

Several preview images for the Dying Light: Prima Official Game Guide revealed

1d 5h ago - New preview images are available for the Dying Light: Prima Official Game Guide. | PC

Episode #465 – Resident Evil HD & Saints Row IV: Gat Out of Hell Reviews [GTR]

1d 7h ago - This week on Gamertag Radio: *Paypal donation (shout outs) *Windows 10 Can Stream Xbox One Ga... | PC

Toys R Us Ad 1/25 - 1/31

1d 11h ago - Take a look at the latest Toys R Us weekly ad. | PS4

Resident Evil HD Remaster Speed Run video

1d 11h ago - A series of videos which showcase a Resident Evil HD Remaster speed run with leading lady Jill Va... | PC

For Gamers Only 3: Xbox and Windows 10 change the game

1d 14h ago - Gamers, there's a lot to talk about this week, in part because it’s NPD week! Join Garri Bagdasar... | PC

A Few More Remasters We'd Totally Play - Game Scoop

1d 18h ago - IGN: "We're all for bringing last-gen's great games to our current-gen consoles. Here are severa... | PS4

DRM Gamecast: Episode 23 - Spring Cleaning

1d 20h ago - The DRM Gamecast is back after a short hiatus! The group discuss the Windows 10 event, games play... | PS4

The Overseas Connection Podcast #304

1d 20h ago - The Overseas Connection, the official G4TE (Gaming For The Elderly) Community weekly podcast disc... | PC

Driveclub Close-up Screenshots Show the Best Vegetation in a Racing Game, Crazy Graphics on PS4

1d 22h ago - When you think about racing games, you normally think about fantastic cars surrounded by low poly... | PS4

New Driveclub Screenshots Show Enzo Ferrari

1d 23h ago - Next week Sony Computer Entertainment will release the Apex Expansion Pack for Driveclub, includi... | PS4

PlanetSide 2 on PS4: Check Out Over Two Hours of Spectacular Gameplay From the Closed Beta

2d ago - If you’re not part of the PlanetSide 2 beta currently undergoing on PS4, but still want to see ho... | PS4

Resident Evil HD Remaster - Jill Walkthrough Plant 42 Battle

2d ago - This is how Jill can beat the boss with the V-JOLT side quest. | PC

First Look PlanetSide 2 PS4 Closed Beta Epic Three Way Battle

2d ago - First Look at some planetside 2 ps4 closed beta gameplay. | PC

Contests For N4G Members

Now - Prizes for members like YOU! | Promoted post

PS4 Exclusive Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture Devs Show Studio, (Very) Small Glimpses on the Game

2d ago - The folks at The Chinese Room are still keeping the upcoming PS4 exclusive Everybody’s Gone to th... | PS4

Brashcast: Episode 50 – Does Anyone Have A Spare Charger?

2d ago - So, after missing a few weeks (ok, so we missed like 6 months), Brashcast finally back for episod... | Xbox 360

XP Earned 26 | Can Borderlands Compete with Destiny?

2d ago - 2ndFlSemantics: Returning this week as our guest is Ryan Amirault to talk about Borderlands comin... | PS4

Checkpoint Reached #49

2d ago - On this episode of Checkpoint Reached Doug and Max talk at length about various games they've bee... | Xbox 360

[Resident Evil HD Remake] Full Playthrough

2d ago - Mike Huber: It's another Full Playthrough Friday! Join us for the newly remasters Resident Evil HD | PC
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