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  Better, Faster, Stronger Shooter

By Valenka Insurgency was originally an idea that came to the mind of Andrew Spearin twelve years ago, when he decided to create a modern, infan...

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The Swapper Review | MONG

3h ago - The Swapper is hitting PlayStation consoles in the next week; how well does it translate over to... | PC

Trine: Enchanted Edition - Remake Using Trine 2 Engine - Available On PC, Coming Later On Consoles

4h ago - Trine Enchanted Edition is a new version of the original Trine, remade using the Trine 2 engine.... | PC

Destiny Beta: The Good, The Bad And What’s Lacking

4h ago - EGMR writes: "Destiny is that game that all gamers are collectively wanking to because Bungie is... | Xbox 360

The Crew Closed Beta gameplay: Dodging traffic in Detroit

4h ago - GameZone's Mike Splechta: "Out of the three cities I drove through so far, Detroit to me is by fa... | PC

The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 4 – Amid the Ruins (PC) Review

Now - Drew delves into the penultimate episode of Walking Dead Season Two. | Promoted post

14 minute video showing off PES 2015 gameplay

4h ago - Youtube user Felipe Mestre has leaked a 14 minute video showing off PES 2015 gameplay. PES 2015 i... | PS4

PSU reviews Rogue Legacy

4h ago - PSU reviews the PS4 version of Rogue Legacy, calling it a "towering achievement". | PS3

Videos Show and Teach How to Get Into Destiny Beta Sectioned Off Areas

4h ago - King’s Watch, Jovian Complex and Seraphim Vault can be accessed in the beta! | Xbox 360

Volgin Confirmed in MGS 5 Thanks to Action Figures Shown at Comic Con

4h ago - Square-Enix have been revealing their latest Play-Art action figures. Among the more interesting... | Xbox 360

Why Re-Releasing Video Games Isn’t Just Greed

4h ago - Take a look at some of the biggest video games coming out this year — Grand Theft Auto V, The Las... | PS4

Walking Dead Season 2, Ep. 4: Amid the Ruins Review: You Just Can't Save Everyone | GameSkinny

5h ago - "Amid the Ruins" is a quieter more thoughtful entry in The Walking Dead Season 2 putting it at a... | PC

PlayStation TV out on November 30, says Amazon

5h ago - Hooray for Amazon. Even though Sony wasn’t willing to announce a Western release date for its new... | PS3

Destiny Graphics Comparison of PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360

5h ago - GameVerb writes: A detailed breakdown of Destiny’s graphics on all platforms, including PS4, Xbox... | Xbox 360

This week's new UK releases

5h ago - GamesAsylum looks at the week's new releases, including Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, Forgotten Wars,... | Xbox 360

Survey: Chinese Gamers Want PS4 More Than XB1

5h ago - A two weeks long survey from China shows that Chinese gamers are vastly more interested in PlaySt... | PS4

Hohokum: New Trailer, Out 8/12 on PS4, PS3, Vita

5h ago - Honeyslug has released their launch trailer for the unique world that is Hohokum. | PS3

Pure Pool cued up for July 30th release date on PS4

6h ago - Ripstone have taken to twitter to announce that Pure Pool – the photo-realistic pot-’em-up – will... | PS4

Details About Titanfall Developer's Next Game Emerge

6h ago - NowGamer: "A job listing at Respawn hints that the Titanfall developer's next game will be a thir... | PC

Level-Start 21: Doom 4 The Win

7h ago - "Exciting times are coming. Doom 4 is on deck, and we discuss. T-42 looks further at Quake Con, a... | PC

Will Megaman Live On Within Mighty #9

7h ago - We all know that Megamn is coming to the new Smash game but it's been awhile since we seen our be... | PC

5 reasons why you shouldn't play Destiny at launch

7h ago - Games in Asia says: "While the alpha gave me more than a sliver of hope with its slick graphics,... | Xbox 360

Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Check Out These Pretty Awesome Custom Design DS4 and PS3 Controllers

7h ago - Ok, so you have your Wireless Stereo Headset, want something a little different? Then check out t... | PS3

The Current State of the PlayStation Network

7h ago - "With the recent uproar over network stability due to the hiccups when the Destiny beta launched,... | PS3

Crimsonland PS4 Review | RGN

7h ago - Jon of RGN writes, "This is one of the more well polished indie games that obviously has been giv... | PS4

Soul Caliber's Sophitia In Warriors Orichi 3 Ultimate

7h ago - The upcoming Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is getting a bevy guest characters from other Koei Tecmo... | Xbox 360

Oddworld: New ‘n Tasty PS4 Gameplay Walkthrough

7h ago - One Angry Gamer "Provided here for your viewing pleasure today, is a complete walkthrough of the... | PS4
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